Goals, Goals, Goals!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

April's Goals:

1. Work out a minimum of 19 days (If I make every one of my scheduled work outs for April, I'll be at 26 days.)
2. Buy my much deserved Adidas MiCoach (Reward for hitting 170 at the end of Jan)
3. Take progress pictures
4. Be able to do at least 10 push ups (I'm taking on the 100 Push ups challenge. Yup. Sexy delts, pecs and triceps time.)

April's Achievements:

1. Ran 4 consecutive miles for the first time ever!
2. Fastest mile: 10:10
3. Fit into a pair Levi's jeans (which I couldn't back in January!)
4. Exercised 19 days! (GOAL HIT)
5. Bought my Adidas MiCoach (GOAL HIT)
6. Took 3 progress pictures (GOAL HIT)
7. Can do 10 push ups (GOAL HIT)
8. Confident enough to bare my tattoo out in public!

May's Starting Stats:

Current Weight: 162.4 lbs

[-10lbs since February, -30 since 2009]

May's Goals:

1. Work out a minimum of 19 days (Out of my scheduled 26)
2. Complete the 100 push ups challenge
3. Get down to 154 lbs (Healthy BMI Range!)
4. Be able to do 15 push ups
5. Start P90x after Graduation
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