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holy smokes batman...something isn't working out right!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So I don't get it...I feel like I'm sliding backwards down a slippery slope.

I took off 85lbs without any issues...I mean sure there were plateaus and such but for the most part it was a steady 2lb a week weight loss as long as I stayed on track....but I put 20lb back on and I would make a 2 or 3 pound dent and then my weight would go back up...the thing is that I'm swinging 6-10 pounds some weeks. I was 200.8 the monday before Easter weekend. I ate fine mon-wed, had a few too many calories on thursday but friday and saturday we cooked healhty on our vacation and hiking 20 miles for the weekend. I splurged on ONE dinner and ONE lunch that weekend. The next monday I was at 209...ok that corresponded with you figure I should have dropped most of that...nope after double bootcamp workouts all week and eating close to my range...slightly over but not over 1800 cals...I manager to drop to 207...meaning all that weight is real....who gains 10lbs in one week and doesn't lose most of it the next? It's not like I ate crap....I was eating healthy portions, whole grains, low fat, etc....I'm obviously very very frustrated. Work has been pretty overwhelmingly maybe that's the problem? I can't seem to find the magic combo of what is working...

now to stop whining and figure out a plan....I'm eating between 1400-1600 cals per day (aiming for the low end) for 3 weeks...this takes me right up to a friends wedding. I'm continuing double bootcamp sessions for at least 3 days a week. I'm adding back in my running which I had cut back on in hopes of trying to switch things up...but my mental sanity needs my runs...I'm going to flush my system of carbs for those 3 weeks...yes i will add healthy ones in but I have to do something to get my body jump started. I'm going to eat as close to raw/natural as I can to cut out processed foods to see if that helps as well. I'm basically spending the next 3 weeks flushing my body....this means that I turned down Thai food with the girls at lunch today so I could eat my chicken and veggies I brought, this means I need to bring lunch thursday for our catered meeting next week so I can avoid the non-healthy foods they always bring in. This means hanging low on the weekends for a bit to not eat's going to be super duper tough...but I have to change it up...

I also need to focus on the positive-I'm feeling not so attractive lately so I've noticed my mood swings are bigger. I've also been having more headaches and just general grumpiness so I am going to conquer that and just be positive...yes last week was a crappy week but it couldn't have been so much worse...yes my job is stressful but not as stressful or scary as when I didn't have a job at all....

I AM feeling the positive benefits of coach rocks and I am feel I need to keep with it. I'm only set for 6 weeks but I'm going to find a way to keep going...I LOVE 4 mornings a week 5:30am workouts...I feel like my arms are stronger and leaner...and David says he sees a difference in me....all I see is the fat so I'm hoping he's right but until I take the extra weight off....I don't think I'll be happy.

this weekend was the Warrior Dash...3.5 mile run along with 10 was sooooo much fun! It's weird bc in some pics I think I looks super fit and in some I think I look super fat...
here I think I look fine...

the things a girl does for a viking helmet and some bling!

here I think I look heavy....oh well...that's the point of creating my plan!

yep that's me slugging through the mud!

BUT I had a blast and the kicker is 4 years ago I wouldn't have attempted this much less thought the race was EASY! I just need to stay focused and have strong willpower (anyone got some to spare? lol!) and make the right decisions ALL the time and be consistent for 3 weeks...then we'll see the results and go from there!
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    Maybe you're stressing about it too much. I dropped 15 and hit a plateau. I stressed about it for a month or so and finally said, "Enough. I'm going to eat healthy but not cut calories and take a break from working out." Almost immediately, I dropped another 15. You might need to just take a break (at least mentally). Good luck!!!
    2562 days ago
  • MARLIE13
    Something that I’ve read somewhere and then have heard verified by something else…was that it takes about two weeks for your metabolism to catch up and or get the signal that something is changing. Have you heard that before? What you said about gaining 10 pounds and then not losing it the next week…that’s what got me thinking along those lines. Anyway, here is your formal butt kicking. Get to work girl! Show me for two weeks that you don’t have hidden calories going in and that you’re eating enough to sustain your workouts and then we go from there. Boo to the yah!
    2604 days ago
    Hey, there, Warrior Woman! Any chance that you're not eating enough? The workout routine you're rocking right now sounds like the body challange Tracy and I did 7 years ago, and I remember eating constantly. I would bet your body is building strong, sexy muscles and you'll break this rut right quick. Hang in there! Love from Colorado! emoticon
    2604 days ago
    Have you been sleeping well? If I'm not getting enough sleep I can't lose weight no matter how hard I try. I still think you look great though, and you seem to have a good plan!

    Best wishes!
    ~ Kayli
    2604 days ago
    Dude, I've been having the same kind of thing - put on 20, made a few lbs progress toward getting the extra fluff off here and there and backslid each time. I think I really need to prioritize what is important to me and stop futzing around. haha. *HUGS* WOOHOO on the warrior dash! I wanna do that someday! :)
    2605 days ago
    wow- I do like those arms. I tell you- I had never "looked" at your weight. You are so active and your pic in the red shirt is very flattering. Don't punish yourself- use the tools- all the knowledge and education you have about sensible eating and exercise and keep it up.
    I am also transforming my bod- a bit at a time- I take the time to visualize how hard others are working on themselves and it gives me that extra PUSH to keep going.
    You are beautiful! Thank you for posting.
    2605 days ago
  • JORDAN1019
    I think that new plan will shock your body back into burn mode. Your still in great shape and that is a strong base to build on. emoticon
    2605 days ago
    But look how strong you are!! I am here with you, I lost 95 pounds and put some back on and I keep playing with the same pounds, lose 'em, gain 'em. But look what we can do now that we couldn't before? We will get the rest of the weight off, in due time. emoticon
    2605 days ago
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