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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Trigger foods, anyone?

GAH I can't even start... umm.. Natural peanutbutter, chocolate, oreos, chinese veggie dumplings, fries... sooo many sweet things. Vegan ice cream. German potato or noodle dishes. My trigger foods tend to be either totally fatty or hella sweet, usually room temperature when I eat them. Mostly carbs, all of it comfort food.

The sources of my trigger foods are aplenty. The fridge, my mom's kitchen, fast food restaurants... It's like everything from everywhere is designed to make me overeat.

The most common trigger foods lately have been any type of chinese food. It affects me when I'm out with friends, in with friends, or walking along, minding my own business. Usually I'm tired or stressed about school, and I just want to down a lit of rice and some fried dumplings to feel better. I keep eating because it's either really good or I'm bored, and why not finish it if it's already in front of me? The food makes me happier because it tastes SOOO good and I can chat and hang out with my friends. Also, I don't have to cook! I should probably be doing homework or eating the lunch I brought from home... but making it will have been extra work!

Eating out in NYC is so easy. The problem is that chinese food is so cheap and yummy that I just want it all the time.

There are probably a million things that are trigger foods that I haven't even thought of, but this one is jumping out at me.

Cheap, yummy, fatty... mmmmmmmmm.... chinese food.

I'm not hungry, I swear!


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  • AMYSPARK2019
    All I can say is...I relate. Stay strong!

    3628 days ago
    I so understand the challenge of NOT eating chinese food. It is so available and so yummy, and us vegetarians and vegans can actually eat it and be happy. So many times we are left picking at a salad leaf because there is nothing else we can have while eating out.
    Check out this link I found. There is a ton of stuff you can eat at Chinese Take Out. Just a matter of making good choices!!!! That's good news, right?
    3628 days ago
    I really like Chinese food too; however, no one else in my household has it and we have few restaurants where I live. That is probably a blessing from the sounds of it. Be strong and figure out what you can take and what you can leave without feeling like you are punishing yourself. Best wishes, Katy
    3628 days ago
    I love Chinese food, but haven't had any since December. I always say it's for special occasions, but then my husband chooses something else because he knows it's no good for me! My trigger is salty, yummy chips!
    3628 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2516753
    oohhh, cheap yummy take out. one of my enemies, too! I work in Brooklyn & live just north of NYC, so I can relate to the siren-call of a quick bite on my way here or there. For the next 8 weeks, I will bring my lunch & some healthy snacks to work at least 4 days a week. Once I week, I'll allow a splurge-- take out from a veggie deli i love. On Thursdays, they have these amazing seitan vietnamese sandwiches. If I don't blow it for the week, that will be my treat for the week.

    I don't think the veggie dumplings are that bad if they are steamed. Or maybe some veggie sushi rolls?

    Good luck in the chalenge!
    3628 days ago
    Thanks, now I want Chinese Food!!! LOL!!!

    I thought all foods were trigger foods, right? We can do this!!

    If I was in NY, I would be having major problems with the bagels because you can't get decent bagels outside of NY!!!
    3628 days ago
    Can I come and visit? I love Chinese food and New York! Well maybe I better not visit because I am still working on my will power..right now I have none when it comes to Chinese food.
    But it is out in the open now. Hope we can come up with a good plan to avoid those trigger foods. Did you mention natural peanut butter..yum!
    3628 days ago
    At least you're owning it right! And yeah I think Chinese is the worst (and best) - the salt and fat and sugar from the rice keeps you bumping up and down. I really just have to stay away from it, even when they serve with brown rice the rest of it gets me. And those pork buns - yikes - homemade - soft - forget it - I am not even going down the street with the best restaurant so I'm not tempted. At least where I live the delivery ones aren't that good so it's easier to avoid if you have to go out. I envy and sympathize both since you are in wonderful NY!

    Maybe grab some trail mix - it's not the best thing but it might have enough fat and variety to stop you from making a worse decision - baby steps right? emoticon
    3628 days ago
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