First Timed 5k

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Well I did it! I completed my first timed 5k today. I completed a 5k a few years back but it wasn't timed and I walked with others so it wasn't the same. I was also probably about 20 pounds lighter with that one too. Today it was all about me. I walked with just me and my Ipod. I've been busy with school and life in general so I really hadn't been able to train so it was a challenge. I was really beat the first mile. I kept thinking that I had past a mile awhile ago and they must not have put out mile markers. HA! I got to the 1 mile and cussed in my head because I didn't know how I was going to get through the next 2.1 miles. The first mile took 26 minutes but it wasn't a real sense of what I could do because there were a lot people and people with all sized dogs and a lot of strollers so the first mile was very congested. Now I'm very competitive and even at 240 I want to beat the next guy. I've gained weight but that fighting spirit is still there so I was a littled peeved about 26 minutes.

So for the next mile I got a great stride, had some good tunes on Ipod and pushed to end of mile two. At the mile two marker I completed it in 14 minutes so that really got me going. So I pushed through and thought about all the people who I was walking in honor of today-those who struggle with mental health challenges and thoughts of suicide and those who lost their struggle. Every day is a challenge and a struggle and as I encourage those I know that suffer from mental challenges to press on I knew I needed to do the same and so I did! I got to the 3 mile marker in another 14 minutes. So I knew the end was near and that to keep my stride I needed to get around all these strollers in front of me! So, I started jogging, all 239.2 pounds of me that I was before I started the walk. I jogged for about a minute. I could feel the eyes of the judging skinny people with the strollers on me but I didn't care. Not only was I meeting my personal goal but I was jogging uphill so there! I slowed down and had to catch my breath a bit but I pushed on. One man and his wife even said something jokingly about me jogging after I finished but again, I didn't care. It was about me finishing!

In the end my official time was 1 hour 16 seconds. I was close to the finish line at 59 minutes but I made the decision not to jog it. There was no point and I'm OK with it. I just didn't want to finish last in my age group! I'll have to wait for the official scores. There were folks behind me but there were a lot that dropped out so even if I did finish last in my age group, I finished. I'm a little sore tonight and may have done a little something in the ankle regions but that just means I need to train for the next one. I've set a goal of completing five 5ks between now and mid-October so now that I have one under my belt with a time score and only one class for school this summer, I will have to start training for my next 5k in six weeks.
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    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! Your blog is the blog for everyone that believes they need company to do things like this! You had your own cheering section "SELF", you were your own MOTIVATOR" and you were the one that said I can do better and you did it. What that couple probably said was look at her jogging and we're barely making it walking -HATERS or you inspired them to dig a bit deeper. Now you've set the tone for you next race to get better and better times. I hope to be ready to do another 5K in October for Breast Cancer. Hang in there you should be very proud of yourself!!!
    3487 days ago
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