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The March/April blogs I never wrote

Saturday, April 30, 2011

OK, it has been Forever since I blogged! I don't know how many I have composed in my head but never typed down.

So I am NOT going to try to play catch up, that would drive you and me both crazy! Instead, I will tell you about two important things I promised I would share, way back in March.

#1: Way back in February I did this challenge to give myself 1 penny per each spark point. I promised I would share my results and never did, so here goes. I did really well and earned 3,156 spark points. I paid myself $31.56. Being a bargain shopper, I bought 3 used fitness tapes, a couple of cute skirts, and some new weights. Not bad for 31 dollars!

One of the tapes I purchased was Beginners Yoga with Rodney Yee, which launched me into my Yoga phase. I really like doing it, so I plan on never stopping! I can't twist myself into perfect poses, but I love the meditation aspect of it, and the concentration of it. Some days my poses are better than others. I want to purchase a yoga mat for myself for my upcoming May birthday.

#2: I promised pictures and information about the new dog, which I never shared! For months my family has been discussing getting a medium sized dog. I was the lone holdout. I was worried about the time and the cost. Finally, I decided I was ready! Over spring break, we prepared ourselves for a new family member. We checked out the local shelter website, not for the first time! We made a list of 4 dogs we were interested in, bought a dog leash, and headed for the shelter. We met with the listed dogs and a few others. None seemed quite right. Then we met this dog named Blue, and she was just right for us! She was interested in us, partially leash trained, and had all her shots. We filled everything out, and took her home, just like that! Looking over her paper work, my husband realized that her name wasn't Blue, it was actually Roxy. The sign on her pen had actually meant that she was a "Blue Merle" Australian Shepherd! When we said Roxy, she actually came to us!
The first week at our house was hard for her, she was nervous and scared of everything! We decided to keep her away from visitors as much as possible. Here is a picture of her the first day we met her, a little over 4 weeks ago.

Since then, it has been quite a journey having her as a family pet! The first week, we worked with her in the yard taking a walk on the leash, feeding her twice a day at set times, teaching her to sit. Those things she picked up on quickly. We are still working on jumping up on people and chewing up everything. She is only 7 months old, so I am told she is very trainable.

Some of the hardest things to deal with are her fears. The first outside the yard walk that I took her on was 5 days after we got her. We went across the street to the local walking trail at our park. When we got near a bridge, which I was just passing, NOT trying to go over, Roxy freaked out, flipped over backwards, came right out of her collar and ran away from me. Here I am, standing in the park, leash in my hand, my new dog 20 feet away from me! All I could think was, great, what will I do if I can't get her back. So I calmly sat on the ground, AWAY from the bridge, and said gently, "Come here Roxy, come here". She instantly ran right back to me! I was so happy and relieved that after petting her, I put her collar back on ( tighter this time!) and headed right home to recover.

In the past 35 days, I have used a kind of therapy with her to gain her trust by playing in the yard and taking walks with me. Every few days, I realize how much progress she has made!

This isn't to say we haven't had our rough family moments. Roxy likes to chew, and has eaten many of our yard plants... despite the fact that we play with her A LOT each day. On Easter she apparently tried to come with us when we left for Grandma's. When we came home, she had dug and squeezed under the fence and was gone. She was still in our neighborhood. Then she discovered how to open the front gate with her nose and took off while I was putting groceries away. I was cranky about that one, and marched right over to the neighbors back yard while she was eating the poor dogs food! All I said was "Roxy, you get over here right now" sternly, then marched her back home where she had to sit in her kennel for an hour. Luckily, she loves us and never "runs away", only wanders around the neighbors houses and comes right back when we call her. Now we have fixed all the fence and gate issues so she doesn't sneak out, made sure she gets plenty of chew toys that she loves, and she gets a long walk every single day.

The good stuff: She is very very smart, beautiful, loves to be played with, loves to have stuff to do, loves to be around our family, and she seems very trainable. I am learning right along with her! Here are some pictures of her from several days ago.

You know, I would have posted pictures of her sooner, but my favorite pictures of her with the family were accidentaly 3 or 5 second videos, and we could never figure out how to post those here. Technology is great when you can figure it out!

Anyhow, I now feel like I am up to date on my blogs.

Thanks for reading!!!

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    Rescued fur-babies take a bit longer because you have to figure out what freaks them out.

    But they make the best family members in time.

    There is always a reason they were "abandoned" at the shelter - always - but I have adopted and never been sorry.

    WTG for saving Roxy! Her breed is a very active and highly intelligent breed. You should have many happy years with her in your family.

    Now I need to check out your yoga video!

    2879 days ago
  • no profile photo HAKIRBY
    She's one smart doggy!
    2880 days ago
    love your story.
    always wanted a dog, but it was impossible in my family. so when i started living on my own, self-employed, i could have animals in the house for the first time in my life! about 40 yrs old by then! however, took on cats as i had more freedom to spend a day away. whatever-- cat or dog, they are creatures of god just like the rest of us, with a much higher level of intellect than we recognize. they may not be able to speak like humans, but they think, and have great character. and they have the exact same emotions as we do.
    2880 days ago
    2880 days ago
  • DEBULACLARK've been quite busy! Roxy is beautiful...what a cutie!! Congrats!!
    2880 days ago
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