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The Debt Ceiling

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

If It Really Requires "Serious Cuts" To Raise The Debt Ceiling, Let's Cut Tax Cuts For Millionaires
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  • 2BEATIT1
    I almost think you are talking about Canada instead of USA. We have the same problems. After working for the elections, I realize how much waste there is in Government forms, etc.
    Our minimum wage in BC is the lowest in Canada and yet the highest cost of living.
    I like your suggestions for fixing the deficit. Too bad our governments can't see it.
    2600 days ago
    OH, and counties rule over cities! No more sovereign-cities and their police forces. Elected sherrifs can train and deputize as needed.

    Counties need to look into food self-sufficieny, educating citizens about growing food--the Extension Offices already give local classes on this -- container gardening, saving seeds, apple trees and hazelnut bushes for landscaping.

    Composting toilets are very effective nowadays. Make it legal for them to be in residences and include information on disposal or use of the compost.

    In Germany, whole towns generate about half of their electrical use from solar panels that people have bought and placed on or around their residences.

    Potable and irrigation water needs to be tested for heavy metals, not just for bacteria--DUHHHH!!!!!!!!! emoticon
    2601 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/6/2011 8:22:02 AM
    Here is my take on the nation's financial imbalances:

    LImit the wage/salary span to 7x minimum wage; this includes all pensions/reitrement-payments, Military Generals, and National Presidents etc. The commercial market will determine who gets paid more than someone else, just as it does now. Make minimum wage a living wage (which now is at about $12 an hour) so we don't have the national disgrace of the working poor. Let teens work at under minimum wage, sort of like apprentices. Limit all bonuses to 2 per year. Neither can exceed 1/10 the annual pay of minimum wage.

    Tax people with the Fair Tax, with rebates for the impoverished, and keep 30% of that in the counties, 50% in the States--and have the States manage military training and equipment using Federal guidelines--no more $2000 toilets, contractors! For a while, the Fair Tax can be 25%, but after the Fed gets thinned to normalcy (Senators can oversee the Fair Tax monies and they each might need one secretary, but no aids.) the Fair Tax needs to drop to around 20%.

    Any Federal Committee is limited to 5 people. Each can study what 10 or more States have done with the issue at hand, and then they can THINK for a few days and come up with some guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules.
    Do not tax businesses. Eliminate Corporations---all of those special laws around them, and require all businesses to have separate accounts from the owners. Make the finances of all businesses public knowledge.

    Campaigns are limited to three months before the elections. During this time, four brochures/flyers can be sent by each candidate (Send to households, and/or city halls, county seats, postal offices, etc.) and a max of three pubic debates per candidate, two hours max time per debate. Interviews are open; whoever wants a public interview of a candidate can do one.

    The FDA and AMedicalA get gutted (And a bunch of those people, and those reitred from it, get imprisoned for being too stupid to live in normal society.) for lack of good results; and people who understand alternative healing, along with minor medical stuff, can be put in. European doctors get one class on herbology and can off that as an alternative.

    Europe has asked the USA, for decades, to simplify the accounting practicers to like Europe has; much less graft and embezzlement.

    It is not THAT expensive to educate a child. Look at the school books used in the 1800's here. Five or six books, and the local newspapers, used over 8 years, did a better job than we do with 12 years and tons of books. The children borrow the books, so they can review the basics anytime they want to without being put into a SPECIAL class. Moms and children prepared lunches; schools have nice refrigerators now, so pertinent lunches can be kept there-- even separating those for peanut allergies and dairy and such in separate refrigerators. I prefer a room-temperature lunch. In Japan, the children clean the schools twice a weeek, using nontoxic cleaners.

    I am certain that there are more issues that any competent homemaker can straighten out.
    2601 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/6/2011 8:09:39 AM
    I agree. I realize what MY debt ceiling is and have to live within it. Can't imagine who is going to raise MY ceiling! emoticon emoticon
    2602 days ago
    I agree also.
    2603 days ago
    You might like as well.
    2603 days ago
    I say let the politicians live on what I make for a year and see what they think then!!! emoticon
    2603 days ago
    If you include the corporations who pay no tax and yet get subsidies! I think we at least clear the deficit. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That's the joyous song the rich sing as they move to enslave us. When we are all poorer, who's going to buy the stuff they make??? Think about it! emoticon
    2603 days ago
    I'm not so sure I agree. I think that more programs need to be cut and the endless "pork" tacked on to bills by our lawmakers to cut deals needs to stop. And I think we need to stop being a nation of "entitlement." Here's an article on who really pays all of that federal income tax:
    -federal-income-tax.html. IMHO to try to balance the federal budget and not raise the debt ceiling on the backs of the millionaires, which comprise 7.8 million people in the US--that's everyone who has at least $1 million in their bank account, sounds a bit far-fetched. By today's standards, $1M is not what it used to be 20 years ago. So, of that 7.8 million people, there are probably 5 million who have more than $1M (that's nothing to sneeze at, I'd like to have that myself), but only about 10 percent of those 5 million people are considered super-rich. Then let's take a look at who is really paying taxes (see article), and how many tax breaks the average American really gets. There are 250+ million people in the US--granted not all of them are old or young enough to pay taxes, but if you subtract those folks out, do you really think that by taking away the millionaires' tax breaks it would make up for the federal deficit? IMHO, it's a lot of rhetoric and it wouldn't even make a dent.
    2603 days ago
    Right on.
    2603 days ago
    I agree!!!
    2603 days ago
    2603 days ago
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