Getting excited!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So today I really got excited about our upcoming move. This will be our 15th move in 27 years! Kind of hard to believe. It's an exciting move though because we are going home (AZ). We will be closer to family and friends, but at the same time we will be leaving the friends that we have made here (Newport, RI). Military folks alway say that they will visit each other, keep in touch, etc., but we don't always follow up on those "promises". I will try (really, really hard) to keep those promises to stay in touch.


I am excited for another reason as brand new Mini Cooper Clubman will be waiting for me to pick it up in Phoenix! I'm excited to see our family and friends, but super excited to pick up my Mini (I love my family...REALLY I do!). emoticon
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