Corporate Run 5K and a little then/now action (pics)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You've seen my starting pic before: That was 266 lbs.

This was last Thursday, April 21, before leaving work to head for the Corporate Run 5K. 177 lbs.

It was my first race, not counting the SP virtual race I ran on April 10th. It was rather warm that evening. The race started at 6:30pm. As we headed to the start, the announcer's voice sounded over the loudspeakers asking those that ran slower than a 9 min mile to head toward the back. So...I did. Big mistake. Yes, I run slower than a 9 min mile, but I think I was the only one that listened to the announcer. Once the race started, I spent the better part of the first ten minutes running/jogging around all the walkers that started ahead of me. Of course, after the first 12 minutes, I began a run/walk routine to get through the remainder of the race. The heat started getting to me, and although they weren't huge, there were more hills than I was used to. The area I train in, is mostly flat. Not many hills in Jacksonville. LOL I won't lie, I was struggling a bit when I hit the 2 mile mark, but I kept going. I was VERY glad to see the small water station. That little cup of water was a blessing. I continued to run/jog down hills and walked up them. When I neared the end of the race, I jogged the last quarter mile. I was very proud to have at least finished the race running, even though I did not run the entire time.

My virtual 5K was just over 41 minutes. I ran the Corporate 5k in 43:37. I was not disappointed at all. My goal was to finish in 45 minutes. With the heat (it was about 90 degrees) and hills I wasn't used to, I was extremely proud of my effort.

Several members of our small company team are already talking about the next race they want to run. The Turtle Trot 10K in Amelia Island on September 3rd. They asked if I was interested. Yep, yep, I am! Not sure how much of it I'll be able to run in a 10K race, but I know I can definitely walk it!

oh...after the Corporate 5k, I met up with fellow Sparker, DACIUS. It was awesome getting a chance to meet him!
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