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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Not only do I have to "fight" my husband on food issues, I now am doing "battle" with my sister. She moved in with us almost 2 weeks ago. Candy galore along with other junk food. She strongly believes that, as long as you make some good choices, the rest is okay. Examples are to put a little ranch dressing on your eggs, shredded cheese on everything, hamburger mixed in with ground turkey, salads that are loaded with ham lunch meat and ranch (it's a salad so it's good for you right?)...among many other things. She asked me if I was all "black and white"...and went on to say you can't worry about the sodium content, etc because it's in everything.

Now a couple of sad points here. She had bariatric surgery 12 years ago. Went from almost 300 lbs to approximately 180 before she started gaining in back. She doesn't understand why she gains the weight since she can only eat small meals. However, it looks like she is eating all the time. And exercise? Forget it! However, the thing that really gets me is that we're the same size now. I've gained a lot of weight in the past couple of years because I was told to not exercise until my blood pressure was stabilized. I allowed myself guilty eating but most meals were good choices. I've been slowly putting exercis

e back into my life again for the past month (but not losing yet...or posting my minutes). My fight right now is why should I get back to what I consider my normal self with exercise and watching my food intake if I'm going to weigh the same as someone who doesn't do it? I brought this to my doorstep. Is it one I'm going to lose? Oh yes, she's a heavy smoker and I've taken the habit back up. Husband isn't too happy about that! I need more arsenal than I currently have and definitely more will power!
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    Do not let them pull you off your path....... Stand up for yourself...I use to look for your words of wisdom and sdvice daily about a year or so ago, and we need to get you back there.

    What can I do to help?? I live in LMFarms and walk daily... I even come up to Cinco and walk at times for something different. Please let me know!
    3677 days ago
    Aww, Kim I am sorry you are surrounded by this, I know how hard it is when someone around you eats all that junk and tries to persuade you that it's okay!
    Tell your sister you love her, BUT, you are not wanting the lifestyle she has, you want to be healthy, and keep your BP in check and eating the cookies, and chips and lunch meat salads will not help you to do that..Will she get upset..probaly, she has you to join her now, and if you stop, she will get mad, but don't worry about it..
    You have to live your life the way you want, and if that means eating right and exercising, then just do it, with or without her blessing.
    Ask her to join you, tell her you will support her if she supports you, but either way you are going to do it!

    You can do this Kim, and as far as not losing weight, you have been around long enough to know we cannot use the scale as our only means of measurement for this journey..join the Spring Into Shape Bootcamp, (it just started this week) and just focus on 30 minutes of walking every day and doing the videos the best you can..and the rest will fall into place..
    Cut out 200 calories in your diet just to start with and I promise with those 2 things you will start to see some changes, may not be on the scale, but you will see and feel much better..

    I sure do miss all you guys..
    I am still here if you need anything!
    3738 days ago
    Put yourself at the top of your list. Take better care of yourself than anyone else. I have to remember to do this too!
    3738 days ago
  • KIMBIE100
    Thanks all! I like the "calorie off" idea and 80/20. My problem is she'll open a bag of candy or a snack portion of cookies and give me my half. I should rephrase that. My problem is me when she does that.

    For the blood pressure, it was so high that I would occassionally take "emergency pills" instead of going to the ER. I also have eye problems and that Dr was the main one to say to absolutely not do anything because of those issues. The cardiologist said slow walking until it was stabilized...which I did but it didn't keep the weight off.

    I've got to put my blinders on and keep focused on myself. Thanks again ladies! I needed the support!

    Jayne -- You'll meet her soon so sssshhhh! I was going to post this on Fabulous Fitness on Facebook but decided I didn't want my whole family knowing this! I guess I'm ashamed of some things. Silly.
    3738 days ago
    I agree with the person who said 80/20 - that's a great way to live most days. And I also agree with the person who said let hubby and sis cook for themselves. I do not eat meat, so I make what I'm going to eat and the BF adds his own meat to it if he feels like it. I also like to cook with minimal oil / fat, but he doesn't feel satisfied that way, so he will add olive oil to his serving of whatever I've made.

    Good luck! And give up smoking! :D
    3738 days ago
    emoticon , Kim! If all else fails, tell hubbie and sister that they're on their own for meals. Make the meals that YOU need to feel good. If they don't like what you're eating, they can fix their own. That's always worked for me!
    3738 days ago
    Sodium is a killer - it will push your BP up and keep your weight up too.

    Sounds like "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" has become your mantra.

    You can change you - just learn to ignore them. Learn to shrug your shoulders and go back to doing your own thing.

    I let my DH eat whatever he wants - on his own he started choosing MY veggies! Now I have to cook twice the veggies or I don't get my full portions, lol.

    One day at a time.

    BTW, I never heard of a doctor saying no exercise until your BP is normal - none of us would ever be exercising if we waited for that. Are you certain he/she meant all exercise? I don't do much ST but I do my walking/cardio daily. You might want to ask your doctor again about walking and maybe even doing some chair exercises.

    One day at a time can see you to your goals.

    3738 days ago
    You need to refocus yourself on your goals. It's about you and only you. If she wants to make bad choices, that's her problem. You know what's right and that's all that matters. You have all of us for support. I always have bad food choices around because I have 3 teenage boys and they are all thin. It takes alot of willpower and I fall alot, but it's my fault. I know what I need to do. Just remind yourself as to where you want to be and get back at it. emoticon
    3738 days ago
    The difference is:
    You are getting healthier, and she is getting Un-healthier... You aren't giving up, she has ALREADY given up!

    Could she stand to take a challenge to track her food for a week and see just how her eating habits stack up?

    Challenge her to a "Calorie Off"!!
    3738 days ago
    the rule is 80/20...

    make 80 percent of what u put in your mouth good choices..
    it isnt the other way around..

    I had to cut mayo and salad dressing out all together now because it seemed it was counter active...

    bariactric surgury can work for u even after 12 years my mom had hers about 14 years ago and is still nice and thin but she watches what she eats all the time.

    its for life not when u feel like.
    3738 days ago
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