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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have a part time seasonal job right now. It's not the season for shopping for this particular industry, so I haven't gotten any hours in over a month. I've pretty much written off my "job".

This has been a blessing though, because I've been going through an episode and med change. There's no way I could have done that with a regular part time job. First my aunt got cancer, and died from it. Second was the 7th anniversary of my dad's death (suicide) which is always traumatic for me, and then there was the episode that put me into a tailspin.

My doctor changed my meds and so I feel great now. It's been a little while, about two weeks, and the new med is working well. I've been productive at home.

I get SSDI for my bipolar disorder, which is bad enough to be a disability. I can't earn more than $1,000/month or they'll take my SSDI, which is NOT a ton of money, however which pays the rent and that's a good thing to not be homeless.

When I get a job, it has to be low paying and part time. I know it's strange to purposely want a job like that, especially since I'm in grad school, but that's what I need. I"m in grad, btw, so I can do part time consulting in my field when I graduate and I'll have the credentials to get contracts.

I am following up with a job at Victorias Secret. The first step on their site said to print an app, which I did. The second part is to take it in, in person, to the store manager, Will do. I'll wear black (like is the standard uniform of the women who work in that store) and give it to her, and tell her I look forward to working with her team.

I want to work there because I like their clothes, and they get a good discount, about thirty percent. This also applies to the stuff online. I like their stuff so much and shop there a lot. This would save me a lot of money and pay me too.

I can handle working between 10-20 hrs/week, I know that. But no more than 20 or I get loopy. I found that out working at my seasonal part time position. That's how much work I can handle.

I've read online that the women at VS work dang hard. They're expected to work hard and don't get paid a lot. I don't care about the pay (they'll think I'm on crack for that!), however the working hard part may be a problem. I don't know what "hard" means, and I don't know what position I'd have, and how hard I'd work in that particular position. Also, they're often on call. I could handle that...sort of. I'd have to see how I'd deal with it.

Do you think I should wait and figure out if I should work, or jump on in and then see how I feel? I don't know obviously if I'd get the job, however I have a good feeling. I could work in any of the thousands of VS stores around my neighborhood, and there are lots of them. I'm sure that by making associates work hard that they have a high turn-over rate. What I really want to do is stock. There's less pressure, they can wear what they want, and they're not on call. It sounds like a much better position than being an associate,

I wouldn't ever tell them about my disability. When asked about why I can't work more hours, I can blame school. Never mind that school doesn't start until August. It's still a good thing to blame though.

I don't know whether to go for it or not, especially considering my recent episode. I need the money badly, want to feel more independent from my husband, and need something more to do than clean and cook. I'm sick of asking my husband for money and him wanting every penny accounted-for. When I work there's no way he knows how much I make and what I buy is my own dang business.

I think I'm in favor of working. I'm also going to Vegas in August, and have a whole list of things I want to buy for the trip. I have to wait awhile, until August, to buy the clothes though, because hopefully I'll be 2 sizes smaller!!!
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    Stormfan- I'm studying Human Resource Education, another way to say training and development of people at work.

    Seven70- You probably just got some snotty associates. They now have the Miraculous bra, which increases 2 cut sizes. You'd be a great candidate, and they're not cheap, however do the job. I have a coworker at my current job who has one and is a B cup. It makes her look like she's a D, easy. I do wear a D and she looks bigger than me! LOL!!!
    2594 days ago
    Sounds cool :-) Usually when I go into a VS the sales associates are standing around talking, utterly ignore me. I always kinda have to wonder if it's not because I'm rather flat chested....if it wouldn't just be a whole lot more exciting for the whole establishment if I was a proud double D in a low cut shirt that screamed, "I AM HERE TO BUY" ;-P lolz. I picked up one of their sleep time items today and a bra VS today, their bathing suits are awesome (padding is my friend.) lolz
    2595 days ago
    I say go for it and get a job. I feel so much better about myself when I am working and perhaps you do as well. What is your subject in graduate school?
    2595 days ago
    Good luck!
    2595 days ago
    I can tell you at least in a grocery store stocking is very hard work physically, but clothes, probably isn't as physically demanding. I really am not sure what to tell you. I'm kind of in the same boat, not exactly, obviously, but similar. I want to work full-time but in a much less stressful job than I'm in now, even if less pay. I'd just go with what you feel is right, not in your head or even heart, but deeper, that voice that tells you what you need, and whats best for you. It's hard to find it, but it's there. I know its a hard decision,it was for me,but I know you can do it. Good luck.
    2595 days ago
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