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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I haven’t updated in a while because I felt like I hit a wall and just today I realized I needed to do something about that wall.
I’ve been continuing my exercise regimen, 45-60 minutes of intense cardio a day followed by 20-25 minutes of strength which I have been switching up a lot and doing tons of new moves that are making me sore. Since I decided to do a half marathon I have been running twice to three times a week for 45 minutes on the treadmill doing intervals. Still waiting for the weather to cooperate to run outside. The days I don’t run it’s usually the elliptical OR half hour on the treadmill and half hour on the elliptical. Food wise I have my good weeks and bad. Last week actually was a GOOD week. I had been counting a little bit on my calorie counter, and was sticking between 2000-2400 calories a day as recommended by the counter because of how much I work out. And the scale this morning said I gained 3 pounds.

I am not crying about it, but I realized I am extremely frustrated with my same old routine. I’ve had several options in front of me to begin a “new” regimen, and just hadn’t had anything to make me jump into one of them. So seeing that scale go up made me realize I need to make a decision. Whether it’s water weight, bloat, muscle, or actual fat it doesn’t matter. I am actually getting bored. And that’s never good. So my options were sign up for kickboxing twice a week, sign up for my free month at the Atlantic Club and begin swimming, OR order p90x. I decided tonight to order P90x and do that in conjunction with my running once or twice a week to train for the marathon, and after a few weeks of that if I decide to sign up for the swimming I’ll do that also. The idea of doing a dvd EVERY day in my living room is kind of daunting. But since the weather turned around I actually have been getting out almost every day that I am not working which is 3 days a week with my dog. And once the weather is even better and because it’s light out longer, my plan was to every day come home, get her and go to the reservoir or the boardwalk with her. I love being outside and she is a very active dog and needs to be exercised a lot so that I don’t murder her for being so hyper in the house lol. Literally every day I am off I have been taking her out for long walks. So I figured that if I get P90X it might be the jump start my body needs to finally possibly break this plateau and get into the BEST shape I can be in, and I saw the nutrition plan is close to what I eat already and is exactly the same calorie amount. So My plan is to try p90x, try to run at least once a week and train for my marathon which means one long running session a week of an hour or more, and three days a week of extra exercise getting out with my dog. Doing that should be a good jump start to possibly losing more weight but even if I could lose more inches and feel a little better. Right now I feel like how “thin” I feel is very much based on whether I ate a lot that day or not. I’m slowly building my self esteem but always feel like my fitness can improve because the human body has endless capabilities when it comes to fitness. I’ve seen and heard a lot of good things about P90x so I am looking forward to trying it. I have to see if I need to get anything because I have bands and weights but I read something about a pull-up bar and I am getting it used so I don’t know if I need extra equiptment.

Anyway, food wise I’m doing fine. I’ve started to fit treats into my calorie allowance better than I used to. Now if I know I’m going out at night I do really try to not eat a lot all day long. Not so I am starving but so I have the extra room in my calories. I’d rather be hungry a little bit all day than eat all day then eat out and go crazy, ya know? Today was Easter and I ate more candy than I usually do but at dinner was actually not hungry at all. I’ve noticed my stomach is SO much smaller than it was, and so much smaller than everyone elses. We had breakfast at 11 and honestly at 4 I was still full. So I’m trying to take advantage of that and make changes so I’m eating less often.

Hopefully this is another jumping off point. I know I am dedicated to this lifestyle and I know this will happen again. I know another wall will come up where I’ll feel like I need to change SOMETHING but I guess the good thing is that I am EXCITED to change it up. I might not be at the gym as much which in the spring and summer maybe I shouldn’t. I should be outside in the sunshine. Truthfully I don’t have a lot of friends. So I have a lot of time to dedicate to my fitness. I am excited though because my dad told me today that he is retiring before the summer. He is 63 and is just exhausted from working two jobs most of his life and he has his first grandchild coming this fall and decided he wants to get his life in order and also get healthy. So him and I are going bike shopping next week and he said he will bike ride with me while I train for my half marathon. So knowing I can get some bonding time in with my dad while training is very exciting. I am so happy he is looking to better his life. He knows I am tough, everyone today at my Moms was kind of quietly asking me to get on him once he does retire so he doesn’t gain any more weight. I can’t be there every day to watch him but I know if we can meet up once a week it will definitely help him. I do walk my dog alone a lot, I spend a decent amount of time by myself but I try to see it as me improving me while I have the time because I know I won’t always have all the time in the world to dedicate to this. Someday I’ll be a full time student and be working and probably won’t have an hour and a half to dedicate to the gym every day. So why not do it now while I can?

Thanks for the help guys. Anyone try P90X and what were your results like?
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  • SILLYHP1953
    That is really cool about bike riding with your dad! I'm glad he's getting to retire and still be able to do things.

    You mentioned making changes so you eat LESS often...everything I read on here warns against that. Unless you're eating every hour, which I don't think you're doing. You exercise SO much you might need a small meal every three hours.
    2905 days ago
  • VIXEN2188
    P90X is great! I never liked yoga and I still have a hard time doing any other yoga other the P90X but I love the way he has his routine for that one set up. Even though it's not cardio you still feel a burn and after I feel like I actually worked out a lot! My favorites are the plyo (hard!), stretch, yoga and kenpo...I also have one called interval x and that one is super hard. It doesn't come with the normal P90X DVD's though. Hope you enjoy it!
    2921 days ago
    Changing things up is really important when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so it's really great that you're realizing it's just time to try out different things!

    Congrats on your decision to run a half marathon! emoticon I think that'll be a great goal for you to strive for! And like I said before, it seems like you're already running enough so it's just about getting the right amount of training. And that's great that your dad will start riding with you!

    As for P90X I don't have any experience with it but I'm also thinking of starting it once I'm done with Jillian. I'm nervous too about doing that dvd every day for 3 months (!!) so I'm still not sure. I also really like Jillian's NMTZ so I think I might just stick with this one for a while combined with running+elliptical. We'll see... If you do start P90X I'd love to hear what your thoughts are about it!

    And don't worry too much about the weight gain, I'm sure it'll come back down if you stick to your workout and eating regimen, just don't let it upset you. emoticon
    2921 days ago
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