May 2011- 3 months until the new me

Monday, May 02, 2011

May day 2010 was my very first 5k race. I had started running exactally a week before that day... during the race I ran for 2 minutes, then walked for 5, and repeated for 46 minutes until I finished.... it wasn't long before running became an addiction and I was running 4 times a week. I completed a Sprint Tri in September 2010 (my first)... I learned to swim for that race, and also got back on a bike after many years off one! It was a very hard course (route changed 2 weeks prior to the race, I picked this Tri because the course was great for a first timer... and then they changed it 2 weeks before with no refund available)... even ironman competitors talked before and afterwards on how difficult the course was and how even though I came in 2nd to last I should be happy I even finished... over 115 people gave up.

Next I ran my first half marathon in October 2010... 3 weeks prior to the race during my 8mile training run I hurt my foot and had to call for a ride. Xrays didn't show any broken bones, so I ran through the pain, finishing my first half marathon in 3:02 and enjoyed *almost* every second of it... I struggled with that foot pain having xrays done again in December, with no visable breaks... in Feburary I went to a foot specialist, I wasn't able to walk and the pain was unbareable... we did cortisone shots and eventually at the end of March I had an MRI... which reveled that the one of my sesamoid bones had compeletely died, meaning 3 weeks before my half marathon I actually fractured a bone in my foot.... the pounding my foot took in the months after that prevented healthy blood flow to the bone and it died. Prior to knowing this I had full intentions on participating (I dont say compete because I'm not that good, haha) in the Disney Marathon which is Jan 8th, 2012.

I have surgery 5/11 to remove this bone, and doc says if all goes well I should be running again at the end of June and it's likely I'll be able to begin my training and still be able to participate in the Disney marathon.

Now, I started running to lose weight, I actually gained weight. My trainer at the time had me eating too few calories, something I found out in Jan 2011 when I had my metabolism tested. Today I weigh 161.6lbs, far from the 145lb goal I had when I started running a year ago, instead of losing only 5lbs I actually gained 10lbs in the last year. So now I have 15lbs to lose, and I'm DETERMINED to do it this year!!

So this is the plan. Lose 5lbs each month for the next 3 months. I think that is realistic considering I am having surgery this month and wont me active for the next 1.5 months. I plan to follow the real Mayo Clinic Diet (not the grapefruit one everyone thinks is the mayo clinic diet). The real Mayo clicn Diet was designed by the doctors at Mayo and it looks like an easy diet to follow:

Eat Breakfast everyday
Atleast 4 servings of Vegetables a day (max is unlimited)
Atleast 3 servings of ruit a day (max is unlimited)
For the first 2 weeks you eat NO sugar after that limited to 75 calories a day or 500 a week
3 Servings of Meat/Dairy
6 servcings of carbs
3 servings healthy fats
no snacks but fruits and veggies
Follow these rules even if you must go to a resturant

I checked the book out from my local library and it has informative lists of what types of foods count for each part, and even gives some suggested meal plans. I think following this plan should be simple. There is no calore counting and the book gives you ideas on what a serving size should look like... and since veggies and fruit are unlimited I can easily fill up on those if I find myself hungry.

I stocked the house with diet friend foods, apples, clementines, bananas, salads, diced ham and turkey, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, applesauce, bagles, whole wheat pasta amoung a few other things I am sure to be forgetting. I have a bag of natural dried cranberries for when my sweet cravings hit if regular fruit doesn't help, and I'm taking a vitamin and drinking nothing but 100% fruit juice, water, or home brewed tea with stevia.

Let the games begin... hopefully come June I'll be 156lbs or less.
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