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Day 9...Abs, cardio, and extra video

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Good Grief! It is only Day 9.

I rowed while waiting for The Wicked's video to download. 15 minutes later, I had the download of the "extra" video, so got that in for the week .

This one was with the big ball. I love my big ball. It holds me up without any effort on my part at all. It is a pretty periwinkle blue, so you know I am going in style.

The first part is where we stretch as the ball goes out in front of us, while kneeling on the floor. I can do this one. Then we do a little bit harder one, which I have no problem doing.

But she isn't finished with my lesson in humility. I'm supposed to roll the ball way under my body and somehow raise my butt up in the air.......REALLY raise it.

I tried, and have the nose skinned to prove my efforts. I went back to the more mild ones, the user friendly ones, the ones I know how to do.

I think I actually heard her snicker when I was doing my nose dive.

Tried to download the AB video, and as usual, it was slower than molasses in January, so I hopped on the bike.

Got in another 15 minutes, and while the AB video was still not completely downloaded, I started it from the beginning anyway.

I actually did better on the AB thing today. I was coming right along, including the part where she says "SWEEEEEEEP your arm down and to the side" stuff.

I swept........not sure about "SWEEEEEPING", but I did it.

Then I heard her begin the next one.......the crunchy part....and she is telling me how to INCREASE the resistance. Right.

I'm INCREASING all right. I'm INCREASING thoughts of doing bodily harm to that monster.

I do a few more torturous moves with her, then say "Go for it, Woman" to Nicole, snicker myself, and do other moves than she does. After all, the video got stuck again.

What's with these videos anyway??? Can't they figure out a way to make them run smoothly???

I am seriously considering doing my own videos........no, Silly! Not the ones of ME........the ones I bought at Wal-Mart or from Spark.

I have the Cardio Blast, the Fit, Firm and Fired Up, and from Gold's Gym I have "Lost he Baby Weight Fast and Boot Camp My Hips and Thighs.

They are not easy ones to do, but at least they don't get all hung up.

My Elna sewing machine is having tension problems. This is not a good thing. I am supposed to be teaching classes on June 7, 8, and 9. Any suggestions as to how I can do it with a machine that won't work properly?

Take it to a repair shop, you say. You're probably right, but I just hate doing that. I really go through withdrawals when my machine is not close by.

I mean, there is nothing to DO.

Oh, sure, I COULD go out and pull some of the weeds, but they are becoming prize winners in size. I think I can get my picture in the local paper showing off my prize weeds.

Or I COULD clean my house. (I should wash my mouth out with soap for THAT idea!) If I clean house, then I have to wipe away all those autographs that were written in the dust. That's paramount to wiping away a friend.

My Dream Catchers (known as "cobwebs" to the uneducated) are becoming impressive, too. They always sway and drape so nicely, don't you think?

Yes, there ARE some things that could be done around here, but I don't want to overdo my workouts.

After all, this IS all about taking care of oneself, isn't it?!

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    LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHA !! As USUAL you AGAIN have me ROLLING On the floor in a FIT of laughter,,,is that a NICE thing to do to a DISABLED woman who uses a wheelchair? Do you KNOW what it LOOKS like to have ME on the floor laughing? Well it's NOT a nice pic ! My neighbors heard me,,,,,and thought I was in DANGER and called the POLICE !!! SHEESHE ! THANKS A LOT !! AGAIN !! That's the 4th time you've done this to ME !!! What a TEAM MATE your turning out to be !!!! MAN oh man ! Well hey, keep on blogging,,, I NEED the excerise TRYING to get up,,,and the cops are sooo CUTE !! (Why do they carry the cuffs?),,,those men in the pretty white coats are kinda weird though !
    2541 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2011 7:28:20 PM
  • GRANDMA1951
    How funny!!! I needed a good laugh this afternoon. I'm with you on the housework. I only do it when I'm afraid the "clean police" are going to show up. Of course, we could do it with gutso and burn some much needed calories. Nah - I'd rather do videos or go for a walk. Good luck getting your sewing machine to work. I used to love sewing but haven't done it in years. I'm jealous. Oh well, maybe I should at least clean the kitchen in case Barack and Michelle show up!!! You never can tell.
    2541 days ago
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