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Thursday, May 05, 2011

I was at work the other day, ok, a couple weeks ago, and was sent an email that said there was a 5K coming up to support Autism - . I had just done one of my exercise walks which happens to be a 5K the night before, so I said what the heck. I went to work and faxed in the registration. As panic set in I tried to remain calm and tell myself that I could do this, I do it all the time, etc..not to mention all of you awesome people on here encouraging me. Fast forward, I woke up saturday morning EARLY got up, readied myself and drove to Orlando to do the 5K. It was rather unconventional as it was inside the convention center and was also a family fun day. I got there way to early and had to wait for like 2 hours before it started, but the people there were great. They let me register early and I was able to walk around a bit and see the booths get set up, Star Wars people come in, all that...good times..LOL. They finally started the announcements and before I knew it, we were off. 8 laps around the convention center. Gotta love air conditioned 5Ks. There were people all over the place to weave around as they were stopping and admiring the booths, which were on the walking path. It was a 5K walk for Autism, but there were runners too..felt bad for them having to dodge everyone. I found my pace and walked....and walked...LOL It was very interesting indeed to walk with so many people, news crews, hooters girls teaching how to hula hoop, star wars people walking around, dogs and firemen but it was a very good and informative time. I know there are people (not necessarily on here) that would scoff that this was a "real" 5K (people in real life..whatever), it wasn't chipped or officially timed - My watch was just over 50 minutes so I was happy with that being my first, walked, and my size...takes alot to get me going. I will do more of these and eventually get to the point where I am able to actually RUN the race. At this point, I am proud of myself for finishing happy, not in pain, and faster than what I was walking in my exercise walks. Again, Thanks all of my Sparkfriends for the encouragement and support - And my #1 Cheerleader..thanks J...:) You are all great and I thought about you all while walking. Sorry it took almost a week to get this out here. I am no good at writing but figured I would let you know I survived.
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    If it was 3.1 miles, it was a real 5K..anything else is... icing on the to speak.

    Sounds like you did great and had a great time too! And as mom to a son on the spectrum..thank you for supporting a cause near and dear to my heart!
    2566 days ago
    Congrats!! Sounds like you did awesome!!

    2566 days ago
  • TESSA321
    Great Job, I'm running my first 5K tomorrow in Tempe. So Excited! Keep it up!
    2569 days ago
    I am proud of you more than you will ever know - -you committed to do the 5k and you DID it!! No only did you finish it, you finished with your usual understated, "aw chucks" kind of way!! You did it, My Dear -- so please, take a bow!! You deserve it! PS I subscribed to your blog because you really **are** a great writer and express yourself beautifully!
    2573 days ago
  • EVIE55
    That's soooo cool! I walked my 1st 5k last oct with two of my sisters and my mum. the whole time we were walking we kept looking at either (my mum and I) and going, "I can't believe we are doing this! a year ago we wouldn't have been able to!" we are hooked and are so doing it again this Oct. I keep looking for other ones before then, but haven't seen any. way to go on walking your 1st 5k! before you know it, you'll be able to run it! :)
    2575 days ago
  • LUCY2270
    sounds like a 5K to me! Way To Go Kevin. have you looked into the Couch to 5K Program by It's a great way for people of all sizes & fitness levels to start running!
    2576 days ago
    You SHOULD be so proud of yourself! Fantastic job you!!! emoticon
    2576 days ago
    I'm jealous over an air-conditioned 5K!!! I'm always sweating up a storm when I run. I do think that having Hooters' girls on the track would ruin my time, it'd be too tempting to stop or at least really slow down. Don't sell yourself short, you completed a 5K. This kind of effort is a springboard to more. Way to go!

    2576 days ago
    Hello Kevin... good job. Stick to it... you can do this.
    and... if you have an Iphone, Android, or Blackberry... I'd suggest you check out Jeff Galloway's 5K application. I use it...and I really like it. It makes 'sense' to me..and has improved my running considerably. I'll be running my first 5K in a couple of years this Saturday.. .and I'll be using the app to do it! emoticon
    2576 days ago
    welcome to Sparkpeople, good luck on your weight loss journey. have a healthy day.

    2577 days ago
    You avoided pedestrians and pizza? Excellent work!

    Welcome to the blogs :)
    2577 days ago
  • CGARR442
    Great job! I've never done a 5K inside (or any event like that). It must have been hard avoiding all those people. I hope this gives you the confidence to attempt more events!
    2577 days ago
    super cool, i have never done any indoor walking - i can imagine it is pretty awesome, especially with all the wild scenery in the convention center that day!! would have been nice if there was a lil path cleared for you guys all the way around so you weren't being held up by booth admirers, but all in all sounds like a lot of fun & great exercise ta-boot! congrats - and you have reminded me how much i love my long walks on hot summer nites, just around the corner now! love knocking out 5K and haven't done in a while!
    2577 days ago
    My first 5K in the forest took me about an hour (it was uphill) and I more or less walked it too. But it counts because I put myself out there and I did it. That's what you did too - it takes some courage to do that, so be proud.

    Next one? I'm signed up for June... what's yours :)
    2577 days ago
    YEAH!!!! you did it!
    2577 days ago
    Oh, I forgot, They ordered PIZZA to sell....LOL...I bought water and went home afterward. I was proud of myself.
    2577 days ago
    Don't belittle the accomplishment -- you did great! I'm still working up to my first 5K.
    2577 days ago
    I agree, an indoor 5K rocks!! I wish we had some of those around here :). The people standing in the path just add an element of excitement you don't find in a "real" (scoff) race. Your race was just as real as any other. Glad you did it and had enough fun to want to do it again :).
    2577 days ago
    Indoor 5k that sounds awesome!!
    2577 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    When's the next one. They are addictive... there's ALWAYS a "next one"!
    2577 days ago
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