I'm At A Weight Loss Standstill--What I'm Going to Do

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I've been at a Weight Loss Standstill for way too long and I read an article on MSN called "The Golden Rules of Weight Loss" and most of them I'm not consistently doing! I believe most, if not all, are part of the SP Plan but maybe I'm more open to implement them in my quest to get at a healthy weight. I have lost 24#s which is a start but a far cry from the over 100#s I still need and want to lose. Maybe what shocked me into fine-tuning my strategy, besides the standstill, is the fact that according to my age (64) and my height (5'8") my BMI should fall between 18.5 to 24.9 and OMG mmy BMI is a shocking, to me at least, 41.4--way, way off the Chart! So Here it goes:

1. Write everything down you eat. Well, I want to say I do this religiously but then I think I don't always count those bites or sips, usually late at night. Every day in my Journal I'm going to rate how Healthy I ate that day--1- being an unhealthy day up to 5 for a Super Healthy Day.

2. Measure what you Eat! For some reason this is a hard one for me. I have all the tools to do that--even bought measured bowls to try to help but usually don't use them. I still want to "eyeball" my portions but if I'm honest I think I under estimate the quantity of the foods I eat. As when I do measure, say cereal, and a 1/2 cup is a serving, I'm shocked at how little that amount is. So I'm setting all all the measuring cups, bowls, etc. and dusting off my digital food scale which I bought but only used a few times.

3. Beef Up Your Protein - I'm going to try to spread my Protein throughout the day as it helps keep me satisfied as it takes longer to digest. Right now I'd have to say I eat most of my Protein for the day at dinner--so that needs to change.

4. Add Color To Every Meal - I'm going to increase the colorful fruits & veggies I now eat and try some new ones! I love all fruit but unfortunately there are some really healthy veggies that I've never learned to like so I need to re-introduce some green and yellow veggies and hopefully I will now like them.

5. Stop Grazing - Awhile back there were quite a few articles on how eating 6 or more small meals are better than the 3 a day, with 1 or 2 healthy snacks. But, A Study in the 2010 Obesity Journal found that people who ate 3 meals a day and a healthy snack or two lost more weight than the ones who ate the 6 or more mini-meals a day. This article said the reason is when you are always eating it increases the salivary secretion and the production of digestive enzymes and that stimulates your appetite. I'm going to stick with the 3 meals and a snack or two throughout the day. People with the 6 mini-meals or more can't really tell if they are hungry or not, so the Study says.

6. Always Have a Plan - I haven't been doing meal planning like I know I should. So, every Saturday I'm going to plan out my Healthy meals for the week and that way I won't be stressing out about what to fix, especially for dinner, and I can shop more Healthy and Economically.

7. Slow Down Eating - I'll bet, most of the time, I wolf my meals down in about 5-7 minutes. I've, unfortunately, always eaten quickly. I plan on slowing way down and making my meals take 15-20 minutes. For lunch and dinner I'm going to have a salad for my main course and learn to chew and savor my food instead of inhaling it. Maybe that's why both of my Sisters are slim as they eat very slowly. Studies have shown that people who eat quickly until full are more than 3 times as likey to be overweight than people who take their time and eat slowly. This will be hard one but I believe I can Do This!

8. Do Not Rush Weight Loss - Hey, I'm sure not guilty of this one as I've been on this quest to lose weight longer than I care to mention. But for you Newbies, it says it takes at least 3 months to learn to plan, shop healthy and read labels--I guess where it becomes a habit. Needless to say, I'm on the "late Train" on this one. I have learned not to give up when I have that extra cookie I just take those 2 steps forward as I'll never quit trying to get healthy.

I would add that I think Exercising and Sparking also really help with Weight Loss. I'm getting back to exercising and I always love the encouragement and support I get from SP friends--You are the Best Motivators to Me!



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  • SUNNY332
    Consistancy is the key and looks to me like you have a great plan as you continue on towards success.

    Best wishes on the next phase of your Spark Journey.

    3077 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/16/2011 9:21:20 AM
    It will happen!
    3077 days ago
    I loved this blog!! Very informative. It gave me some new ideas to work with. Thanks For Sharing.
    Hugs, Dawn
    3078 days ago
    Love your plans and saw a few things for me to implement God knows that I should have been further in my journey by now. Even as I respond I've just had a little too much for the day and 'm thinking to myself that I need to stop this before it gets way out of control. I want you to know that I know how you feel and just like you I'm going to keep on trying until I get to where I want to be. All the best for the weekend my friend. emoticon
    3078 days ago
    I copied a lot of this blog to include in my Spark-folio. Your words are packed with wisdom to help us all.
    I've started making a smoothie for breakfast and putting protein powder in it. I've found that it keeps me going all morning and is low-cal (skim milk, nonfat Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, protein powder).
    One thing that appears to be encouraging me (as silly as it sounds) is giving myself a gold star goodie at the end of "good days." Sadly enough, I've only earned 5 so far this month!
    Stay positive!
    3079 days ago
    That was very encouraging Jill. Perseverance and understanding your own body and setting goals like that was just awesome to read about. I'm working hard on the never quitting part. Thanks so much for writing this out.
    3080 days ago
  • BETHV10
    Hi Jill, sounds like a good plan. I too need to get moving, but will try to maintain until a big stressor in my life passes by the end of this month. Then I can try in ernest.

    Wishing you the best!!
    3080 days ago
    HI Jill, I know where you are coming from. It is so hard. I now weigh and measure everything I eat because like you my eyes are can not judge the portion sizes correctly. These are great goals. I am going to borrow this and stick it on my fridge, where it is my face everyday.
    I hope you are drinking enough water, that should be on your list, at least 8 glasses of water per day.
    3080 days ago
    Great Goals Jill !!
    Now to put them into practice.. you have come this far my friend ...Now its down to the nitty gritty.
    I like that you are going to preplan your meals... also that you are going to measure.
    Have you remembered to drink your water?
    and are you doing your chair exercise ??.
    Even Marching on one spot in your chair is good. because it gets the heart rateup and burning Calories ..
    You Can do this my friend !
    Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3080 days ago
    I Know where your coming from Jill. the scales have stopped moving for me also, but I will not give up, I can see differences in other areas such as lowered blood pressure, lower blood sugars etc, so I will continue on this journey, and hopefully in time the weight will start coming off again! I put my scales away, will only weigh in once a month now...I wish you all the best, and you know I am rooting for you all the way..we can do this!

    Hugs Elaine emoticon
    3080 days ago
    Awesome! Thank you for posting. Going to do this right along with you!
    3080 days ago
  • EVELYN5877
    Try drinking a glass of water if you think you are hungry, sometimes we awe dehydrated. Also eat very slowly and stop when you begin to feel full. Begin being the important word, then either save the rest till nxt meal, or bin it. After quite a short while you automatically adapt your portion size downwards. Don't snack, eat if you are hungry, don't if you are not, that way you no longer need to track everything just listen to your body. It's worth a try since you are not loosing at the moment. I have lost 8kg since march 12th doing this with no extra exercise or any tracking or measuring. Eat eggs for breakfast instead of cereal, it is filling for longer.
    3080 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    Good list!
    Add "Push yourself beyond your comfort zone." I find I watch less TV and try more new things in this lifestyle change. It ends up being priorities.
    3080 days ago
  • GRITS46
    Jill, I've been trying to change my habits longer than I care to remember, and I still don't do it all the right way. I know I slack off on the measuring part and I don't write down every morself I eat. So there's two strikes against me already! I think you've got a good plan here, and it will work. I'm working harder at all this but not there yet. We can do it together -- wish you well!

    3080 days ago
    emoticon emoticon You got a plan.. and it sounds awesome....and I know you can do it. Just think about how much you have changed in living healthier in the past year and not worry so much about the weight.....I know that is hard to do, but focus on living healthier and the weight will come off. You are doing really great... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3080 days ago
    Hi Jill--Lynda here!--You will be successful for sure if you do all you wrote about! It's a learning process and you are learning how to be successful--and your body will thank you!---We CAN do this! emoticon
    3080 days ago
    Success begins with a Plan, and you have that DOWN!! emoticon
    Congratulations, and Good Luck!!
    3080 days ago
  • CJMOK1121
    Jill: I know what you mean about the weight not coming off. As I said a few weeks ago, I have gained and lost the same 6 lbs for the first 4 months of this year. Your plan sounds really good. I too have to eat about every 3 hrs. since I have this stomach problem. But it's not suppose to be a 5 course meal. just mini meals and I am still after many years of weight watchers and south beach and atkins and etc. I still find myself licking and picking and all those things. (grin) So my friend lets work together and get it off for good.

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND: AND STAY FOCUSED. CJ from OK. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3080 days ago
    Jill, I've been dieting the majority of 50 years. There are still some of these points I don't have down. I slack off measuring everything. I DO always want to rush it, though we can't really do that...not and eat in a healthy manner at the same time. We Need to just continue on our journey doing the best each day that we are able to do. We'll end up better off for it. This is a good list.

    You know I always wish you best of luck.

    3080 days ago
    It really is a journey. We are not machines. Keep it up. Plan and work your plan.
    3080 days ago
    It's always a challenge to find out what works for our particular bodies, isn't it?

    For me 6 "meals" works (really it's 3 meals and 3 snacks). I rarely go longer than2.5 hrs without eating.

    Eating more calories and losing slowly also works better for me. Otherwise I get to feeling "deprived" then I crash and burn and eat everything that isn't nailed down. Even the cats run and hide!

    I love that you are trying new things and seeing what works for YOU. I also like to spread the protein out during the day - in fact I like to eat most of my protein for breakfast and lunch.
    3080 days ago
  • CAZ5346


    3080 days ago
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