I have way too many fitness associations...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You ever hear a song, and it just instantly makes you happy? It takes you to a time where you were happy, and even though you know the song is bad, because of all the associations you have with that time in your life, you just instantly smile? I have that with Avril Lavigne's song "Complicated". I used to hear it ALL the time when I was driving to class. It's soooooo high school, but it marked the time when my parents FINALLY allowed me to drive, without my sister in the car with me. (I find out later that they followed me. Yea, Indian parents...)

How is this SPARK related? I have the exact same associations with certain songs to doing fitness moves. EVERY TIME I hear Mario's "Let Me Love You", I HAVE to do squats, no matter what. WHY? Because in college, during the warm up for kickboxing, that song ALWAYS came on while we were doing squats. Eye of the Tiger? Front Kicks. "Lose Yourself" by Eminem? Pull-ups. THANK YOU Fitness instructors from college for ruining my music...*she said sarcastically* Yea, it's fun having weird associations like this. [I also created an association for me: Avatar: The Last Airbender + ellipical. I REFUSE to watch this series unless I'm on the ellipical. It's REALLY good, and when I want to find out what happens next, I have to stay on the ellipcial. Yea, I brought this on myself. But it's fun =) ]

On the other hand, I find myself doing fitness moves in my real life. Doing laundry? Yea, that's a squat and an arabesque. (going from top loader to front loader) Reaching for something high? Pointe! I need to reach for something on the TOP level of the kitchen? 1 -legged pistol squat (I do a step up onto the counter, then lower myself down doing the squat. I'm too lazy to find a chair because I'm short.) Carrying groceries? Farmer's walk. Stairs? Take them two at a time and you're emulating lunges. (I physically can't take them 1 at a time anymore. I blame wanting more sleep, being late, and 2 is faster than 1 for this phenomenon.) Public toilet? Isometric squats. (*insert argument that if everyone sat down, there would be no grossness of public toilets*)

So, I guess it's an even trade that I can't listen to music without certain fitness moves HAVING to be done, since to live my life, I HAVE to do certain fitness moves. But these darn associations are getting out of hand. Like getting caught dancing to Stray Cat Strut at a gas station during a road trip. Or the popcorn dance in the ladies room.
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  • JWAYNE90
    Thats really funny. emoticon
    Whenever I hear almost anything Kanye (specifically Jesus Walks and Stronger) I feel like I should be running! It always motivaes me.
    2457 days ago
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