Thyroid outta wack again...and I didn't even notice.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So I haven't been on here in a loooong time because for some odd reason I get no more notifications of any kind from sparkpeople. Bummer. I could go and try to subscribe to the zillions of teams again etc but...just not in the mood right now. Anyways on to the subject of my blog.

So I've been having tons of problems lately - I went off Singulair because I learned of some side effects (anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc) that blew my mind. My anxiety is GONE. I can't believe it. Unfortunately, my asthma is really bad plus I got real sick when I went off of it and have had continuous humming in my left ear for over 3 weeks now. My doc thinks its allergies. So anyways - I'm now going to an allergist on the 11th and will probably get allergy shots. My doc says thats the way to go anyways (versus taking Singulair) and I do not mind getting that done several times a week because that means I miss work! LOL! Anyways, while I was at the doc - she asked if I wanted to get my thyroid retested while I was there - I had just gotten it tested in January and my TSH was perfect at .75. I felt fine and I told her that but I said she can test it anyways. It was OFF THE CHARTS! well not really but for me it was! 5.59! It has never been that stinkin' high. Its weird - I feel like I feel fine (in regards to having hypo symptoms). I don't feel like I have any wack hypo symptoms besides horrid memory lately and I've had a lack of motivation for months so that shouldn't be related. Anyways, so she's upping my meds so...maybe I'll feel better? Maybe I won't? LOL

Another thing - I entered a contest for genetic testing and I actually WON! Worth $1770! Its a full genome analysis panel done by Existence Genetics. I cannot wait to see what they say! They're testing me for everything. Heck, maybe they can tell me whats wrong with me LOL
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    she tested only TSH? without FT3 and FT4? and you don't have to have symptoms , a few years ago my TSH was skyrocketing and FT4 low and I wasn't feeling anything.and when I had symptoms the hormone levels were normal. allergy to what? if it's pollen allergy usually you can't get tested or get shuts before autumn-but maybe there, things are different.humming in your year could be related to a circulatory disorder( and it's not a disease, just a common condition).
    2580 days ago
    I wouldn't discount the lack of motivation and horrid memory so quickly...if you're used to running at .75, that jump to 5.59 would probably give your body some troubles. Glad she tested it now, as opposed to another six months and you feel even more out of whack.

    I was just talking to a coworker (who is a thysister) that my grip strength was gone and my muscles were feeling like lead. Not sure what the deal is - might have to hit up the endo now instead of July.

    Thyroid stuff is a pain in the patootie! :p
    2580 days ago
    LOL, perhaps we could all benefit from genetic testing to let us know what's really what's really wrong with us. But seriously, congrats on winning that, and I hope it teaches you something that you can use.

    2581 days ago
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