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Friday, April 29, 2011

I have decided after reading a spark friends page to cut soda and eventually caffeine out of my diet. I know I am sabotaging my weight by drinking the amount that I do. About 2 years ago I drank probably a good 2 litres of it a day if not more. When I was pregnant with my son I cut it out completely because my taste buds went nuts and every time I'd try to drink it, it would leave a real bad taste in my mouth.. like I had just swished my mouth with water and pennies lol. I never suffered from caffeine headaches or anything like that. But stupid me, I started drinking it again once my pregnancy was done and now I'm desperate to be off it for good. I would like to quit cold turkey but I'm not sure I can handle the insane caffeine headaches I get just from going almost a full day without any soda. So first of all I need to know if it would be better to ease off it or to just drop it completely. Second, I have one cup of coffee in the morning (half the time I don't even finish it). Is it okay to drink this one cup of coffee? Will it help keep the headache away until soda is gone out of my diet and then I can work on cutting caffeine as well? If anybody has any tips or advice I would really really appreciate it.
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  • SHINJU39
    I alternate 3 cups of water to one of coffee - thankfully I drink soda once in a blue moon.

    I still drink a fair amount of coffee, but a shed load of water emoticon

    good luck
    2881 days ago
    It depends on what works better for you. I tried to wean myself off of it lots and lots of times, but I found that if I allowed myself to have "just 1", I allowed myself to have as many as I could justify "needing." (I hope that makes sense.) In order to finally quit for good, I had to just stop completely. My headaches were terrible for 3 days and I felt sick to my stomach and I was pissy and irritable the whole time. But when it was over, it was just over. I started having one sometimes again and usually I don't like the taste of them and it reminds me why I stopped in the first place.
    2881 days ago
    I wouldn't cut it off completely. Cut down...wean yourself off it. The coffee should be okay. I usually have two cups of cofffee in the morning and can go a day or two without it but then the headaches come. After a few day without it the headaches go away, but they are terrible when I am having them. Good luck!
    2881 days ago
    yea honestly I don't think I could handle the headaches at all. I have an 18 month old son and a 9 y/o and 8y/o and they're loud enough without throwing in a headache dealing with their noise lol
    2881 days ago
  • MOTOGUY128
    Switch to coffee! 1 cup should be enough to avoid headaches. I drink abotu 3 or 4 cups every morning, but almost never have any soda, diet or otherwise.

    Cutting cold turkey would likely give you headaches.

    After a week or so on 1 cup, try instead blending 1/2 decafe and 1/2 regular coffee.

    I know i need to phase onto decafe eventually myself.
    2881 days ago
    I also have a cup of coffee in the morning and am still trucking along with my weight loss. Sugar free creamer helps me too. I thoink it is more my morning routine than anything else as I get ready for work because sometimes there is still 1/2 the mug of coffee on the counter when I walk out the door.

    Cutting out the soda will definately help in your journey. Good luck!!!!

    2881 days ago
  • KMS8755
    Caffeine headaches are the worst. I would say to ease off of it. Might make it easier on your body. Maybe start with alternating from soda to water. Drink a glass of soda, drink two glasses of water, so on and so on. Hope that helps a little. :)
    2881 days ago
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