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Day 7, and The First Week is Finished

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Today was one of those "usual" days in trying to download the daily workout video.

While I was waiting.........and waiting.....and WAITING, I decided the heck with it, and got on my bike.

Five miles later, the stupid video was still not downloaded. But my glisten was.

Hop over to the rowing machine, and give that another 15 minutes.

My glisten overfloweth.

Not so with the video. It is still downloading, for Pete's sake.

I turn on my good old Rock and Roll music, and jog around my house (FAST) for a mile and a quarter. That was fun.

The video is now downloaded, so I get out my resistance band and am ready to go.

Nicole is explaining where I should stand on my resistance band to "get the best resistance".

I can tell right now this ain't going to be any cake walk.

So I am standing on my resistance band, doing the deal, and thinking of how sore my arms are going to be.

I am already tired from all the previous workouts, and now she changes things again.

We are standing differently on the resistance band, and she is talking about where and how she wants to do this. SHE wants to do this............I DON'T REMEMBER VOTING!!

I continue on doing it HER way, and get through the video in one piece, didn't fall over, and did more stretching after SHE stopped.

That's how I wanted to do it.

So here I am, all worked out, showered, and now have to load up the vehicle to take it to the dump.

I'm crushing cans, plastic containers and breaking down cardboard. Another glisten.

I am questioning the wisdom of taking my shower if I am only going to the dump.

Once at the dump, I am busy throwing trash into the right receptacles, when I see a guy pull up in a red 4 wheel drive Toyota.

He pulls up to the first container, which is for various colors of glass only. He shuts off his engine, opens his hatchback and pulls out a small shopping bag of glass items. He throws the glass in the right receptical.

Then he gets into his vehicle, drives about 6 feet, shuts off the car, and once again opens the back to get his cardboard. He dumps the cardboard in the container, gets back into his car, and drives another 6 feet to where we dump all of the recyclable cans and plastic.

He dumps his one bag, gets in his car/truck and drives off.

I culdn't help but be amazed at him. I mean no one was pushing for parking spots, there weren't people waiting behind him, and the containers are all very close to one another.

This guy had to DRIVE to each container, shutting off his vehicle, and then starting it up again each time.

Somehow I don't think he wanted to learn about Spark People.

WE don't drive if we can walk. WE don't waste our gas. WE get in every step we can, right?

Aren't you proud to be a sparky!?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We've got the spark.

    2599 days ago
    Hey there! Excellent blog entry, some people! Hope you are ready for the spring challenge!!!
    2599 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    I think you're Sparktacular.

    emoticon emoticon
    2599 days ago
    Just finished my butt busting day 6 and couldn't help but think of you and your blog the whole way through....LOL! However, one thing you failed to mention was that, about the time you are thinking you are doing the exercises somewhat correctly, Nicole adds her famous "remember to keep your abs in tight"! AND, she wants my leg in the air - that is so not working for me!

    Can't wait to finish day 7 (actually, can't wait for this whole 4 week thing to be over!)

    I try to park at the outer edge of the grocery store so I have to get a little workout in pushing my cart full of groceries to the car. My husband will drive up one aisle and down the next looking for something closer; makes me nuts. We're healthy (well, he did just have a 2nd hip surgery, but he did this way before his surgery) and we shop in a retirement community. I get the exercise when I go alone, plus I leave a closer spot for the people who really need it.
    2599 days ago
    OH YEAH !! I live in a high rise near a groc store. It takes LONGER to get into ur car than to WALK there,,this just confuses me to watch people get into their cars and fight traffic to go there ! DUH huh? I have a cart on wheels and get there MUCH faster !!! They "Think" its easier and it's NOT ! I've "raced" someone and we found out how correct I am. SMIRK !!! I KNEW I was.
    2600 days ago
    It does amaze me how some people will do anything not to use their own energy! My dh is one of them. We'll go to a shopping center and the two stores we want to visit are at opposite ends of the center (about a one block walk). He parks for the first stop, then gets in the car and reparks for the second stop. In the meantime I'm hoofing it across the parking lot, usually in the drizzle we've fondly named "Oregon Mist" (it missed Oregon and got to the north side of the Columbia River), and frequently beat him to the door of the second stop. If it's hard on a vehicle to go less than 5 miles because it doesn't get properly warmed, then it must be atrocious on a vehicle to only go one block. Geeze, I don't get it!
    2600 days ago
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