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Monday, May 02, 2011

I have been struggling for energy to get though my workouts the last couple of weeks. I have been eating rite (actually better than i ever have) and getting enough protein every day. But my lack of energy and being sore after my workouts has been real intense. I've been so sore that i have been struggling to get though my next work out and i wasn't even training those groups of muscles.

From what i have found out, i thought i was getting enough calories and nutrition but i wasn't. I found out that the minims i should be eating is my BMR every day (after all less is better, is what i though). I am burning between 1900 and 2400 calories during my work outs alone. I have a very demanding job on top of that. I am a Maintenance Tech and constantly lifting and tugging for 8 to 16 hrs a day on top of my work outs. My body has been in starvation mode and storing every thing i have been eating. I wasn't getting the amino acids my body needed either. I figured my body produced enough of them on its own.
I started noticing that something was wrong when my weights were dropping on all my sets. Now i understand why. I was in a catabolic state and my body started eating my muscles instead of fat.

This has become very apparent this last week. I have upped my calories to 3200 a day minimum and started spreading my protein out in smaller doses and pre work out and post. I also introduced BCAA's into my diet. This has helped with recovery and energy. It has helped me to take what i eat and send it strait to my muscles instead of my body storing them. It has also given me a massive increase in energy level. Now i am blasting through my work outs again and have plenty energy left for work and spending time with my kids and family.

Most men are supposed to be super man. I have a lot on my shoulders and that is fine. Before i started this journey i had a real tough time having the energy to do all the things i wanted to do with my kids. I have worked so hard and so many hrs over the last 15 years that i have put me second. I have been paying the price with my family. When i got home the last thing i wanted to do is go ride a bike or go to practice and watch my kids. I wanted to go to bed and sleep or veg out in front of the TV because i had no more drive.

Now i look forward to this kind of stuff with my kids. Since i have started on this journey i am putting me and my family first for a change. This has helped more than just me. My kids are having a blast working out with me and my wife. we are getting more active and taking the kids on riding trips and having the time of our lives.

If this helps one person on there journey then it is worth it. i know how hard it is in today's world to support your family and get through the day.
Good luck and start living for today, because tomorrow never comes.
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    Nice blog.. even though you stole my saying "tomorrow never comes"...j/k.
    3548 days ago
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