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Monday, May 09, 2011

It's been a couple of months and an 8 lb weight gain since I've come on the SPARK PEOPLE web site. I've been going through some unresolved physical setbacks. I started getting pain in my female groin area around February and have not worked out since. I've been to all kinds of doctors with not results. I even went to a gyno to see if it was a female problem. Glad to say all clear there :). I finally saw an orthapedic doctor this past friday and may know soon what's going on. The doctor thinks I may have a laberal tear in my hip joint. That causes all the symptoms I am having. MRI NEXT WEEK...to be continued. I hope that will be the end so I can start a new beginning. Although I've gained some weight back :( I am not dissapointed in myself. I feel better at being positive then putting myself down. In March 29th I celebrated my 1st year of spark people by crying about my pain but at the same time I reflected on all the things I've learned while on this long journey. I know there will be setbacks. I'm sure there are many more to come. But as long as I realize that everyday is a chance to start over I'll have learned something, right? Last week I started trying a little raw eating. For 5 out of the 7 days I had to meals of only fruits and veggies and mostly raw foods. Dinner I ate my usual. This week I started to eat the same fruits and veggies but in all forms. I've had 10 servings of fruits and veggies today before I even had dinner. Woohoo..Now to figure out how not to be constipated from all the fiber. Any ideas? I have joined the 5% challenge once again. Although I've never lost 5% I hope that someday I'll figure that out also. So for now I will continue to move forward and atleast eat the best I can even if I am unable to excercise for now. So my friends, sorry to have abondaned everyone. I hope that I can be me again really soon. (I feel like a junkie cause I'm missing my runs so bad). My goal was to train for a marathon in August but right now I can barely walk, sit, lay down, without feeling any pain. The hardest part for me has been going to work in pain daily without taking meds. (Don't like taking pain meds). It's been rough but I WILL PREVAIL! Good luck to all in your goals. For now my goal is to try moving forward.
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    I hope your pain goes away and they can find out why you are having this! I love that you say you miss exercise - I wish I was like that. I used to be that way, so we'll see if I can do it again! Take care of yourself!
    2534 days ago
  • CRYS828
    I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain, hopefully the MRI will help you to find an answer and put you on the road to recovery soon.
    2537 days ago
    Welcome back and by recommitting yourself you have already overcome the first huddle.
    I hope the doctors figure out the cause of the pain.
    You eating health and that is a big start, so to avoid constipation drink your water (more than 8 cups). I eat a lot of fibre and I drink at least 12 cups of water daily and I have no problems.I was thinking that if you do not have pain in your upper body, you can try rowing as your work our. start out with small weights or if you resistance bands just use those. It may make you feel better.
    Wish you the best and that doctors solve the cause of your pain

    2537 days ago
    Hope you get some answers and some relief from the pain.
    2537 days ago
    Last year when I started with Sparks I was recovering from brain surgery and was unmotivated and looking for support. Like you I started running on a daily basis and loved it! But I started pushing too hard too fast and ended up having 2 seizures on two different runs in less then a months time. I ended up being told that my boy wasn't ready for such intense exercise so I ended up on the sidelines for 6 months.Because the thing I loved got taken away from me I had little drive for anything else exercise wise. Finally a couple of months agao I got the green light again and am having to start all over! I guess I just shared that to let you know that I kind of understand what you are dealing with. But hang in there and don't loose your rive like I did. I hope it all gets better soon!
    2537 days ago
    Thanks everyone for the great advice and well wishes. I will try my best to not allow the pain to keep detering me.
    2537 days ago
    Glad to see you back, Sonia. I am so sorry to hear you have been having pain. I do hope the MRI confirms something and gets you on the road to complete recovery. I agree with the others, eating extra fruit and veggies should have the opposite effect of constipation. If you are eating all that fruit and veggie and still being constipation, you should talk to your doctor. Keep up posted on your recovery and prayers sent for quick recovery.
    2537 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    So sorry to hear you have been in pain, I know how much you enjoyed (and were great at) your daily runs. Hope the answer as well as a solution are in store SOON! Keep your head up.

    The wonderful thing about SP is when we are sidelined in one area, there are so many other areas of LIFE that we ccan still turn to and improve with help on the site, so good to see you blogging again.

    Regarding the raw diet, I have to admit I am a little surprised you are constipated, fiber tends to help you stay regular. Maybe the lack of exercise is taking the toll. Make sure you are getting enough healthy fats in your diet. I know you are drinking your water (aren't you?!)

    Looking forward to hearing you are on the mend. emoticon
    2537 days ago
    I think I could use your dedication to exercise. I thought fiber prevented constipation. You could try warm prune juice with some added ginger ale. It sound awful but it got things moving for me in the Hospital after I got my new knee. Hope you find relief soon.
    2537 days ago
    Sonia, Welcome back to Sparks, I know you have had a hard time lately, so glad we kept in contact. I hope this doctor, finds what is truly going on and can get it taken care of.

    Your attitude is great, with all you have been through!
    Try drinking a cup of hot water in the morning with juice from a 1/2 a lemon, see if it will help the constipation. If it doesn't after a couple of days trying, contact me by spark mail and I will give you another idea.

    2537 days ago
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