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Spring 5% Challenge - Day 3

Monday, May 09, 2011

For some reason, this is the fourth time I am sitting down trying to write this blog. I actually started yesterday and was a few paragrapshs in, and my screen went blue and it was lost. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE the Vista operating system? Well, if I haven't, I do!! Anyway, there was only so much time for being online yesterday, and I never got back to it.

This morning, I started again, got interrupted, and then started again, and again, got interrupted.

But I have this feeling that it is important to write about what I was going to write about yesterday. I still can't believe that more than a year and a half ago, I was invited to join AARP because I was on the verge of turning 50. I did not then and have not since through about turning 50 as a major milestone.. When you are 50 (now 51) and have a (now) 9 year old child, you do not have the luxury about thinking about the measing of those two numbers together..

So early yesterday morning, I was reading an AARP magazine, really a very good and interesting magazine, and there was an article talking about someone who is a personal trainer that specializes in working with OLDER CLIENTS, THOSE 50 AND OVER, dealing with the issues and conditions that those OLDER CLIENTS, THOSE 50 AND OVER, have to deal with. Since when did being 50 require someone to have specialized training to help them?

Yikes!! I mean, it's not to say that I don't have some issues..but yikes!! I was in complete denial until I went outside a little later with my son to play some catch. It occurred to me that my 9 year old was throwing the baseball much harder, and worse, much farther, than I. I still had him on the accuracy part, but I had to be a LOT closer to him to make it reach him!

Oh my, I am getting old!! Right before my very eyes!

But..there is a silver lining to all this..

I am more inspired, more motivated, more determined, to not let it happen. To be dragged kicking and screaming to the "older American" table.. and the road to that goal is the very same road that I have pledged to travel here in this 5% challenge.. To exercise regularly, to eat well and within a particular calorie range, to take the world in my hands and make it MINE!

So here I am, screaming it from the rooftop: I will NOT allow my chronological age define me. I will continue to work towards my ultimate goal!!! And I will do it by taking those baby steps to health!!

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    3489 days ago
    I loved this one Tina! You'll never guess this...I got an AARP card when I was 48. I know it happened when I became the contact on dad's plan and I really need to phone to make sure it isn't going to screw things up later on for me but it hasn't been a priority.
    3489 days ago
    Good for you!!! I know what you mean....I'm right around that corner chronologically but I can assure you I'm decades away mentally and physically....Sheryl
    3489 days ago
    Yeah... You go girl I am right there with you.I love your attitude. You are absolutely right, and Tony will love you for it.

    I was at a union meeting last week,and saw the seniority list. Guess what... of 69 teachers I was #9. I am now in the top 10. I remember being on the bottom 10% of seniority ( I was for a long time due to hiring freezes in the late 80s.) and thinking "I hope I am smart enough to 'get out' before I get to be a dinosaur like that." Well all I can say is ROAR!

    I didn't even see it coming, I do not feel like a dinosaur, I don't think like a dinosaur, but if I have to be one, I am going to be a tough, smart, healthy one. I will also be LOUD. ROAR!
    3489 days ago
  • KNOBLE0309
    You can do this! We all can, no matter our age!
    3489 days ago
    Don't worry about your age! It's what you feel on the inside, not on the outside. I've noticed that things have gotten easier for me to do, too, because of the weight that I've lost. I couldn't keep up with my son when it came to playing catch. Now I can. It just takes some time. Keep it up!
    3489 days ago
    Personally age is defined by attitude. Genetics does to the body somethings that we have no control over, add to that accidents that do damage to muscles and bones.

    As long as we find ways to move (and finding time to move) that is half the battle.

    Regardless, I know I am old unless I am doing something with my teenage son that you only see children do and I feel those times are going to be great memories for my son.
    3489 days ago
    Tina, You can do this!!
    3489 days ago
    This is great as I am a person that thinks about aging alot. My husband and I get along great but he is 12 years older than me. I watched a program where 96 year olds were getting up to go to work at 6 and working until noon and you would have never been able to guess their age.
    3489 days ago
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