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Starting Over (Birth story & pics included)

Monday, May 02, 2011

This blog tells the birth story from when I had our son Jaden, note though some of it may be a tad mixed up as it's hard to keep everything straight in my memory, lol. But also sharing that I'm starting over in my journey and need help, etc.

So, I had our 2nd son on Feb 28th a few days before my due date, which was a ok! I was sooo ready to go have him, lol. With our 1st son I had a c-section after trying for natural, due to complications (he wasn't in the birthing canal). With this pg, I planned on trying for a natural labor again. This pg was totally different in lots of ways. When it was time, I knew it (I didn't even feel that with the 1st)! The whole pg went well, till about a 1 wk and a 1/2 before I went into labor I started having my ankles swell up, which I didn't have the whole time in the pg. I was having lots of braxton hix contractions. Then on the Sat. before labor, I lost my plug, started having more contractions that night. Sun. I was having contractions all day long, but they weren't close enough together. But by the evening they were and we went to labor & delivery, but by the time we got there they were further apart and my cervix wasn't dilated enough, so they sent me home. I went to bed early as I was exhausted from all of the contractions, but didn't get to sleep much as they kept on.... by around 2 am or so, they started to get closer together and a LOT stronger. Hubby & I got up and got ready, which was SO HARD to do with contractions. 1/2 way to the hospital, they were 2 mins apart and even stronger. We got to the hospital and usually they want you to sign in, I was getting ready to do that and they didn't even let me I was in too much pain as it was, they took me right in to get hooked up to the monitor to see how my contractions were. As they were hooking me up, I kept having them. Doc came in checked my cervix and I had gone from being a 2 earlier in the evening, to being 4, they said get to a room and get started, you're having this baby tonight! The lady that was going to take me to a room, came in and she asked if I could walk or if I needed a wheel chair, I said I need to go to the bathroom, but before I could move, my water broke and the contractions got even stronger. They got me to my room, hooked me up to iv's and epi. My nurses that were going to coach me through, came in & started telling me what was going to happen and how to do different things, they were so great & so friendly, I'm so glad I had them as my nurses. But they weren't there long before I started feeling the urge to start pushing. They checked my cervix again to see if I was truly ready, but I was only a 6, so I had to keep breathing through the contractions and I waited for a little longer & then I felt the urge again even stronger and they checked my cervix again and that time I was to a 10 & they said, ok, it's time! So I was able to start pushing. I kept pushing each time they told me I could or when I felt the urge to, I kept on and they were able to see his head, but then I started hurting so bad, it's hard to explain the pain, I felt like if I kept pushing, my head would explode, my head kept hurting with each push, it was soo bad. I kept trying, but I got to the point I said, "I can't do it, I can't do this" the nurses kept saying, "yes you can sweetie, don't give up on yourself." I kept trying and really wanted to have him naturally. But I was in so much pain, I knew I couldn't do it, I felt I'd die if I kept on. So next time I said I couldn't do it and they said yes you can, I said, "no I can't, I'm in too much pain, just get this done and over with!" They asked, "do you want another c-section?" I said, "YES! HURRY!" It seemed to take them FOREVER to get me into the OR. They had to wait on the anesthesiologist to get done with someone else before he could get preped for doing my epi again as the first one had fallen out which is why I could feel so much pain. Finally he was done and then I had to sign my name on a bunch of things... which was so hard to do. I couldn't see straight as I was in so much pain and was crying and my hands were so shaky. They got me into the OR and put the other epi in, this time it was a spinal epi. As soon as they got that in, I went numb almost instantly. They started getting me ready for surgery and got in there, got baby Jaden out a few minutes later. Took them a few to get him out though as he was already on his way out, so his head was a bit stuck. But they got him out and started working closing me back up, while they were doing that I watched the other docs taking care of him, boy he was screaming away, lol. He was born Feb. 28th @ 4:36, he weighed 7 lbs. 2.8 oz. & 20 1/2 inches. They said he was having a bit of trouble with his breathing at first, it was elevated, but they got him back to a normal breathing level and it has stayed good since. The next day after I had him, I found out that while they were in surgery, they said it was a good thing I decided to go with a repeat c-section, they found that I had blood clots in my old incision! So if I had of kept going with natural birth, then there may have been complications, who knows what might have happened, I don't even want to think of that, really. But not only that, but his head was too big too!
After having my 2nd son I weighed 145. By the time I went to my checkup I was 140, then I had another checkup after that, I had a few checkups a couple wks apart due to my incision not healing right in 1 area. By my last checkup I was 138, I was excited because I was already past my pre pg weight of before getting pg with my 1st son and very close to my pre pg weight from before getting pg with my 2nd son. I was continuing to go down too. I think it helped that we were so busy & plus I have been breastfeeding. But then I started gaining it back, not eating healthy and I got up to 145.5 and I just knew if I kept it up, that I'd be back to where I started 3 yrs ago. I didn't want that. So I started coming back on here, wrote a blog about how I've been struggling. I've been tracking my exercise, but not my food yet, although I've been keeping a food journal since I wrote my last blog. When I wrote my other blog I weighed 145.5, yesterday I weighed myself and I weighed 143. Which is a good start again. But I have got to keep my mind & hands busy & find things that keep me interested & keep eating right when I do eat. Stop eating so much junk (sweets mostly). My friend, who also recently had a baby, once she's done healing up, we're going to keep each other motivated and try and meet each other 1/2 way and go for walks with our lil ones. My hubby got me an X-Box 360 while I was still healing, he got it mainly for me, so that I can have something to help me out with working out, but I've yet to find the motivation to even get on it and do anything. I still need to learn how to even work it too. But hopefully I learn it very soon and get started on working out daily. Hopefully if I can keep up with eating healthy and add more of a workout regimen then that will help big time. My ultimate goal is to get down to about 120-110. That'd be a healthy weight for me. So right now I weigh 143 and my BMI is 27.9 which is still overweight. If I can get to 120-110, my BMI would be 23.4-21.5, which would be in the normal weight range, if I can get there and stay in that range, I'd be very happy. I want to get rid of this sagging gutt of mine which I had way before both pregnancies, but not as much. I want to feel and know that I look good, I want to feel good about myself all the time. I don't want to look in the mirror and say to myself "UGH, when will I look & feel good about myself?" or "YUCK"


Daddy cutting umbilical cord (his head looks long like that due to him already coming out before we headed to c-section)

Jaden at 1 month old

Jaden at 2 months old - weighing 11.79 lbs & measuring 23.03 inches

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    He's a sweetie!!!

    Just go back to that first stage and pick a couple smaller goals and get that track record built up with them and you will be back in the healthy groove before you know it.
    2866 days ago
  • KAYWEB555
    What a cute, just wonderful! There is a wonderful Spring into Shape Bootcamp Challenge that just started May 1st. Looks as if it would be a great place for you to start!

    was very surprised that they even let you try to have a nautral birth. Most hospitals now have a policy once a C-section always a C-section ! Glad you pushed your way to the section !''

    Good luck with your walking and working out! This challenge has 30 mins of cardio that you pick and then the ST videos!
    Wishing you all the successes that your heart is dreaming of !
    Kay & the Pups emoticon
    2883 days ago
  • NH_MOM
    Your son, at 2 months, weighed a few ounces over my 1st baby. He was 11 lbs 4 oz and I ended up having a c-section b/c I couldn't get past 4 cm dilated. My 2nd weighed 9 lbs 12 oz at 10 days early and yes another section. Eating smaller portions and doing the bootcamp workouts (I like the NEW You one best) has helped to lose the weight and be toned. I still have a bit of a flabby belly but it has to be from being stretched out by my big boys. Jaden is a cutie ~ a very happy baby! He looks a little like my sister-in-law's baby cousin.
    2884 days ago
    Cute little guy! You CAN do this Kris!!! One step at a time.
    2884 days ago
    What a handsome fellow!!!!
    2884 days ago
    aww.. precious! Thanks for sharing!
    2884 days ago
    Oh my gosh, he's so cute!

    2884 days ago
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