Dressing Room Fashions. Updated: 5/11/11. NEW PICS!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

This was the verbage on my main page for the month of April. I want to remind myself of all the money I've blown (in a good way) on all my spring and summer fashions. So, this page is mostly for me, it will look boring-ly familiar to all who may have already peeped this page. But if ya like, enjoy the journey with me again. As I start wearing some of my wardrobe, I will post new pictures on this blog.

Warm weather? Bring it.

Ahhh. You feel that? The warm weather is coming. Spring is OFFICIALLY here! Now, it's just a hiccup away from summer! I love the summertime. I'm gonna love it even more because THIS SUMMER I plan on wearing less. A LOT less.

I have some romantic, flirty dresses in my future. Some curve huggin' capris and sky-high stilletos that are begging to come out and play. Showing a little more leg. Who am I kidding? A lot more leg. I plan on smiling, glowing and lovin' life!

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