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176 Reasons to Lose 176 Pounds

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It just makes sense to me that I have a reason for each and every pound I lose on my way to my dream weight. Each individual pound is important, and considering how much work it is to drop some tonnage, I thought it was worth my time and energy to come up with a list.

So here it is, in all of its not politically correctness.

P.S. Please take this idea and run with it. Come up with your own list! Whether it is ten reasons long or two hundred, I think you will find this extremely motivating. If you do make a list, and you have a moment, tell me about it so I can read your list!

176 Reasons to Lose 176 Pounds

So I appreciate sweets as treats, not as an every day food

I hate Clomid, and my research indicates that if I lose 50 pounds or more I may not need it.

Size 10 clothes are far more stylish than 24s.

I want to be able to shop in all of the clothing stores, not just Lane Bryant.

I like feeling in control of what I consume.

The meat packing industry grosses me out. *Thank you Food, Inc.*

Plantar Fasciitis-aka my feet frackin' hurt!

Heel spurs--The little boney daggers that are making my feet hurt even more.

My skin is clearer when I am thinner

Having a pannus is horrible. Pannus=Dun Lop Disease=Gross overhang of my gut.

I want to run again, without fear of breaking myself or the treadmill.

To look good in a bathing suit. (I realize this may require plastic surgery to remove skin)

To make my husband proud

So being the published author of a weight loss surgery book doesn't seem like a sick joke. (I have not had surgery, my side gig is writing about surgery)

High cholesterol

My fasting blood glucose was 148 the day I started this journey. It is now 98. It still needs to be lower but I'm no longer prediabetic.

I like swimming, even though it requires me to wear that horrible thing called a swimsuit.

I'm too young to ache like I do.

So I can quit envying everyone else's beautiful baby. Or saying someone else's baby is beautiful when it really is a funny looking kid. Oh wait, I will still have to do that if I have my own.

When I fold my pants I am horrified by how huge they are. Seriously. I practically need bigger hangers.

When I eat better I feel better. Understatement of the century.

Rude comments and looks of disgust. (From people raised without manners)

I have nice legs when I'm thin.

I'm NOT big boned! I'm medium boned at best. I'm fat people. FAT. No bones about it.

I'm pretty under the fat. I'm not quasimodo right now, but I am much cuter when defatted.

Green poop is quite funny. At least it is if you are a 38 year old overgrown child.

Stinky skin folds and skin yeast. The constant battle of the powder, and drying, etc.

So I can swim around Liberty Island in NYC.

Smart and pretty is much more fun than smart, I remember what that was like.

I've always wanted to try yoga.

I'm putting running a 5k on my bucket list.

So if I don't get pregnant I will know I did everything possible and will quit beating myself up.

Fluevog boots will fit my calves and Fluevog boots are the sex bomb.

Organic and unprocessed tastes better.

So I quit spraining my ankles over and over.

So I don't feel trapped in my job, which is largely a desk job.

Double (triple?) chin.


I enjoy life too much to die young.

I want to grow old with my husband, so I can continue to irritate him for decades to come.

I want to be a spry old person. Hell, I want to be a spry 30 something.

To reverse the heart disease I probably have.

To never again fear an airplane seat or seatbelt.

I want to ride roller coasters again. Cedar Point, baybee!

So I'm not the fat one. Anywhere. Ever.

More energy and stamina.

Never break another chair.

Movie seats won't hurt anymore.

Clothes that are too big are lots more fun than ones that are too small.

I deserve better than a 311 pound body.

For the day when 4 mph seems slow.

One size fits all does not fit me.

So I don't have to say, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Adventure vacations.

To be significantly smaller than my husband.

Better sex.

Reverse cowgirl.

Girl on top!

Agent Provocateur lingerie. (I'm detecting a theme here)

So I can wear The Who concert tshirt I bought (seriously, they hadn't toured for 17 years, I HAD to get the shirt) knowing it wouldn't fit, because it was the largest size they had, hoping to one day fit into it.

In case I ever get to work on a LifeFlight helicopter, I will meet the weight requirements. They don't let fatties fly on those emergency medical choppers. 150 lb weight limit for most.

So going hiking in the Hocking Hills doesn't sound like work.

To get rid of my giant ass. Seriously, if it gets any bigger I will trigger seismographs.

Because boobs can be too big.

So shoveling snow doesn't give me a massive heart attack.

So I don't feel like I'm going to have heat stroke all summer long.

It is expensive to run central air all summer long.

Quitting smoking does not mean I must gain weight.

I'd like to ride a bike and not look like my ass ate the seat.

Wiping one's ass should not be the first challenge of the day.

I have features that are attractive other than my hair!

I work too hard to die too young to enjoy retirement.

So I quit loathing stairs.

So I am fit enough to use machines other than the bike and treadmill.

No food will make me feel the way weighing #135 does.

Never paying a surcharge for XXL clothing again.

Sexy bras instead of sturdy ones.

So getting my hair done doesn't seem like a waste of money, since the rest of me is so unsightly.

Because I wasn't always a frump.

To wear one of the cool Speedo suits in fun fabrics instead of the black ones they make for fatties.

So I am not an embarrassment to my future children.

We can show our friends how good organic food can be.

To avoid hip replacement, knee replacement, gall bladder and heart bypass surgeries.

Gastric bypass is not an option.

For the first (and the twentieth) time someone says, "Have you lost weight?"

So people don't recognize me since I've lost so much and become so small.

To regain the self esteem I once had.

People really do treat fat people differently.

So I have more job options while I'm working on my master's degree.

To encourage my husband in his journey to health.

So I can wear shorts instead of jeans in the summer.

So I can complete a sprint triathlon.

Because foodie doesn't have to mean fattie

I am proud of myself when I meet goals I set for myself.


So I actually look like I belong at the gym.

So I can quit wearing CPAP at night.

My stomach will keep shrinking!

So my dogs get more exercise, which they love.

I can give my entire wardrobe away and start fresh.

Underneath the fat I have an hourglass shape.

People judge fat people and believe they are fat and lazy.

So one person says, "you are thin enough, you should stop losing weight." After which I run to the bathroom and cackle maniacally.

Tiny, narrow bathroom stalls.

So I'm not the fattest person at work. I think I'm in a tie right now.

So people aren't surprised when I finish 5ks.

So I quit avoiding having my photo taken or hiding behind others when I have my photo taken.

So I'm not the fattest one in my family.

To be smaller than my senior year of high school.

So my risk of heart attack and stroke are nearly non-existent.

I can grow much of my own food.

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, and I have lots of stress.

Cool 5k tshirts.

Earning an "Alcatraz Swim Team" tshirt.

To look better than I did 10 years ago.

Because it will help fix my ugly toenails.

All of the cool rewards I will buy myself for major milestones.

So I can write about weight loss without it seeming like a farce.

Because no one should ever be told the celebrity they most resemble is Camryn Manheim.

So I can wrap a towel around me that is smaller than a beach towel.

So I can justify buying more workout shirts with the super cool thumbholes. I have an unnatural amount of love for the super cool thumbholes.

So I can trust myself around tempting food and become far more selective about what is tempting.

So my thighs don't rub together until they are raw.

Not having to wear two jog bras to smash the girls flat to keep them from bouncing up and giving me a black eye.

Never wondering if I will fit in the booth at a restaurant.


So I can cross my legs easily and not look absurd.

Serious abs!

So I don't feel sorry for the other people in the row when I need to go to the bathroom during a movie and I have to wiggle past them.

So I can wear high heels without feeling like a Weeble.

It is time to stop having an internal monologue that is filled with hate and disappointment.

J. Crew, J. Jill, Ann Taylor, Dior and Chanel clothes. Not that I will buy them, but I COULD.

Walking into a dressing room feels like walking to a punishment.

To be happy to be weighed at the doctor's office.

So I can jump instead of little tiny hops.

So I quit thinking my husband was dumb for marrying someone as gross as me.

So I look lean, strong, powerful and curvy.

To get rid of my gut that is so big I don't have a lap.

So I quit sounding like a broken record, "I need to lose some weight".

Because my 20 year class reunion is in October.

To feel sexy!

To conquer food addictions. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for Eat to Live and detoxing my body.

So I learn my trigger foods and how to avoid them.

For the first time that I've lost so much weight that my underwear falls off. Hopefully, this will be in the privacy of my own home.

So I can do a pull up, or maybe even two pull ups.

People respect you when you lose weight, not when you gain it.

The process of losing weight and getting fit is half the fun.

Trying pilates, yoga, kickboxing, boxing and racquetball classes.

So our bathtub doesn't seem too small to soak in.

No one takes advice from a morbidly obese nurse seriously, no matter how good it is.

So my husband can pick me up, throw me on the bed and ravish me without risking back surgery or death.

So socks quit leaving deep grooves in my ankles.

To make me read menus in a totally different way, looking for the healthiest thing available.

Because food is fuel and I need to view it more that way than as a treat.

So I can quit envying the people I see outside running and become one of them.

So that my thighs are muscular and strong, not bumpy and rippled with fat.

So my fingers and hands don't look all chubby and stubby.

So I can put photos of myself looking impossibly cute on Facebook.

Because it is hard to find XXL and XXXL gym clothes.

Not feeling the need to avoid mirrors like a vampire.

So I can be ankle behind my head flexible like I was years ago.

I can stop avoiding necklaces because they make my neck look fatter.

Working in the garden won't make me feel like I'm going to pass out.

Sleeveless shirts. Not that I will wear them, but I COULD if I wanted to.

Losing weight improves hirsutism, which may mean no longer having to have the 'stache waxed.

So oversized chairs feel oversized, not normal.

For the 176 times I will get on the scale and feel happy about my progress.

Because it feels good to get sweaty during a serious workout.

So I can wear those cute tights that the thin girls wear at the gym.

Short skirts.

Vacationing in warm places and locations with beaches.

To feel energized and ready to go when I wake up in the morning.

Never again saying, "maybe we can do that once I lose some weight."

To be "height-weight proportionate".

To qualify for life insurance.

Because there will never be a feeling like the one when I get on the scale and it says 135. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great list! emoticon
    2466 days ago
  • LILLI56
    I am so excited about your list that I am doing one of my own. I have alot, so it will be long.

    I don't think the life flight have a weight limit here in Mississippi because I have 3 friends one a RN and the other two are RT and they all weigh over 150. One is way over 200. But maybe that is because TN and MS have the highest obese problem in the US. I will not be on that stat next year!!!!!!

    2468 days ago
    Jenn, I just joined your new Punxatawney Phil Pforty Team. Am working on my own 122 reasons! Finally found out that my saggy baggy old lady belly is called a pannus, I am shocked! I really want to start having pfun and feel pfabulous with the rest of the Phil team! emoticon
    2469 days ago
  • TRICIAP0812
    Very inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ank you for sharing.

    2487 days ago
    Awesome list!!!! and your skin should nicely recover itself if you build muscle and lose fat, not lose muscle and retain fat. Starvation diets give us that wrinkly belly skin, not the Spark People way!!!

    I'm off to make a list of all my reasons! emoticon
    2506 days ago
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just the thing I needed today.

    2547 days ago
    i LOVE this.. i think everytime I think about giving up, i'll come back to this and read it over and over again, I can relate to a lot of things you listed. thanks for sharing :)
    2561 days ago
    Awesome list! Now I want to create my own. Thanks for the inspiration. emoticon
    2564 days ago
  • RUE_19
    I love this! Amazing reasons and totally motivating... i'm going to have to make my own
    2565 days ago
    What a great list!
    2565 days ago
    Excellent blog really enjoyed it! Totally agreed on the cool thumb holes bit emoticon
    2565 days ago
    What an amazing idea! My favorite is "smart AND pretty" emoticon
    2565 days ago
    I love your list! you've inspired me to start my own list cause sometimes I forget about the reasons and get sidetracked.
    thanks for sharing
    2565 days ago
    But Camryn Manheim is hot! Seriously, I love her.
    2565 days ago
    Just to let you know, I heard weight training helps your skin rebound, so you may not have to get that surgery :)
    2565 days ago
    Jenn, I love your list and your honesty. I share many of the same reasons for wanting to lose weight. You can do it!
    2565 days ago
    You have an incredible sense of humor, this list was both inspiring and heart warming. I wish you the best as you tackle each of the pounds and goals. Can't wait to hear more! emoticon
    2566 days ago
    Such an amazing idea!!! I'm off to make my own list!
    2566 days ago
    I can agree with like 99% of your reasons. I am so going to make my own now. Thanks for the idea!
    2566 days ago
    This really was an awesome idea, every day I find the reasons I dont want to face the world looking like I do. And now I have a whole new positive way of starting the day. I am going to start my own list, Thanks so much for sharing this idea emoticon
    2566 days ago
    This is pretty awesome!!! I'm inspired to create my list!!! Thanks for the tips!!
    2567 days ago
  • MOM23GAL
    I love this! I have lost 90 pounds and am trying to maintain it this time and I think that I will make my list of 90 reasons not to gain it back! And every time I gain a pound, I'll add another reason. Thanks for your inspiration!

    2567 days ago
    I am sitting at my desk thinking I can relate to every one of the items on your list! I was looking for motivation and I just found it! Hope you don't mind, but I am stealing some of your list and modifying it for me, LOL!
    2567 days ago
    How cool. I'm going to start my 65 reasons to lose 65 pounds. Best of luck in your journey.
    2567 days ago
    I love your blog! This post has inspired me to make my own list. I will be posting it soon.

    Also, I wanted to give a shout out to a fellow Ohioan! I'm in Cincinnati. emoticon
    2568 days ago
    I so related to your list. I created my own a few years ago, but I need to add about four more reasons. They will include boots, maniacal laughter in the bathroom, and Thumbholes! There are thumbholes? I LOVE thumbholes!!

    Here's my list, composed when my life was vastly different than it is now.
    My reasons are still very much the same.

    Go both of us!!!!
    2568 days ago
  • METOO03820
    Love your blog. I love that you have a sense of humor about all this, I think it's what keeps us all going. :D
    2568 days ago
    Really really really WELL DONE! Loved it....I pray that you will find great health and have a lovely baby with a big gorgeous smile JUST like yours!
    2568 days ago
    This was the most refreshing thing I have read in such a long nice to know we all have the same wants! You are a wonderful inspiration and I wish you ever success!
    2568 days ago
    That is fantastic! I think I might be inspired to make my own list!

    2568 days ago
    I want to hug you so hard.
    You are my weightloss soul mate.

    2569 days ago
    What an inspiration and what a great motivational tool!
    2569 days ago
  • FAB_BY_45
    I could relate to every one of them especially the one about people respect you when you lose weight than when you gain weight.

    Off to make my own list of 110.
    2569 days ago
    What a fantastic idea!
    2569 days ago
    I totally relate. Especially 10 in more stylish than 24. emoticon
    2570 days ago
    This is really great! Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs! emoticon
    2570 days ago
    OMG! That was amazing. I wrote my own 60 reasons. I laughed histerically about the first challenge of the day shouldn't be wiping one's ass. I even giggle remembering it!! LOL. There were so many reasons that I can completely relate to!! I think it's wonderful that you shared them with us to help us inspire each other and have a giggle along the way!

    emoticon emoticon
    2570 days ago
  • BETHANY198325
    This was AWESOME :) I just saw it today. I wrote my list yesterday, it was only 25 reasons, but we have a lot of them in common. Loved it!
    2572 days ago
  • YOMAMA128
    This is fantastic! I actually THREW BACK MY HEAD and LAUGHED out loud for several of these, including "So I can justify buying more workout shirts with the super cool thumbholes. I have an unnatural amount of love for the super cool thumbholes."

    I'm with you on that one!!

    You're a great writer. These are all excellent reasons to wave goodbye, one pound at a time. Thanks for posting the particularly harsh reasons, too. We are so hard on each other, and ourselves!

    Let's commit to motivating ourselves with rewards, and turn the volume way, way down on our punishing voices. They may "mean well", but they just hurt - a lot - and get in the way. Rewards are best!

    You've inspired me to blog my own list -- I'll let you know when it's posted!

    Warmest thanks for all your blogs. Here's to slow and steady losses all around!


    emoticon emoticon
    2573 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/2/2011 1:05:34 PM
    Amazing! You've inspired me to go make a list of my own, though it might take me a little bit to think up 100. Every one will be worth it though! emoticon
    2574 days ago
    Absolutely wonderful! This has inspired me not only to make my own list (143 reasons and I will be stealing a couple of yours cause you really hit the nail on the head) but to really delve into what is going to inspire me and keep me motivated so I look down and see #155.

    Thank You
    2574 days ago
    Love it! Love it! Love it!... I could identify with so many.... Great blog! emoticon
    2574 days ago
    Loved it! hehe. Thanks for sharing it.
    2574 days ago
    So many of your reasons resonated with me. Great list!
    2581 days ago
    2584 days ago
    This list is soooo freaking awesome. I laughed and identified totally with pretty much every sentiment here.

    My fave: "So my husband can pick me up, throw me on the bed and ravish me without risking back surgery or death."

    Totally a goal for me too!!
    2585 days ago
    What a great list!
    2586 days ago
  • MAQQIE71
    HILARIOUS! emoticon

    * "I want to grow old with my husband, so I can continue to irritate him for decades to come." Ha ha ha!!! That's motivation for me, too!

    * "I'm NOT big boned! I'm medium boned at best. I'm fat people. FAT. No bones about it." Amen! and we're going to CHANGE this about ourselves.

    * "So our bathtub doesn't seem too small to soak in." I hate when my girls and belly float on top of the water.

    And also a bit heart-wrenching.

    * "So my thighs don't rub together until they are raw." Man, don't you HATE having to wear bike shorts under skirts? Muy attractive-o. emoticon

    * "So I quit thinking my husband was dumb for marrying someone as gross as me." Sad -- but I've also thought this about my boyfriend. Why is he with ME?

    * "It is time to stop having an internal monologue that is filled with hate and disappointment." emoticon I feel ya, oh Lawdie, I feel ya!

    I have thought a lot of these, too. Thanks for sharing. I'll be re-reading many times. You made my day.
    2588 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/18/2011 2:19:02 PM
    Thank you very much for the list. I could identify with so many points on your list. I am sure you will loose all the weight you plan to loose.
    All the best from Germany Dinah
    2603 days ago
    Oh my gosh this was AWESOME! You should be a comedian. lol I was crackin' up! lol I feel the same way about so many you wrote down. I didn't know there was a weight limit for the life support hellicopter. I'm screwed too. lol

    Here's my fav you wrote: So my husband can pick me up, throw me on the bed and ravish me without risking back surgery or death

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I feel the SAME way. I think I've gotten picked up ONCE. I was going to do a list to be under 200lbs but after reading your's, screw that, I have enough to write out to be at goal. lol :) I'll let you know when I'm done! Great idea!!! YOU WILL DO THIS GIRL!! YOU HAVE TO! You have plenty of reasons to do it. Not wanting too, being tired/lazy, doesn't even compare to this list now does it? lol Keep this list handy at all times. I'm working on taking pics of my food and posting it. Mostly for me but it does work. Who wants to take a pic of an icecream cone and post it? Not me...but I'm gonna have to for my downfall yesterday. lol Today is a new day though! Let's do this!! :)
    2605 days ago
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