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Fun Facts About The "Bloomin' Onion" (And Why I May Never Eat One Again)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tonight I split a Bloomin' Onion at Outback with a friend, and before we knew it half the thing was gone.... each! Now before you say anything, in my head I heard "its an onion, its a fruit/vegetable!! Since filling in my nutrition tracker for the night and watching the numbers spike I've gone on a fact finding mission and learned the following:

The first Outback onion was served in the flagship restaurant in Tampa, FL on March 15th 1988, and only two were sold the first night.

None of the three owners had ever been to Australia by this point. It is based on a recipe one of the founders saw in a Japanese cookbook... aka NOT Australian!

Each one is claimed to be "hand cut by a dedicated BLOOMOLOGIST". How does one train for such a specialized and lofty job, I wonder? The tool they use to cut each one so perfectly is called a "Gloria".

Outback Restaraunts sell 15 MILLION Bloomin' Onions EVERY YEAR. That equals 40,000 sold per DAY!

Each one contains a tasty tiger sauce made primarily of mayonnaise and horseradish, and the whole yummy kit-and-kaboodle includes the following nutritional value,

Serves 6 ............... Per Serving ..... Whole Onion
Calories ............... 258.6 cal ........ 1551.9 cal
Carbohydrates .... 31.0 g ............. 186.2 g
Dietary Fiber ...... 4.2 g ............... 25.1 g
Total Fat ............. 13.8 g .............. 82.9 g
Saturated Fat ..... 5.3 g ............... 31.9 g
Protein ................ 4.6 g ............... 27.7 g
Cholesterol .......... 14.8 mg .......... 89.0 mg
Sodium ................ 918.1 mg ......... 5508.5 mg

The 'Awesome Blossom' at Chili's (which no longer exists but was basically the same thing) was ranked "Worst Appetizer in America" by Men's Health magazine in 2008 for including enough fat to equal 67 strips of bacon!!!
~Laura (who is planning extra cardio this week)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BZYMOM65
    Oh Blooming Onion, you are so blooming bad for me :( I always loved those but had to start saying "no" many years ago. I love Outback, but they really know how how to make a healthy food item, the onion, into a heart attack on a plate.
    2565 days ago
    ugh! Its one of those things that I KNOW....but man they taste so flippin' good! Serves 6! Yeah.....I don't think I have ever shared one with more then 2 other people...EEK! Thanks for sharing
    2581 days ago
    The only time I will get one is if we have a large group and we can split it like 12 ways... I don't think an occasional treat is bad. I have not been to Outback in over a year, so if I want to taste a little I will not feel bad about it, but thanks to Spark I am getting better, and "just a bite" is all that I need... Thank you for the great facts, it is good for all of to know so we can make good decisions... Shannon
    2581 days ago
    OMG! My husband and I always get an onion and can polish that bad-boy off in no time flat between the two of us. Since coming to SP I've tried to say no, but always succomb to the temptation... I WILL NOT EVER AGAIN! YUCK!

    I think they should offer an appitizer of onion petals with like 10 of them. LOL Then I could stick to a portion!
    2581 days ago
  • CHANGE188
    I haven't had one in about 15 years...and suddenly I'm very glad about that! Thank you for reminding me why I should never have one again!!!
    2581 days ago
    Horseradish, huh? Well that explains why they are bitter. And here I thought they were using crappy onions! I'm with you... I'll never eat one again!
    2581 days ago
    Yep! That is why I don't eat them.
    2582 days ago
    Mm, How I love a bloomin' onion. I haven't had one in quite a long time, because of the nutrition content. Now that I know the serving sizes, I'll be sure to only order one when there's a group to share. :) Thanks for the info!
    2582 days ago
    that 6 servings can be stretched for sure-- ONLY when we have a big party will we order one and leftovers go back to the kitchen-- the sauce is awesome.... last time I had one--- oh about 10 years ago, lol
    2582 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    Thank you for Your Share of the Famous onion's.
    Tried them both...
    2582 days ago
    I'm lucky - somehow I knew this couldnt' be good so I've never taken a bite of one!
    2582 days ago
    You're right. Those bloomin onions can get ya with the calories and sodium content!
    2582 days ago
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