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Slowly Learning I Need To Say "NO!" To Fast Food...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I pretty much lived on fast food growing up. My mom worked in food service for a living so, of course, she didn't want to come home and cook a meal when she got off. We only had home cooked meals about twice a week (breakfast on Sunday mornings and one supper a week.) All other meals, for the most part, were fast food. And I loved that! There is just something about a greasy burger and salty fries that I can't seem to get past.
Well, I've been married and out of the house for two years now, and unfortunately, I'm still relying on fast food meals. Our first year of marriage, I was going to college during the day,and both my husband and I were working at night; I honestly didn't have time to cook meals. (Once in a blue moon, when we both had the night off, I would cook meals.) Two months into the second year of our marriage, I gave birth to our daughter, Alexa, moved 25 minutes from town, and became a stay at home mom. I now only eat fast food once a week (my husband, on the other hand, has it about 6 times a week because he works mostly evening shifts and isn't home for a home cooked meal.)
There are two reasons I'm only eating fast food once a week.
Number one: I live 25 minutes from the closest fast food restuarnt! I would "starve" before getting to eat!
Number two: I don't want my daughter to become a fast food junkie like me. I know from experience fast food will make you gain weight (or at least the good kind will. Salads with fat free dressing and things like that aren't considered "good" by me.) I worked in a fast food restuarant for three years and I put on so much weight while employeed there because, when I would go on break, I chose to eat food from there (I know you're probably thinking "Who wants to eat food they have to see and cook everyday?" but our food was delicious!! Besides, I didn't cook food. I stayed up front making ice cream treats. :) ) When I finally quit this place, I lost 10 pounds not even trying. I'm convinced it's because I quit eating their food everyday.
I hoping if I choose tohave a home cooked meal instead of fast food, my daugter will do the same once she moves out and marries. Her life and health will be better off because of that decision.
Now for my little story that lead me to writing this blog. My daugter was visiting her grandmother today, so my husband, Dan, and I decided we needed to have a "date" because finding alone time is a challenge now. He had only an hour until he had to be at work and he thought it would be best to eat fast food so we would be finished in time. I knew I was trying to make healthier choices and eat in moderation, but once I walked in, temptation got the best of me. I ordered a Whopper Jr., small fries, and small Coke and I very much enjoyed my meal. But when I came home and tracked my calories on SparkPeople, I felt so stupid! My meal was almost 1,000 calories!! I should have left the mayo off or opted for another side instead of fries. But I can't change what I've done. As soon as I finished tracking my food, I did some cardio to make myself feel a little better. And when I went grocery shopping later on, I chose whole grain bread instead of white for the first time ever (and much to my surprise, I like whole grain bread better...) One bad choice led me to making one good choice, so I guess I won't be beating myself up today.
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    Beating yourself up won't get you anywhere, but making a positive smart change will do great things for you. Whole grain bread over white can make a huge difference over time.

    Your husband might want to consider bringing lunches from home to bring to work, it'll be cheaper and healthier.
    2539 days ago
  • BELLE0308
    I understand your situation. My Mother cooked all my meals growing up but when I was a young adult, we ate out a LOT. To be honest with you, I managed to lose a great deal of weight back then eating a cheeseburger once a week, pizza once a week and even El Pollo Loco to which I miss daily. A lot of it was all about moderation. When we weren't eating out I made a lot of fish and chicken. Homemade tacos were a staple too.

    I think that you can work it out by just what you did, ordering modified, smaller versions of the fast food when you eat out. Make good choices when eating at home and you will be fine!!
    2604 days ago
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