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Yoovie and What Motivates Me...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes I will miss Yoovie's Spark blogs. If you spark actively you likely know her. I subscribed and paid attention as many did. Her blogs were ‘always’ voted as popular. I loved reading her slice of life stories. They were motivating stories.

There were times her blogs shocked me but only from the perspective that my life doesn't look like hers. Yoovie is different from many others and she was making a success of her Sparking and helping me to do the same. She motivated me to be myself and the crux of my weight loss story is to learn to be myself. I appreciated her letting us into her world to see her spirit in action. So it is her spirit I will miss terribly now that she has decided to take her Spark blogs offline
without fanfare. I hope it is temporary. At least this is how I understand things transpired. I actually don't know what happened but I get a bad feeling about it.
The bad feelings come not because I know what happened but because Yoovie was so visible and now she is not.

I've heard others say they will follow her elsewhere. So I went online and googled Yoovie and found her. I am glad not to lose her spirit of motivation cold turkey. It's not as if she's gone for good. Her spirit is still visible and I would say she is a motivator even while I only know her virtually.

That being said Spark People has the right to ask for appropriate content. That doesn't mean I agree her content was inappropriate. I don't know what the issue was about but we all have an obligation to learn the difference between the 'public' and 'private domains in this new world of the internet however whenever we get to a point where there is a right and a wrong there will be trouble.

This situation smacks of trouble and lots of upset. I think both sides in the situation need to explore their motivations. Free speech is all well and good but there’s a responsibility that comes with the ‘public eye’. And then I am not sure there’s a difference between censoring ‘free thought’ and ‘directing thought’. I really hate disagreements like this but as my husband says, I live in a nice little bubble where everyone would agree and be happy all the time! I suspect it is a bigger issue for me because of this.

You know there are other blogs I see that shock me. The ones that share a strong religious conservatism hit me differently but no less strongly. And raunchy stories, ribald language or rampant negativity, well I don't see a difference.

This is a very sad situation and the fall out cannot be good for our community. After all, it is the community that makes creates the value that makes me successful.

Sites like Spark People 'spark' the possibility for our success but only we make it happen. Yoovie is making it happen. She lives, breathes and sets an example that reflects our own example. Just as I have found motivation in the past few days in JOHNT's attempt to give up sugar. He's living, he's breathing and sets an example for many of us.

Be an example of action, inspiration and motivation sure but get out there and do it how it works for you. I am sad Yoovie isn't blogging right now and am sure there will still be other shocking blogs though with different content. Nonetheless, I will keep on working toward my goals the way it works for me since otherwise Spark People becomes a crutch instead of a spark of genius!

I have lately become aware of ways I use Spark People as a crutch instead of a spark. I've pulled back some to focus on my own health plan. I withdrew from the Community Team, reduced my blogging to once per week as I ramped up my fitness activities. Yoovie sparked this in me since I would read her schedule of runs, see her pictures and say, I could do this. Know I will continue to focus on myself, as will Yoovie and others on this site. What is sad is, unless Yoovie returns to blogging, I've lost a major source of outside motivation to document my own Spark Journey.

Well it may be a good thing that I learn to rely on myself alone but my soul tells me that is not what Spark People is all about. And my track record confirms this. So while this seems to be a blog about Yoovie it’s not. It’s about what I choose to motivate me and toward what end. I will remember that the popular blogs are not all the blogs by a long shot and that there are other Sparkers who are sources of motivation for me.

With or without Yoovie's blogs I daily must ask myself, “Am I living, am I breathing, what example am I setting today”? I am here for that reason alone or more specifically said for my health and fitness.

I am living, I am breathing and I am setting an example of doing what works for me today. You can bet your boots Yoovie will too. From time to time I will check in on Yoovie elsewhere just to remember what really motivates me.
Yoovie, you Go Girl and I will too!

And Yoovie, as you keep on keeping on, I am sure you will be a Spark wherever you go and at some time that might even be a return to Spark People blogs.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love this blog!!!!!!
    2580 days ago
    2581 days ago
    I have always enjoyed your blogs. I did not know yoovie had such a strong influence on you. I am sorry you lost a friend & someone you admire enough to emulate. FYI: I see you as a key motivational blogger on this site!
    2596 days ago
    You said it perfectly. While we need that outside motivation at times, we also need to find it within ourselves. You have given me a lot to think about and motivated me to find that inside myself again. Thank you!
    2599 days ago
    Love the blog and so very true!!
    2599 days ago
    Great blog and it exjpresses my feelings more eloquently than **I** could!

    You ARE a good role model, a good example. Spark on.
    2599 days ago
    I always appreciate a candid blog. The people who will talk about "inappropriate" things will always find someone who needed to hear and discuss same topic. This is a good place to get it all off your chest, to seek answers and support.

    That being said, my blogs are very reticent. Maybe sometime, I ought to let it all hang out.
    2599 days ago
  • RIKKI572
    2599 days ago
    As someone new to spark, i have not had the pleasure of her blogging. i will say that for me at least, your posts are always positive, striding forward and thougthtful-so i thank you.
    it is my opinion that there is great value to be found in diversity of thought and expression. I once had a professor for a critical thinking class who stated "if you are not willing to be open to revision of values, you are delusional". it seemed harsh to me until i thought about what my values were and how i came to them. we do need to be able to step back and assess with reason the basis for choices in our lives, there are many types of crutches out there...whether they are acknowledged as such or not.
    your reasons for stepping back from such integration of spark in your daily life sounds appropriate to me, it is important to feel able to function outside of the computer community in addition to the gifts it offers..
    i hope you enjoy the newfound freedom to explore other ways of feeling sparks in your life. summer is coming! flowers are blooming! farmers markets are open!(at least in my area) and you are sparkling in and out!
    all the best, from one big bottom girl to another!Cat
    2599 days ago
    I had read some Yoovie blogs, but wasn't a subscriber - I would just see them in the "Blog" section because they were always most popular. Sometimes I had a hard time getting through them because they were long, but like you I was never offended any more than the other categories you so aptly described! I only know about today's drama from other people's blogs, but I know you have been a huge motivator to me, so keep on spreading the Spark's 4th Phase and share your power!
    2599 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/13/2011 5:33:51 PM
    Keep on keeping emoticon
    2600 days ago
  • KNH771
    emoticon the quote toward the end! I think that is the crux of it.
    2600 days ago
    I agree.

    I too am pulling back. Without her words of "get up and go" it is up to me to find my own fire and that will mean less time talking about it and more time doing it.

    It's great that I followed her to her other site so I can get my fix whenever she gets all set up :)
    2600 days ago
    I didn't know her, but I will say what I need to in my blogs, I will not let this stop me.
    2600 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    I did not know Yoovie, I guess we didn't share any of the same teams. Now you've made me wonder just what her blogs were about! She sounds very inspirational, so I just don't know. This blog you wrote reminds me why I like/need open-mindedness in my life. I'm going to have to googie her, too.
    2600 days ago
    I agree with some of what you said, and, overall, you're right....
    2600 days ago
    Um... what happened to Yoovie? emoticon
    2600 days ago
    Thanks for posting this!! I agree with you on a lot of it!! Good luck with your journey!! emoticon
    2600 days ago
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