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Day 25/1000 Bra Extenders Begone! :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 25 and I got in a lot of non-Wii activity today. :-)

I walked Sophie for about 50 minutes at Highwoods before breakfast, and after breakfast I took Wilbur (my shopping bag on wheels) to Pets At Home (40 minutes walking) and spent £35 of our Bakers Prize Vouchers on food and treats for Sophie - so a very Sophie-centric day. :-) She hasn't been up to much in the way of walks recently. The heat gets to her sometimes, but today wasn't too bad, with a stiff cooling breeze, so it was lovely to get out and meet up with some of our Dog Walking friends. :-)

This afternoon I danced to 7 songs from Just Dance 2 to get my 1000 sweat points and also fill in some of my team challenge for this week.

Then I did an Easy 30 Minute Wii Fit Weight Loss Routine courtesy of the Wii Fit Routine Generator:
Triangle - Yoga
Sun Salutation - Yoga
Triangle - Yoga
Deep Breathing - Yoga
Free Run / Jog (10 min) - Aerobic
Ski Slalom - Balance
Ski Jump - Balance
Cool Down:
Downward-facing Dog - Yoga
Sideways Leg-Lift - Strength
Single Leg Extension - Strength

24 minutes

I was actually going to take the day off the Wii, but it called me! LOL I also managed to hold the Downward Facing Dog position to full time, although I am the first to admit it wasn't perfectly formed, but hey, staying the distance is a start, right? :-)

Also, as luck would have it, a surprise package arrived for Tara today. It was the original Wii Sports. Rob bought it for her because it didn't come with the second-hand Wii and he thought we'd like it. :-) Well, I haven't played it yet, but Tara has been playing with it a lot today.

Wii Sports has Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Boxing and Bowling. I'm looking forward to playing a few sets of tennis tomorrow. :-)

And finally, a Wee (not Wii) bit of excitement. *grin* Ever since I started using bra extenders to make my normal bras a little easier to wear and therefore less aggravating to my Chostochondritis, I've had to go strap-diving on a daily basis - hourly sometimes. (For the uninitiated, strap-diving is having to put your hand into your clothing to retrieve a bra strap that has sidled down your arm instead of staying on your shoulder.) It was a small price to pay for a more comfortable fit, but in recent weeks the strap-diving has become a more and more frequent pastime.

Yesterday I was bouncing on Tigger while listening to a favourite song, and the straps on both sides needed rescuing several times in the space of four minutes! This morning I decided I couldn't deal with that again, so I tightened the straps a little, and took off the extender, then waited to see how long it would be before I got uncomfortable. Well, here I am, 13 hours later, and I'm fine! My bra is comfy! I've bounced and jogged and yoga-d and everything, and not one strap dive required! I think my boobs have shrunk! LOL

Mind you, there are other bits I would prefer to have shrink rather than them. If there has been one bright spot in all the weight gain, it was actually having boobs for a change! I guess this is a case of 'last in, first out'! LOL

When we were in town last Friday (she says, changing the subject), we were doing the rounds of the game shops and were given a bag to fill as part of a current deal. Any games traded in using this bag before Thursday will be worth an extra pound each. Tara, being adept at the Doe-eyes look, persuaded me to cull our games again. We hope to gain enough dosh to buy another game for the Wii from the proceeds. I guess I'm doing more walking tomorrow! :-)

Hope Tuesday has been Taste-tastic for you!
Lex xxx
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad to hear Sophie was having a delightful and delicious day!I am grumpy I used to get notices of your blogs and I must have got bumped somehow so now I am playing catch-up.Ah well today is Kayleigh's bridal shower and when I get home I know I can have fun playing catch -up!love and hugs,Cheri
    2562 days ago
    I've been retrieving bra straps forever, didn't know about a thingy to hold them together so I often buy front fasteners with a fuller back (catalogue purchse to get my size!)
    one day I will go to M&S like "normal" people...but I can dream!
    best wishes, Sandra
    2566 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    You are doing so awesome!
    I remember how excited I was when I was able to get rid of my bra extenders and am so happy for you too!
    2566 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Well, at least healthy items are "calling" you!! Congrats on all the fitness and walking and extenders gone. I enjoy reading your blogs.
    2566 days ago
    Could I have any unwanted boobage, please?
    2566 days ago
    Bra issues... gah! Glad you are not having issues for the time being. And way to go on all that exercise!
    2566 days ago
  • TRINA001
    I love those sports bras too, the crop-top style ones. Those push-up bras are pointless for me now, there isn't enough to bother pushing up lol.
    Glad your more comfy without the extenders. Have you ever tried those clip things that hold the bra straps together ant the back like a racer top style? They are supposed to be goot to help straps stay on the shoulders. I've considered buying some, they aren't expensive.
    2566 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Love to hear it when the fur baby gets some special attention! She deserves it!!
    I have been frustrated with those bra strap issues. I used to have problems with them cutting into my shoulders, but the side effect of my weight loss was to lose THREE bra sizes. No more boobies, but no more pulling either :) Then I discovered the joys of a sports bra and no more strap hunting..
    Enjoy your new Wii games!
    Linda xxx
    2567 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Sounds like a great Sophie-centric day. My kind of day! :) Charlie hasn't been up to his normal mile long morning walks lately either. It's been almost a week since he's wanted to do the full walk. :(

    Hooray for no more bra extenders! I want my boobs to shrink, but first the scale has to start moving again and all that jazz.

    2567 days ago
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