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My 5 years with spark people

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 years ago today I found spark people in a Women's world magazine....
I thought why not give it a shot...I had been struggling to find something to get this weight off. I started each Monday morning with the thought of losing weight but by Tuesday I was back to starving myself until lunch time then getting some fast food ...then the eating began, about 2pm I was so tired I ate a few chocolates that I kept in my desk drawer....when I got home at 4 ,I had a very stressful job, I would eat just a small snack till usually was cookies or crackers...Then for dinner I had a good meal, way to much food but it was healthy stuff, I made sure I cleaned my plate...then about 8pm I would have to have a snack because it was what I did...sometime it was cheese or some other high cal high fat foods....that is how I got to that weight, and of course no exercise, Heck but the time I reached 347 pounds it was a struggle to walk.....
I ran through the Sparkpeople program, a free program and thought how can this do any good, I decided to give the stages a try, when it said I should eat about 1700 calories, I thought NO WAY CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE but I did what it said, I made small changes, I had always been a water drinker so that was easy for me...I found small changes that I could deal with, one major change was I promised myself NO MORE FAST FOODS, to this day I have kept that promise to myself.
If I want a burger and fries I do it at home, I make oven fries and use good ground sirloin, I use a romaine lettuce leaf, no bun for me.....and wow what a great meal with fresh veggies on the side...
Most of you know I have lost over 200 pounds, it was not easy, you listened to me whine about my struggles, cry about my feelings ...but I must admit that it has all been worth it....I will never ever go back, I know that each day is a new challenge and things will happen but I am in control of my life and I will do my best to keep it on track....
I have no special plans for the celebration, I got a huge reward when I hit my goal weight Dec. 11, 2010.....but I just might take my honey Gary out for a wonderful dinner as he will be gone for a few days, as stated in my last blog, I am stressing over...He is going to his Sons wedding in Oregon, since mysister and BIL are coming here to Colorado I can't go with him, but all is good..
I must add that Gary meet me when I was 347 pounds, he never once mentioned my weight, when I told him of my wanting to loose weight he said he would support me in any way he could, and he did to this day... he never gives me the evil eye if I eat something I would rather not but just have too, he never reminds me of what I should or should not do, he is always there listening and agreeing to what it is I need to do to reach my goals and and now maintain them.....he is what has given me the courage to do my best everyday.....he is what support should be, a hand to hold.. a hand to steady and a to grab when you think you might fall off the healthy life style wagon...
enough said.
Thanks everyone for the supportive messages and goodies I do appreciate it all.
I need to jump in the shower I got my exercise done for this morning and I am off to start my 6th years with Sparkpeople and all my dear friends I have made a long the way...



Have a Healthy Tuesday

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