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Tuesday 5/3, When you're wrong, you're wrong!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hi all,

This day off started on a pretty good note. I went with my older daughter to visit our local campus of Western IL University to find out about combining her college coursework and what would be needed for her to earn her Bachelor's. It looks pretty good for her to complete things in a year. It took a lot for me to convince her to come and that this is important. It is a "Liberal Arts and Science" degree in which she graduates with three minors. One of them an be Theatre, which is her passion and her big interest for the future. She wants to go to grad school so that she can instruct theatre at the college level. Anyway, it was a very good and positive meeting and she is moving on plans. (All of which are costing us money for transcripts and applications for admission and so on...) Anyway, I am happy with the outcome and knowing that she has a plan for next year. She won't have to travel except for one class, all the rest can be taken here. Things seem pretty positive. The only down side to this excursion was when we got there, we realized that one of my walkers was in the other car and the other one was still on the porch. Nice--however, I had my brace and my daughter lent me her arm. We used the handicapped ramp and entrance and I did pretty good.

We went to Subway for our lunch and then we went to the fitness center. I went to the pool and worked out during the adult lap swim. It is so nice to go to the pool in the afternoon when the kids are all at school. Unfortunately, I don't think I can get time off of work during the day to go to the pool, lol. Our daughter works there, so she did some swimming and some machines before her work in the office today. My son came and picked me up, and he brought my walker. We went on to the doctor's office. She gave me 4 injections in my right hip and commented that it might need more than that. The plus side is that it didn't bleed at all.

We stopped and picked up my prescriptions from my pain doc's office and then we went to KMart because I realized that I had somehow lost my shampoo and conditioner. I used it at the pool on Sunday and I think I forgot it in the shower and somebody helped herself. We looked at some of the summer things and I bought a couple of new pairs of swim goggles for the kids when they join me at the pool.

This is when the trouble happened. I hadn't put on my seatbelt because after injections, I don't like to be touched. The police in town were running a big "Click it or ticket" operation. We were pulled over and it turned out that our license tag was due on the first of the month and we had forgotten it. The police officer was kind and chewed us out over this. He didn't ticket my son who was driving, but he gave me one--my first ticket in a very long time--for not wearing my seat belt. I had trouble finding our insurance cards, so I had called my husband and that turned into a stressed out, ugly conversation--and I hung up on him. I had them meet us to get out oldest son who we were supposed to take to work so we could park the car until it had its sticker.

My husband took care of our wayward car and got everything in its place. We kind of made nice and he fixed dinner. Our kids did their thing and the tone of things improved... However, it doesn't go unnoticed that I was wring in almost every part of the day that didn't work.

I forgot to make sure my walker was with us. I forgot to put my shampoo and conditioner in my swim bag. I am the one who chose to go with out my seat belt which is why we got pulled over. I am equally responsible for not having t he license renewal done on time. And, I am the one who snapped at my husband which started an argument. I was wrong. I have admitted it and apologized for all of my misbehaviors. I cannot pay my traffic ticket for two days--$60.00 is a lot to learn that I was wrong. The police officer told me that I could take it up with the judge on the basis of my medical needs, but that seems too "iffy" and time-consuming to be worth it. Seat belts are important, they save lives. I know better.

Hopefully, the mistakes that I make tomorrow won't be as dramatic. I can hope anyway!!

Gentle hugs,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It was just one of those days. But we all will learn something from this post. How just one thing leads to another and how we have to pay up for our mistakes. Maybe someone reading this will think about it the next time they get in a car. You may have just saved someone's life by posting this.

    You DH is a peach, bless him for saving the day and fixing dinner. Sometimes they surprise us and do the nicest things!

    Have a better day and Buckle Up!
    2545 days ago
  • GRAMS26
    Sorry for the ticket. I know $60 is not just a small amount to throw away. Not in these times. But the fact that you owned up to your mistakes and are still talking with the other people involved with no problems, shows me a good person. Keep up the swimming and hope things go better for your hip. I've got foot problems in both feet. Some days are better than others. emoticon
    2546 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2011 12:47:57 PM
  • _LINDA
    One wrong choice and what a snowball from that. So sorry you had this bad day :(( I hope things go much better for you today.
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2546 days ago
    Casting All Your Cares on Him, For HE Cares for you....

    Yep yep We make Choices that aren't always right... but thankfully we can admit it and go on.... And You did that!! :) TAKE a deep breath, and do what you are doing... Go on! Keep up the Good work of exercise!
    2546 days ago
    Glad you admit the error of your ways....me, for example, I NEVER make bad choices and NEVER do wrong. (ROFL...yeah, right!)

    Worst in situations like that is the embarrassment...having no legitimate excuses. I think it's called eating crow or something.

    But you accomplished all you needed to accomplish for the day and the drawback was, as you put it, a lesson well learned.

    We had a lake home once and a friend and her entire family visited. She always refused to put on a life vest when she used the jet ski. Well, once she hardly got started and was stopped by Water Patrol. While her kids, grandkids and friends stood on the dock laughing, she got a stern talk AND a ticket. She came back, got off the jet ski, looked at them all with the "evil eye" and said, "First person that says a word is getting a knuckle sandwich." We roared...because she doesn't even talk like that.

    Thanks for the story...just reminds us that life happens!!!
    2546 days ago
    I guess you at least got it all over with in one day! Yikes!

    Today has to be brighter. emoticon
    2546 days ago
    Proud of you for seeing your part in the not so good areas of your day and then turning it around! Learning from our mistakes so that we don't continue them is an important part of our journey!

    Hope today brings many more smiles!


    2546 days ago
    Sorry that you had a rough day but proud of you for admitting your part in it. Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon
    2546 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    We all have days like that, honey. The fact that you got out of bed this morning instead of hiding with the covers over your head shows that you're made of some pretty strong stuff.
    2546 days ago
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