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Portland Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5K race report

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Today I participated in the 11th Annual Portland Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5K. Long name, I know. This is the second biggest race in Maine and the biggest 5K, capped at 3000 people. It's the largest one I've ever done. The Portland Sea Dogs is a minor league baseball team. Their major league team is the Boston Red Sox. The race ended in the ballpark at the stadium. Me, my sister and friend all did this race.

I had a plan for this 5K. I was a little worried about it because my achilles has been hurting ever since I pulled a double speedwork session this past Tuesday. I stretched it out a couple times before the race in hopes it would help. My plan was to practice negative splits for the race. Start off conservatively, then pick it up and get faster after each mile. My plan was to finish in the 28 minute mark. I hit my mark for the first mile, was 4 seconds slower for the second mile and had my fastest mile at the end. I cut myself some slack for the second mile because it was more of an incline than the first. I picked it up more when there was half a mile left to go. I was feeling pretty good as we entered the ballpark. The path was much more narrow and it was hard to manuever around people. I was stuck behind two jogging strollers blocking the path, side by side. Have a little consideration! I crossed the finish line, stopped my Garmin and looked at the time. 29:04. I cried. Not tears of joy. I was so upset. I had failed at what I set out to do. I couldn't even be happy about getting my first sub 30 5K. Notice there was no exclamation point in my status? This race was a PR for me. My last 5K in March, I got 30:12. I shaved 1 minute, 11 seconds off my time in 2 months. That 5K, I went all out, getting my fastest mile at the time. But each mile after that I got slower and slower, having nothing left to give at the end. So the negative splits do seem to work better for me.

Courtesy of Maine Running Photos.

I texted my trainer and said that things hadn't gone as planned and that I had failed to meet my goal. She called me. She's always so good about making you feel better. We talked about my goals and expectations for this race. Except for the second mile, I had set out what I had aimed to do with the negative splits. So we'll work on that. Work on making my second mile stronger. She said I did good. Everyone said I did good. Except me. I am so hard on myself. I wish I was more confident in my running abilities. Instead, I continue to compare myself to my friend, who always blows me out of the water. I wish I could be good enough for me. I wish I could run a race without pain. In looking back on this race, I should've looked at my time on my watch at the end. If I had, I probably would've picked up the pace more. I had set the Garmin up to view each mile individually, instead of the race as a whole. Perhaps I should have left it alone, so I could've seen what my entire time was as I was going. If it had been less crowded at the end, maybe I could've shaved some sections. There are so many what ifs. I wish I could have a re-do. There's no going back now. I can only move forward and learn from what I've done today. Take what I've learned and use it for future races. I wonder why lessons are always learned the hard way?

I wanted to end today on a good note. So I decided to try out my new trail shoes, the Saucony Peregrine. I wanted to try the route of the 5K I planned on doing next month. It is on the cross country trails behind the local high school. Well, my legs were a bit tired as I was running from the parking lot to the entrance. The trails are horrendous. Awful. I don't think trail running is for me. Sorry, Speedydog. It was really hard on my arches and I had a lot of pain running on the bottom of my feet. It is much more difficult navigating all the ruts, holes, rocks and roots. I have enough problems with my feet as it is. I don't think I need to add more by having sore arches and risking twisting ankles. It's harder on my achilles too because I'm much less stable. I'm thinking of returning the shoes and bailing on this race. There's another one that I can do in it's place.

The next race is a 5K in two weeks. It's more hilly than today's was. For the next couple Tuesdays, we'll be doing some hill repeats to better prepare for it. Hope you all had a nice Mother's Day, especially my mother friends. :)

P.S. Thanks for listening and sticking through to the end with me. One day I will look back and be happy about this.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think it is so funny that I thought, "How can she be disappointed? A new PR!!" but I know how hard I am on myself regarding things like this.

    You are awesome, but you already know that. Get this out of your system and then feel good.

    2624 days ago
    You got a PR and finished under 30 minutes...that's awesome, you should be proud of yourself. If it makes you feel any better, I finished my first 5k (in the snow) in 47 minutes LOL. Hey at least I finished!

    Congrats to you on your PR and good luck in your next race!
    2625 days ago
  • ELISA322
    I'm sorry you didn't reach your time goal, but Sue you really did an awesome job. You ran your first sub-30 min 5k! I hope you can look back now and be really proud of yourself. I sure am! There will be many more races and I know you will PR on your next 5K.

    I don't think I could do trails either as much I would love to!
    2626 days ago
    You know that just starting out, I would DIE to run a 5K in under 30 minutes! That is extremely good, and you should really be proud of yourself. However, I also understand having your own personal goals and how it feels when you don't achieve them. I'm all for taking personal responsibility, but know what you mean about jogging strollers and crowds. Definitely hard to stay in your groove when you feel like you're stepping all over everyone and they won't move! Don't beat yourself up over it. Look how far you've come! You're still an inspiration to me! emoticon
    2628 days ago
  • JUDIL62
    Chin up my friend, and don't be so hard on yourself! Congrats on setting a PR!

    2628 days ago
    Too bad about the strollers and crowds. You've got to factor in the amount of people for your time. If it had been a smaller race you may have been able cut some time off. I think you did great and I'm sure if you keep it up you'll make your goal.

    I'll be up by you in a few weeks...driving up to Freeport for a nice long weekend.
    2629 days ago
    Susi, don't beat yourself up too still had a sub-30 minute 5K! That is awesome!

    And I agree with you about trails. I think they're terrible on the body...I feel every rut and tree root in my hips and knees. It's all very jarring.

    So stick to road races, and you will definitely hit your goal pace!!
    2629 days ago
    I'm totally with you on this - even though you had a PR, you wanted a little something more. Boo on the strollers - that's more than irritating and could have made a difference - I hate when things are outside my control like that!

    If you ever want a giggle, let me know and I'll send you the link to the Grand Prix I'm part of. There's only two of us in my category and the other woman is blowing me out of the water. If only she had turned 40 before the first race of the year...
    2629 days ago
    I'm so amazed you could run it that fast, and it gives me hope someday I will be able to do the same! Sorry you didn't get the time you wanted, but you were so close!! Next time you'll get it. I blame the jogging strollers! You're still pretty danged emoticon
    2629 days ago
    SUZ, You know I'm not a runner, but I read your blog through. I felt your disappointment about not meeting your expectations, emoticon but I was just so proud of you! emoticon
    If I were younger than you, I'd want to be like you when I grew up! You are emoticon
    2629 days ago
    Glad you were able to look at your day and evaluate with your trainer and make some goals to grow and improve in the future!! You should always be encouraged and positive that you are able to look forward to tomorrow and another race. Your time was less than your last race and that is great! Keep up the hard work and take care of your feet this week.Your demonstration of perseverance encourages me in my own pursuit of a healthier me! Smiles Barb emoticon
    2629 days ago
    Sue, you just did something that I would LOVE to be able to do. Maybe you could just enjoy it for me? I'm extremely proud of you and understand why you don't want to continue with trail running. The ruts, holes, rocks and roots make it go faster for me...once in a while; but if I did it very often I would always be sore. I was sore for almost a week the last time I went on a rough trail. EVERYTHING from my arches to ankles to knees were sore-not the good sore either. Since you put in so many miles, it probably isn't worth it to risk injury either. I'm so impressed with how you plan for even a "little" 5K and then how you monitor your progress as you run. It sounds very analytical! Sorry about the side by side strollers...rude. (a little vent following) I feel the same way about mountain bikes on narrow walking paths. Hello people! When I'm on a bike that is meant for off-road, I move for pedestrians. Most people however are afraid to leave the path even though the bike isn't meant for concrete--drives me nuts! They actually head right for you or linger behind you until YOU move. I would never do this when I'm biking! GEEZE! I feel so much better now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! You're the best! emoticon emoticon
    2629 days ago
    I know how it feels when you don't reach your goals but you still did an amazing job! I am so inspired that you got a sub 30 min! Plus, those jogging strollers held you back I am sure. As a stroller pusher AND a run/walker I am always considerate of those who are going to be faster than me and stick to the side in crowds. Grrr. How frustrating for you.

    You still did amazing and I hope you can see that. Way to go!
    2629 days ago
  • RMX9822786
    It was so crowded! My wife and I ran it. All I can say, is keep your head up. You did fantastic! You beat me by a solid 4 minutes! I accidentally left my Garmin at home today, but I'm pretty sure the second mile wasn't too kind to me as well. 1st and 3rd were definitely easier.

    I also experienced the dual strollers at the end. I decided to make a move and jumped sideways between them and sprinted to the finish, haha.
    2629 days ago
    I feel for you. I too can be my own worst critic and feel down when I don't meet my own expectations. I also know how hard it is to accept compliments when I'm feeling defeated...
    However, You did Great! I hope you do get a chance to look back at this day and smile - cause under 30 minute 5k is a wonderful accomplishment.
    2629 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    How timely for me to read this - I JUST blogged about my first 5k in awhile and titled it "run your own race". I know you are a busy girl but I would be honored if you would read it, actually. Wow, how un-fat-girl of me, to ask someone directly for something - woo hoo for me! Anyway, not to be a "bossy-Bessie" but I have a blog idea for you. Write a second blog about this 5K and focus on all the things that went right, and how far you have come, and the good things to come of the day, and the fact that you ran a sub-30 minute 5k! Ask last year's version of Suz how she feels about running a sub 30 minute 5k! Yes, you are right about the lack of race etiquette in blocking the path with strollers - I am sure they heard a few comments and would probably have heard more if it hadn't been a Mother's Day race. Finally, I hear you about the trail running. I like a moderate trail but too rutty, and rootsy, and it is just kind of nerve racking. Trust your instincts on this one! emoticon
    2629 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/8/2011 9:43:56 PM
    You did great Suz! I know however how hard it is when we don't get to accomplish what we set out to do... you shaved an entire minute from March! that rocks! You'll get another chance in two weeks and I know you will do even better...
    About the trail running, if you think it's not for you, then it isn't.... you know your body and what's best for it...
    Love to you Suz... just keep going! emoticon
    2629 days ago
    YOU did awesome! You are a lot like me with setting a goal time and feeling let down not to hit your time but I also think without the obstacles you pointed out you would have met your time so try not to be so hard on yourself; I know ~ easier said but look at it this way ~ it's a goal to knock out and cross off your list next time and onto the next one. It will happen; you can do this! I'm running a 5k in a couple of weeks and I want to make my same time or better than last year but concerned/nervous/scared I won't and that makes me nuts! I totally relate.

    I considered trail running but axed the idea because I know I would trip up on a tree root or end up in a ditch and injure myself to the point of no return... that would crush me so I'm playing it safe and sticking to my asphalt paved 5k's LOL... bless you for trying! Maybe a different trail would work out for you, ?

    Oh, and wanted to say that I don't look at my watch throughout a race because it would distract/slow me down so I just run it out and see the results.

    You shaved time off from your last 5k and that is a step forward! You did a great job Sue! emoticon
    2629 days ago
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