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Monday, May 09, 2011

Less than 5 weeks til the bike tour. I’m getting excited, nervous, stressed, pumped….lol My first big event like this. I’ve started training, biking to work in the mornings….although today was an argument in my head. I finally won and got up at 6 to get ready to go at 6:30. The ride is not bad to work….5k with only a few minor inclines. I love seeing my progress….the minor inclines were much more major last year….plus it took me longer than 15 minutes which I’m clocking this year. :) The showers at work are a bonus...I really feel refreshed by the time I sit at my desk.

I did my first major training ride on Saturday. We did a 30km bike ride in Devon. The first half was great and I felt great at the rest stop. The second half was brutal with the wind…..yep I rode right into it. I basically was in a low gear the whole way, pedaling like mad. There was one major hill in both directions….I was happy to get half way up them, had to walk the rest of the way….but that was ok. The organizer of the ride emphasized that this is a tour not a race. It was a good reminder. I’m hoping I can get more rides in like that before the tour. I was surprised by how good I felt after. J and I did a bit of walking and Geocaching before we headed back to the city….my legs held up really well. My lower back was giving me grief but that is my old story right now so I wasn’t too concerned. I’m excited to get more rides in this month.

The practice ride was also a great motivator for the duathlon I plan to do in August. 30km is the biking distance in that event…. Now that that’s conquered all I need to do is maintain that and focus on my running and building up the distance there.

J and I finally had an orientation at the new gym on Friday. Personal training is coming up this week, hopefully. I’m totally going to focus on the running and biking and getting stronger in those events. Hopefully a PT will help me add strength to get through…. We only get six sessions with the PT at the discounted rate so I’m hoping he/she packs a punch in that one hour. It’s a really nice gym…..really seems fancy. The only gym before this one that I’ve been to is Curves…well, plus the city rec centres….they’re not too much of a comparison.

I’m feeling better since my last blog. Still not 100% but I’m not craving salt right now. We had quite a bit of salt (sweet potato fries!) on the weekend. I’m drinking water like crazy today.

So…biking to work today, choir tonight so no other exercise than that. Tomorrow is a practice run for my 5k on June 1. Geez I went to the first one last Tuesday and the others are like serious hard core runners! This is a 5k through work….Corporate Challenge, if you’ve ever heard of it. We have a team of runners and we compete against other companies as part of Edmonton’s Corporate Challenge. I joined for the experience and to build up my running again. It was hard core on Tuesday…..but I ran at my own pace and ran the distance I could which ended up to be about 5k after all. The others ran about 6 miles in almost the same time. I’m dedicating to the 5k….they can dedicate to the 10k. lol

I finally went to the podiatrist on Friday. This was a big thing for me….a step towards solving my knee and back problems. The doctor said I had supination…. I thought for sure it was overpronation but my arches are fine and on the high side. My ankles are rolling outwards while my forefoot rolls inward to compensate as I walk. I got a mold done for orthotics and will get those in 4 weeks. My next step is to make a chiropractor appointment for my lower back. I want to make sure nothing is seriously wrong since my injury about a month ago. It felt good to go to the appointment on Friday….like I actually took care of myself in that moment and took a step towards solving my knee and back problems that have plagued me almost my whole exercise journey. I was glad the doctor didn’t see any cause for surgery….that for me is a complete last resort.

My exercise and health web site is up and running at work!! It’s quite beautiful all around and I will try to post a pic of it. I’m proud of it. I got an email from some obscure person here at work today asking me a question about the new gym membership deal so it’s being looked at and seen! SWEET!

Nothing else new in my corner of the world. This is a bit of a random choppy blog but it is what it is. :) I wish I had more time for Spark lately. I keep updated with my friend feed every day and am committed to keeping up with friends statuses and blogs…..I don’t usually comment, but I read them ALL and get my Spark high regularly off my friends awesomeness! And I am deeply grateful for the comments and goodies I’ve gotten recently on my blogs and page. You know who you are and you totally ROCK!
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  • BRIGET66
    Wow! Good for you!! It's like your training for a triathalon or something! Love how your mixing it up.
    And, and here's the good part..I'm sending all the good vibes I can get. LOVE your courage, and LOVE even more that you have it now!
    3660 days ago
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