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Zumba got me past a lifelong hangup tonight

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Zumba instructor calls ppl up to lead class on a fairly regular basis. I specifically asked her a few weeks ago NOT to call me up because I'm very self-conscious about dancing in public.

Tonight in class, the instructor asked if we had any requests for routines. Since I have a couple routines I really like and nobody else called anything out, I did. She rewarded me by calling me up to lead. I was less-than-thrilled but decided to go up anyway. I knew there were no body rolls or anything and I could actually do all the moves.

I got thrown because it ended up being a different song than the one I requested--I think she misheard me. It was a bit uncomfortable at first because I was RIGHT at the front of the platform facing a room full of mirrors and ppl watching me. I tend to be pretty good at following along when I'm watching someone else but not that great at remembering the routines otherwise...and she wasn't up there initially. When I was lost as ****, she came alongside me, and I watched her in the mirror and knew what to do. I started getting into it and was okay when she left and only called out the moves. After a little bit, she called up another Zumba instructor to join me and I felt totally comfortable then. I just paid attention to the 2nd teacher to make sure I didn't screw up. I tuned out the rest of class for the most part, though. I didn't get hung up AT ALL on the thought of ppl watching me.

I literally CRIED after my first Zumba class because of how uncomfortable and self-conscious I felt. I NEVER would've believed that 6 months later I'd be leading a routine. Let alone not having it be my worst fear realized.
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