5/9 Day 3 of the journey to a allnewme!!!!

Monday, May 09, 2011

I made the decision on my birthday on saturday that I really needed to get serious about my weight and my health.

I am back onto my liquid diet for the next two weeks. I cheated today though...I had a small piece of grilled chicken and a side of steamed broccoli.....But I am ok with that because we went out to dinner for my SIL's birthday....other then that I had only tomorrow will be back to the liquid diet completely.

I went for a hour long walk today with my oldest little guy parker....Adrian my little guy is sick so he stayed home with my husband....We are trying to get things back on board and he is trying to find job again.....UGH things have been rough...but I am focusing a little more on me...I am thinking about trying to find a job for myself as well so that we can have two incomes coming in...and get us back on our feet faster financially
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