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My new week 1 so far...

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So first of all CAFFEINE HEADACHES SUCK!!!!!!!! emoticon I'm on day 3 and still woke up wanting to cut my head off. But I'm pushing through it cuz I know it'll be worth it in the end. I've been making out meal plans every day for the next day so that there are no opportunities for me to make last minute bad decisions of what I have for breakfast, lunch and supper. So far it's going really well. Last night we had this teriyaki beef stir-fry with jasmine rice. It came out of this cookbook I have that's a "Light and Tasty" cookbook and I was definitely surprised at how GOOD it was. And the serving it tells you to have was actually too much for me to eat so my dinner last night including a gigantic glass of milk was only 495 calories. Which is good for me cuz usually my dinners are upwards of the 8-900 calorie range. And this stir-fry was FULL of veggies. Now normally I don't much like veggies unless they're not cooked and covered in some dressing so I was shocked at how happy I was with this meal, how much I was allowed to eat and that awesome FULL feeling I carried with me for a while after supper. I say it was awesome because I ate slowly so I could achieve the full feeling without feeling that uncomfortable "I overate so much" full feeling. The bad part to the whole day was that I had a DQ blizzard. Yup. I have no guilt whatsoever for it though. It was a small banana split blizzard and took me over my range but I didn't care and I still don't. I'll work out extra today and I can't always eat within my range. Things are bound to happen that I have no control over and cause me either to eat too little or too much and I am not going to even give it a second thought but I'm also not going to deny it happened either. At least it had fruit in it hehe. emoticon

Okay so I have questions. I've been reading a lot of blogs and articles and stuff lately but in some ways they all seem to contradict each other. My question is this: If I have a heavy workout day where I burn upwards of 400 calories (I've set my fitness for this week to 800 calories because monday and tuesday were shot days and saturday looks to be the same) then should I be eating closer to the top of my range? And then same goes for days I don't get to workout.. then should I be eating as close to the bottom of my range as possible?

My next question is who has ideas for rewards? I'd like to start doing that cuz I think it will help me to achieve this whole weight loss journey.

My third question is has anyone ever had a tummy tuck? In Canada it is covered if you've lost a significant amount of weight but I've read both great things and horrible things about it and it sounds so scary to me.

I think that's it for the questions for now. I'm sure more will come up as soon as I hit "post blog" but I'll save them for another blog.
I gotta say that - unless my scale is lying to me- I'm on my third day of no pop and when I stepped on this morning I was down 1 1/2 lbs. Now I don't wanna be negative about this but does it really affect your body this quick? Is it possible that cutting pop out has dropped me 1 1/2 lbs already? Or I'm guessing the other thing helping is that I'm in a new calorie range as well (which I did go over last night but that only put me at the bottom of my old range) but the day before I stayed in it. Yes I'm rambling. Either way I was pretty happy to see it gone without even exercising. Makes me pretty curious to see what the rest of the week is going to be like WITH the exercise.
Alright, I'm done rambling for now. Sorry this is so long. Have a great day spark people!
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    Rewards are an awesome idea! My favorites are new workout clothes, any shoes, new makeup, spa treatments, and most of all, new smaller bras and undies. Having nice undergarments that fit really well make me feel more confident, and i love it!
    2874 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing a great job, and I'm drooling over the description of your stir fry. I might have to do something similar in the next couple days!

    Great attitude on the blizzard, too (did you try their mini size? I find those are the perfect portion). A huge part of making this work is coming up with strategies that you can live with forever. I think that learning how to work a treat like that into your day and being accountable for it is just as useful as outright denial. I hate the idea of 'forbidden' foods, because it makes it seem like they shouldn't exist. They do, and they can definitely be a part of a healthy lifestyle, but they need to be treated the same way you'd treat anything you eat.

    As for the questions:

    1 - I like to vary my calorie intake, so I try to bounce between the top and bottom of my range (I'm usually more on the high side). I look at my fitness minutes and calories burned by the week, and if I know I'm going to be over my burn goal, I'll probably eat a little heavier (but still good foods) than I would if I was having a lighter fitness week. It seems to work all right for me (one thing to keep in mind is that I often find I gain a little water weight if I work out harder. Don't worry too much if the scale moves in the wrong direction after a heavier workout).

    2 - I have a few different reward systems for myself. My thought on goals and rewards is that I'd rather focus on behaviour than weight, so my rewards are for things I can control (I did buy myself some earrings when I hit my first major weight milestone, but I kind of gave up on it after that).

    Fitness minutes: I aim for 1000 minutes a month, and if I make it I buy myself flowers. I don't spend too much (usually just a $10 bouquet from the grocery store), but it's a great little reminder and pick-me-up that I look forward to getting at the end of each month when I reach my goal. And it's not food!

    Gym sessions: When I started, I had a lot of trouble getting to the gym when I didn't want to go. I started giving myself a sticker for every day I went (Yes, I actually put monkey stickers on a calendar for workouts), and when I get to 50 stickers, I'm allowed to buy myself something really nice and fitness related. I picked up some lululemon pants at 50, new running shoes at 100, and my heart rate monitor will be the splurge for 150. I like that I end up with things I need, and that I'm basically paying myself to hit the gym. I don't stress out if I break a streak, because it's based on the total, not how many days I go in a row or what I do.

    3 - I don't have any info on tummy tucks, but I did have a breast reduction that was covered by health care (in Alberta, about 12 years ago), and the experience was good. I went through a plastic surgeon after a referral from my doctor, and the whole thing was covered.

    Hope some of this helps, and keep up the great work!
    2875 days ago
    I've been drinking like a good 12 glasses of water a day.. and not small glasses.. we have old slurpee cups.. you know.. the ones with simpsons on them or transformers I think or ironman and they're 22 ounces and I drink like 6 of those every day if not more. So I don't think it's water weight? But I might be wrong hehe. I was drinking pepsi.. I won't even say how much cuz it's gross lol but it was a lot.
    2875 days ago
  • KMS8755
    What kind of pop were you drinking before? Id say that it could effect your weight quickly.Too much caffeine causes dehydration, so your body retains water. The 1 1/2 pounds may be water weight, but that is 1 1/2 pounds gone! Congratulations! *insert cheerleader here* emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2875 days ago
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