I'm "trying"

Monday, May 02, 2011

My motivational SparkFriend CORKYTHEMOM always writes very inspiring and thought-provoking things. Recently she wrote "the only difference between try & triumph is a little umph!" I thought that was really great and it got me thinking about the word try.

To me there is doing or not doing. I feel that "trying" is another word for "not doing." Hope no one is offended by this; it's just how I feel. People say that they will "try" to do this program, they will "try" to exercise, they will "try" to eat right. I say, just DO it! This is not about being perfect, just sticking with it most of the time. It doesn't mean that we won't go backwards at times, eat too much, eat the wrong things, blow off the exercise. But we can DO this. We can make this a permanent new healthy lifestyle.

So, I am not "trying" to live more healthfully; I'm doing it. I'm choosing to eat fruits & vegetables instead of junk food, choosing to go to the gym instead of lazing on the couch, choosing to stay within my calorie range. I've made so much progress in my 4 months with SP and am much happier. I am determined to reach my goals and maintain my new lifestyle. I will be here for my friends as they are here for me, working towards reaching our goals & then maintaining them. Let's all DO this, together!
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