Why the tears??? (with pics....enjoy!)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Its a Saturday morning and I decided to get up and clean and organize my closet taking out some winter stuff and things that are either too big or too small well lets just say on this journey nothing was too small but there sure was a lot that is too big and a few things i can get by with for a little while but will need belts and more to make them fit a little better.

Our friends can make comments all day long about how much they can see that we have changed but we go home look in the mirror and say what are they talking about? I still see the same me....or we see much smaller changes because we are focused on maybe one or two things and we are not see the changes occuring all over instead of just the thighs and the belly...or the jiggly arms. We are focused on such details that we miss the big picture.

Whatever we want to change the first and fastest I have learned is always the slowest and the last place of any go figure that.

Anyway one of the capri's that i tried on i could get both of my legs in one side!!! What the heck I never expected that....well, i have proof....take a look at these pics taken today by my youngest son....

I am making changes....I also have the pic that i have posted on the sight in December that I put on again today also....just not fitting the same as it used to go figure....take a look at them....

Do you see my changes??? I really am enjoying the new and improved me even though I will always be a work in progress the progress is showing....I am stoked!!! What a difference a day makes, which turns into a week, which turns into months....and my journey is going!!! Bring on the challenge....

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