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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Even the best of us can get injured from time to time (including yours truly:) and it often creates for a less than happy active person. While focusing on overall wellness (strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, sleep, etc) can help to reduce injuries, they do still happen from time to time.
The good news is that it doesn't need to completely derail your every goal! Here are some tips on things you can do to stay active:

* If you are burning less calories (and thus spending less time working out), use this as an opportunity to focus extra time on your nutrition (super clean eating!), sleep, and relaxation/stress management (which are often areas of neglect!). I will sometimes do a Cleanse (see my blog on Shakeology Cleanse) since my body is at rest more.
* If your doctor tells you to avoid weight bearing activities, try biking, swimming, or yoga. Core work on the ground is also a GREAT thing to do without ever getting on your feet! I put a link below as well that talks about running on a treadmill in a POOL to lessen impact (yes I said POOL!).
* Take a few days or even a week or 2 completely off. Sometimes injures happen as a result of our bodies being too stressed. The world will NOT end if you take a few days off (disclaimer: this comment was intended for the regular active peeps:). Use this as a great time to put your body into Recovery.
* LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR AND YOUR BODY! Obviously you need to find a good one who understands you and injuries well first, but if they give you things to do-DO THEM. Also, learn to listen to your body. It often will tell you if what you are doing is wrong.
* BE CREATIVE! I was put on a week rest of no weight bearing activities and was used to going on walk breaks for time away from "the cube." I started bringing in my stack of Oxygen mags (LOVE them!) that I was behind on and reading them while peddling on a stationary bike in the gym a few floors down. Not only did I get some movement, away from my desk, and not aggravate my injury-I also am catching up on my mags (and using my mind too:)

If YOU get injured or sick-contact me anytime for help with ideas:)
Until next time,

Happy Spring:)
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