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Battle of the Bitch Tits

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I have a friend who is working his steps, and when he's not trying to recruit me to go to a meeting with him he says he is striving for "progress not perfection."

Losing weight is very similar. One can't stop eating in the same way he or she could (should) stop an addictive substance. You need to eat. Daily. Multiple times daily even. Further, eating twigs and bark for every meal isn't very practical. Sure we can make better decisions and have a salad for lunch and not get the bacon cheeseburger with French fries but often times the most ideal nutrition isn't attainable. Are you going to go to your mother-in-law's house for Easter, push her ham to the floor and ask for some celery?

So I seek progress. My progress since the end of February has included roughly twenty pounds. There have been two weeks where I gained but the overall trajectory is in the right direction. Progress. I exercise daily in some shape or form and pack my alimentary canal with fruits and vegetables. As I'm a fan of fresh salads that hasn't been too difficult.

My biggest challenge has been on Sunday. They've been sort of my cheat days if you will, I usually have a long run that day and feel it’s justified, it's the day after weigh-in, and I typically hit the market then. As a reward, I cook something...shall we say less than diet friendly. Grill something. Mr. Potato comes out. That asshole butter appears from nowhere (I really hate that dick), and I do something really diabolical like drink a beer or have glass of wine. Once I even had both! Forgive me, Jesus!

This is an area where I need to progress a little more, and I need to shift my thinking about rewarding myself. I haven't sabotaged myself (yet!), but the weeks I gained were definitely due to my Sunday calorie overrun. As I analyze it, I effectively negate the benefits of my long-run with my ecclesiastical chow down. By the way, you can’t have ecclesiastical without testicle tickle.

So I can fine-tune by skipping the dinner roll, keeping butter in the fridge, limit the starch intake to a cup of whatever it is, use a dry rub on the protein instead of a sauce, take the nuts and blue cheese out of the salad and stay away completely from the beer. THAT would be progress.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOL you crack me up! I needed it this morning to!!

    Are you sure its just Sundays that are making you gain? I keep reading about how morbidly obese people can start out their diets with an every other day kind fo approach and still lose massive amounts of weight. It shakes up the metabolism and makes it wonder if your feeding your body today or not. So Im curious as to if you are really cheating like crazy on Sundays and not doing as great on the grand scale of things the rest of the week like you think you are??? Just curious, as I have not had the willpower to put the every other day eatting deal to the test myself yet!!

    Either way, your tracker is moving downward!! And that my friend,


    Grats and keep at it, banish those bitch tits forever!!! LOL

    2577 days ago
    You can do this! The part about the butter made me laugh out loud. You know what though, you must be doing SOMETHING right to have lost freakin 20 lbs since February! That is really something to be proud of. emoticon

    Furthermore, the progress (not perfection) angle is a really, really good idea. One thing I've found that really flavors protein is Worchestershire sauce and A1. Both are fairly low calorie and taste really good.

    2578 days ago
    This made me giggle..Especially berating my friend butter! Your progress is admirable. Seek perfection if you must, but it sounds like you are doing just fine.

    2578 days ago
    lmao at your title, it got me to read your blog! Progress not perfection is one of my sayings too, it lets me move on & do better, even after a lapse.
    2578 days ago
    You gotta relent every once in a while so don't beat yourself up. Sounds like your doing great so far. Keep up the good work. emoticon
    2578 days ago
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