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Just stick it in your ear

Friday, May 13, 2011

Alright. I fell asleep, at the computer. Hauled myself to bed and promptly fell asleep... somewhere around 4:30 - and slept til almost 10. Perhaps it was less than that, but I slept, with my foam collar. Then when I woke up, I couldn't find my collar. (Did I swallow it?) After browsing through the house, I found it on the bed, on top of my husband. I must have ripped it off in the night. Glad he didn't find it.

So, I woke up determined. I was determined to do my morning physical therapy home routine, with weights, to work at getting my muscle tone back, and to try to stretch my back out of pain mode. Oh dear, I really have lost so much ground since before surgery, especially once I had the hiccups of the rash, the fluid retention, the steroid regime, and Easter eggs. The chocolate. Blah. Ok. Buck up little lady. You can do this. You did it before, you can do it again. Put your focus on smaller portions, and push your motion just a little more to get the metabolism back in gear. I did twenty minutes of stretches, and wrist weights! Woo hoo, go me. Remember - Baby Steps, girl - you can do it again. I also thought about the fact I haven't worn a brace, or slimmer for my lumbar support since before my cervical spine surgery. I think my arms are strong enough to pull it up today. Yep. That hides a little of the bulge, and makes my self esteem feel a little better. Spandex does have its blessings. It also does make my low back feel better. Interesting, eh?

Then I ate peach oatmeal, and treated myself to a rare cup of coffee. I know. I sleep crummy, I shouldn't have any. Like I said, this is rare. Perhaps I have one or two cups per week now, instead of daily, or even multiple daily. One once in a while is good.

I lifted a light basket of white laundry, and carefully made my way to the laundry in the basement. The load of darks my son had washed for me had tangled in the washer big time. Blah. Pull, tug, unknot. And it had not spun the water out. I split up the load (he overloaded it - but I can't complain - he is "helping"), spun it, and dried it, and put on my new blue jeans (had to wash them first due to the dye.) As I said yesterday, or perhaps in those wee hours in the blog I said not to read, I bought a pair of jeans - not in a smaller size. They shrunk a little, and I think they fit just right now. They have embroidery on the pockets. Now I need to buy myself a belt. I haven't had a belt in years. But with the bracing on, (spandex slimmer with boning to support my lumbar) - hey, I look alright. I feel good, uh huh, like I knew that I would, uh, huh!

Back to the kitchen, I loaded dishes into the dishwasher. Dancing around a little.

Hey - this is a whole lot more activity than I have been able to do since surgery. Really, other than the pain, the rash, the swelling, I am doing quite well, thank you very much.

Then, I picked up my pink ipod. Hmm, I love the American Idol stuff I have gotten - Paul, Haley, Lauren, Casey, and ok, even James and Jacob - The music is an updated version of my era! I had bought pink gummy headphones because they are softer for my tiny ears - I turned it on, and stuck them in my ears. Oh joy! Really really really! I started to move my hips (carefully), then I moved my arms. I went over to the full length mirror and looked at myself. Not bad. Not bad at all, despite the weight gain, I surely still look better than when I first began, and I am doing well for having surgery etc. I wriggled, and two-stepped my way from room to room, stepping softly (hubby is sleeping - he works tonight). I looked at the clock. Perhaps I can dance this for five minutes. Two songs down, then three, let's try ten minutes. Heck - let's go for twenty, and let's figure out a way to cool down - yes to Casy's cool jazz jive. I brought the portable phone and put it in plain view, because I knew I wouldn't be able to hear it if it rang.

I danced. I worked out - I sweat (lightly). I felt this was a lot more controlled than dancing to a dvd. If anyone was around to see me singing to no music (visible), they may have thought it was strange. It was cool. It lifted my spirits.

Oh yeah, baby, just stick it in your ear.

In the pink!
Staples of my existence: pink ipod, pink (fuschia) 1 lb weights, pink pen, blue pedometer, weight journal, favorite Bible verse: "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _LINDA
    You go girl!! Awesome jeans!
    I have three pound weights Mom gave me that look exactly like your fuschia ones! I have been looking for lighter and heavier soft ones like that, but have been unable to find them :( They are very old I think.
    Do educate your son on how to do laundry properly, he should know by that age. Guys shouldn't get out of chores just because they are considered 'women's work'
    Keep on dancing!
    2992 days ago
    Awesome! I like dancing to my iPod, too - I find I can really squeeze more time in because it's "Hey, I love this song" and then "Hey, I love this one, too!" And I do the singing along to no music thing, too. Or at least lip-synching. :)
    2992 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    Love those new jeans! You go girl! HUGS!
    2992 days ago
    Love this attitude! You rock!
    2992 days ago
    emoticon Looking Good Lady...
    2992 days ago
    2992 days ago
    WooHoo you seem to be a jitter bug today. Lots of stuff gettiung done way to go Deborah. i love all your pink toys, Well done i have no idea what is what, except the pedometer, i always have one on me. HUGS Pat in Maine.
    2992 days ago
    Love your blog - so real and expressive. You are inspiring!
    2992 days ago
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