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My personal challenge for May

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Three years ago I did the obvious weight loss things like cut back on fast food, give up soda, drink more water, eat less, exercise more. I walked off 100 pounds in about 18 months . I was so happy to reach my original goal that I spent one year maintaining that healthy new weight. You have to understand that I did that by fighting my unhealthy cravings and sometimes ignoring hunger pains. I did that by working really really hard. Eventually, I did what many successful weight loss people do, I stopped worrying so much tracking everything. No, I didn't gain back very much weight, only 10 pounds, but it was enough to make me concerned, especially since I have never reached down to my ultimate weight loss goal!

Several months ago, I renewed my Spark Passion to track everything and join challenges and all that jazz. The problem that I have had the last few months: I can't lose any significant amount of weight! I admit that I lost my original zeal to reach the goal. Really I only need to lose a few pounds! What is the big deal? The solution: Find some exercises you love, which I did, and now I have that plan in place.

Just recently, I was doing some thinking about my family and how we eat.
I still feed the family the same old recipes from several years ago, only I tried to make them healthier using substitutions. I helps a little. I still have to eat less than everyone in my family to lose weight, which left me craving more. I still feel deprived sometimes!

My recent discovery: The whole food program. This is a lifestyle choice that you make for yourself and with your family.

It means:
Choosing foods that are less processed.
Eating fresh instead of boxed whenever possible.
Wheat instead of white.
More meals using beans.
Less red meat.
Including fresh fruits and veggies with as many meals as possible!
And most importantly, adapting this to your families' lifestyle.
Start small, and work your way forward!

Now this is a challenge for us, because this means no more frozen chicken patties and No more easy comfort foods (which never satisfied me very long anyway!)

Today was a good example of the difference from comfort food and these new recipes. At lunch, we were celebrating with relatives. We were offered hot dogs, sloppy jo, baked chips, mac n cheese, grapes, store bought cake, homemade cake, lemonade and water. My normal healthy choices included ignoring the hot dog, eating less mac n cheese than I would like, eating lots of grapes, and either ignoring the cake altogether or eating the homemade version. After eating my lunch, I was still hungry. And this is how I still cook some meals in my own house!

On the other hand, a few days ago, I went healthy whole food shopping. This meant trying all new recipes and new foods like avacados. Last night for supper we had hummus topped baked pita with tomatoes and olives and basil and mixed green & white beans and carrots and an awesome italian salad. YUM!

I was NOT hungry per usual last night! I had one serving and NO DESSERT and I know it was less than 500 calories for the whole meal! Probaly less that 400 calories.

At supper today we ate black bean and corn and avocado and cheddar cheese on corn tostadas. Once again, less than 500 calories. And I am NOT hungry right now!

I like this challenge already, because I think it will help keep me satisfied so I crave less snacky stuff between meals. When I do eat a snack, it is fiber based or fruit based.

With this family food plan , I will no longer fight those cravings! Hopefully the family will become healthier as well.

And with the bootcamp that SP is currently running and all my fav exercises, I will be able to pull on my bathing suit without fear this summer!
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