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I think bubble wrap is the answer...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'm not sure what the question is but I know that bubble wrap will help!

Sooooo what's that about the best intentions? This weekend has been a whole bunch of that but nothing really worked out...I really am ready to sit in the dark in the middle of my room, wrapped in bubble wrap, rocking back and forth until the bf gets home tomorrow and save me from the world... (I am smiling as I type that...but darn what a freaking pain in the butt weekend!)

So last week I get a flat tire on way to bootcamp, so I miss camp, change tire and the world goes on...except when I take my tire to get repaired I find out all tires are bad and I really have to replace all of them soon....sigh ok. Then at work our benefits change and instead of health insurance at no cost to us (yeah WAS awesome benefit) now we have to pick a plan and pay $150 a month and have to do a traditional pop plan or a high deductible plan where I pay everything out of pocket for everything up to a point...whatever it's going to cost me $2000-2500 a year either way...accckkkk life is getting expensive! (starting to rock back and forth now....) I have my townhouse we need to rent and it's almost ready so I figure while the bf is visiting his mom out of state for the weekend I will focus my energy on getting that fixed up so we can rent it out...I have a whole weekend nothing planned...I should be able to get it done...or so I thought!

Friday I decided to get a library card so I could download went at lunch to library by work...closed on Fridays...ok luckily got out little early so went to another branch opened on Fridays....found out have to go to one by my house or it's $60 per year...sigh ok stop by home grab a post office delivery notice bc I got a certified letter...after a 20 min wait at post office get my HOA has dropped the blanket home owners policy on my townhouse community so I had a partial policy that covered dry walls in but I now have 5 days to secure full coverage on my property...sigh more money....get to last library and I get my card...yay! But then find out a bear was captured in that parking lot last weekend...awesome lucky I didn't get eaten with my karma...then I get home to a letter that a form my bank needs on my loan hasn't been received although I sent it a month ago...grrrr. That ok I get laundry started dishes was going to put together the queen bed frame in the spare room we took from my place but can't find the screws...then find out my friends baby (due in aug) was born that day...2lb5oz so I text them to see if all ok...plan to visit tomorrow then hit the 'wild' Friday night was exhausting...

So Saturday I get up for a was ok did 4.5 miles...then start out on my intended productive day...met a friend for lunch over some healthy salads...was going to go to hospital next but they text and asked I come later...ok no worries backtracked to my place and touched up the paint on the walls hit target for a baby gift and then headed to the now it's 4 I stay with them for a couple hours...amazingly the baby is doing well as are the parents...he's in the neonatal ward and needs lots of prayers to grow strong fast but he is alive with a great shot at making it...and beautiful...really so amazing...he would fit in my hand but we can't touch him yet...with all these tubes out of him....but he moves and his tiny heart beats strong and you just feel in awe at this little tiny baby but he looks like a fighter and I know he's going to be a strong healthy little boy soon.

Then I head dinner and then go out about 915 to stop by my friends bc he has an extra can of white paint he doesn't need for my townhouse to touch up my baseboards....get there he is headed to the movies so he meets me in the driveway I grab paint drive back on highway for Bout 6 miles then I hear a pop and suddenly can't accelerate my car....crap...pull off to an exit coast as far as I can...get almost off the my friend he leaves his movie and comes back (the bf out of town so can't help) I call my roadside assistance and they say 1hr til tow truck...friend and 2 boys from nearby gas station push my car into parking lot...where we sit for's now midnight I'm barely functioning...tow truck comes friend drops me at home...I set up car rental for next morning...and fall asleep....dreaming about what this will cost...

Today I get up ride my bike to rental car place...get rental car-more money, call my mom for moms day, and head to my townhouse to do some more touchups...get there and realize I left keys at home bc not on key ring bc using rental car keys....sigh head home go grocery shopping instead...go to first store where they don't have what I need and they always carry, and when I come out I see a neon green spider on my seat...try to kill but's now SOMEWHERE in the car....ickkkk probably going to kill me...then I drop groceries at home and realize I don't know where my keys are.....looked everywhere can't find...ok I'll deal later...then to Target I have like 5kids bdays this month to buy is remodeling they only had a handful of things...not even kid jewelry or make up...WTH...while I'm trying to find stuff for the kids I had a prescription filled but only 1 of 2 I needed bc I found my doc wrote prescription for my old allergy medicine not my updated one...grrrr after shopping I go to pick up my prescription at 130 except pharmacy closes from 130-2and it's of course exactly sign for that except when cage is closed...which it now was....I wasn't staying another half hour...will have to pick it up this I'm home...I'm not leaving again today....I'm going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and stay safe until the bad karma wave runs it's course....although some freak wind will probably knock the tree into my house and I will be squished and saved only by the bubble wrap I seriously!

In the big picture there is nothing wrong...just chaos I call my life but it was a pretty ridiculous chain of events...I did however have one major success....I did not get off track eating...not even when I didn't eat from 12-7on Saturday...I was offered pizza and I said no...wasn't miserable just not starving...and I'm on a 1400cal plan for 3 weeks so food isn't abundant....but was ok. I didn't have any ice cream waiting for the tow truck although I bought my friend some...just didn't need it....I handled this whole weekend with turning to food! THATS HUGE for me...stress is usually my trigger....but my bootcamp coach switched up my breakfast and all of a sudden Im ready to handle ready for this magic breakfast....2 hardboiled egg whites (I don't like the yolks but you can eat them) Greek yogurt...getting dannon fruit on bottom, and I put kashi go lean cereal in the yogurt....OMG I can't believe how that alone has helped....I have not been starving at all...I have kept to plan....and feel great....and as crazy overwhelming as this weekend is and the bills piling up, I feel in maybe I won't actually be wrapped in bubble wrap from the world buts it's a nice idea...bc when I'm in control of my food apparently I am in control of my life no matter how out of control that is!
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    2600 days ago
  • MARLIE13
    Wowie!! That was quite the weekend!!! It sounds to me that you handled it quite well...fantastic, I would say with keeping your foodies on track. I'm in awe of you!

    PS I started MTC this morning. You are going down.
    2600 days ago
    Awesome attitude Danielle!!! Don't you just hate when all of that "life" happens at the same time? Keep up the good work, and hang in there.
    2600 days ago
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