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Friday, April 22, 2011

Super star of total knee replacement, that's what my day nurse, Wendy told Doctor Nanson, my surgeon.
Here's how my hospital stay started.
Tuesday, check in at 8:00, I was pre admitted so just had to sign a few papers and get my 5 different bracelets put on my right arm..
My Daughter came down from the surgical floor she works on . She gave me moral support and to see that everything went smoothly.
8:30, I was in surgical prep; Saw Dr Nanson who marked right knee for operation. Also saw Dr. Madison who was going to give me a spinal and nerve block, a relaxing shot before going in and another shot to put me lightly under. I didn't have to have any tubes down my throat. The chance of nausea was reduced greatly with these drugs.
I came to , trying to move my arms , did not know they were strapped down to the table.
I was talking and feeling O.K. . Which was a good thing. I was in the recovery room by
11:10. I spent 2 hours in recovery. Found out I was not given a lot of pre op drugs so my recovery was shorter than normal. I was very anxious to leave recovery so I could get a drink of water. I was so thirsty my mouth felt like cotton.
At 1:15 I was in my room, 6114. With a little detour by the aid, Crystal, who miss read the room number and took me to 5114.. I told her i belonged on orthopedics floor. She checked and sure enough, so with a little longer ride I arrived in a beautiful room with a nice view of some park and some construction. Not that I could hear it.
I was just getting settled in bed when two of the physical therapist came in and wanted to know if I felt like getting up to my chair and have range of motion measured.
Of course you know me I'm game for all challenges. So just a few hours out of surgery I was standing and taking some steps, bending my leg and straightening it out.
My range of motion was 10% , straight out. going to a 0% long range goal . I could bend back wards to a 75% , goal here is 100%.. When standing my leg buckled some. So I was ordered a immobilizer for the rest of the day if I got up.
Later Wendy told me of the 4 hip and 3 knee replacements, I was the only one to get up the first day.
I went back to bed and decided unless asked to I would stay in bed.
Dr. Nanson can in to check on me, and I told him I had already been up and out of bed.
Wendy said, Oh , we have a super star here. Dr. Nanson said he knew I would be hard to hold back, I would probably be setting up races with the walkers by tomorrow.
I realized at about 3;30 I was hungry, hadn't eaten since 6:30 Monday night.
I ordered a fruit salad, with cottage cheese.
While I waited for my food, my son in law brought my bag and my lap top. He got it set up for me. Then I discovered I had taken the battery out of the mouse. I would have to use the touch screen .. It is a lot harder, takes longer, . The nurse's aid found a battery for me, but it didn't seem to work, think it was old. So even though I thought I could still blog, my fingers and hands would get tired moving the little arrow around with the screen and sometimes for no reason you could lose everything you just wrote. So the most I could do was log in, check in with some teams and leave a few messages.
At 7:00 I ordered a dinner of pot roast, dinner salad and vegetables.
Then the night of pain pills, blood tests, BP tests, etc, begins.
It seems my blood pressure had dropped a lot. The beeper was going off .
They put me on oxygen and pumped more fluids in me.
You can't sleep for more than a 2 hours , some one is checking on you. Or taking some reading. I know it's for your own good. I have no complaints.
Wednesday morning I stared out with scrambled eggs and fresh fruit, The food is very good.
Got off the catheter, went to bathroom, everything was working. Got dressed and went to first physical therapy class.
We did leg bends, marched in place, heel and toe, Used from 1 to 5 lbs weights. It was a workout. Of course I did great. Out did everyone else. I even threw in some Pilate moves.
Do I do this just to be noticed? NO ,I do it to show others that they can reach farther than they think, and challenge themselves to do more.
We walked the required 50 feet or so. I did 65.
Back to my room , had a lunch of southwestern chicken salad, and fresh fruit.
I was tired, said I would take a little nap.
But I found a note from my friend Pam who had stopped by to see me just as I has left for Therapy. So I called her, told her had another PT class at 3:00. I had to leave the message on phone. But I would talk to her later.
I slept so sound. then went to class, more of the same, but I was not as energetic as earlier. even super stars have down time.
When I went back to my room, I was moving slower and told Wendy that my star is fading.
She just laughed and said no, you are still the Star on this floor. Didn't you see your door,??
She pulled the door in where I could see it. , She had put a star with" SuperStar "on it ,
I then got a call from Pam, she and her husband ,Jim had stopped by, but I was in a deep sleep, and snoring too, so she didn't wake me. I knew I snored, but it's always fun to hear it from others. Pam cool, she can know all my secrets.
I ordered Amy's Shepard Pie, no meat,with dinner salad, fresh fruit.
Another night of broken up sleep.
During one of those nurse wake up times. my night nurse , Marcie wanted to know if I wanted to give myself my first shot. I had just watched the video, or parts of it. My Daughter who had been visiting me so I kind of missed part of it. But I had watched Wendy give me one.
So I told Marcie I might as well give it a try. I DID IT. I had the needle in my hand I didn't feel light headed, my hands weren't shaking . it went very well.
And later the next day I gave myself another shot .
Thursday, Dr Nanson came by and said I have progressed so well, I could go home.
I ate a egg,& ham on a GF muffin , which I could not eat it all. And some cranberry juice.
I don't like gluten free foods sometimes. Some are OK, but others, I'll pass.
I went to the loo, and got dizzy , felt sick, oh I was not a happy camper.
I crawled in bed and decided to stay there . They gave me nausea meds, more fluids ,for my blood pressure had dropped dangerously low.
10:45 time for morning PT, class. I said I was not going. The nurse reminded me that not going was frowned on. They might not think I am ready to go home. So I got up, got dressed, but I did not get to take pain meds. I would be working out without the blessed pain pills. She did tell me to lay back and relax more and if I felt at any time I could not continue just say so.
So I did , I gritted my teeth and pushed through. I even did stairs. Even though I don't have stairs in my house, they want you to know how to manage if you run across some.
They show you how to enter and exit a car, the tub, the loo. Your bed. Get dressed.
All the other people had someone to go home with. They had their coach to help them. But since I knew I was on my own, I try even harder to get it right.
This time when they measured my range of motion I was a 6% , leg straight out and a 90 % with leg bent back. They told me I was doing really well.
12;30 had my last hospital meal, soup and a salad.
I got my discharge, called my son in law to pick me up.
I had to get my meds and the shots to use at home. Plus the dressings that I have to change daily. The hospital does not give you anything. Not like they used to. Even though you might have been paying for it.
So my son in law and I went over to Walmarts , for the hospital had already called and knew they had the blood thinner shots on hand. But with oxy, you have to take the scrip in person.
I went in and told the clerk I has just got out of the hospital and I really needed my scrip's fast. She whispered that I could have them in 1/2 hour. So I picked up the bandages and son in law said he would take me home then come back. For Titan's doggies Hotel was just down the street. And it would be better for me to be settled in before that bundle of exuberance came jumping in.
I got home put all my stuff away. Checked my phone messages and made myself comfortable.
About 5:30 , son in law came with meds and my lovable Titan. He was so happy to see me.
I had called the hotel, and they said he was a doll. Just wants to be loved and give love.
And he really likes his treats. I knew that, I am trying to get him to lose some weight.
Speaking of weight, I checked in Tuesday at 166. I was fully dressed.
When I got home I weighed 189. All that fluid and no BM for a few days. I had a lot of fluid pumped into me. Since last night I have lost 11 lbs of water. I figure the rest will go in the next week. Of course my new knee could weigh some and it is very swollen so that's some of the pounds . I know its not fat. I didn't eat over 800 calories a day.
So I will skip weighing this week, for it would not be a true reading.
Well I am ready for some pain meds. And I have to move around some.
Need to take my shot.
I will start to thank everyone for goodies and best wishes as soon as I can.
It might take a little while.
So in the mean time, I thank each and everyone who sent me a goodie, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Thank you so much.
Have a nice Happy Easter weekend.
I hope your weather has cleared and Spring has finally arrived.
Take care,
Peace and Love,
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like you are doing well SUPER STAR!! emoticon
    I am glad that things went well. I have been gone a few days for a family reunion and I couldnt wait to hear how you are doing. Don't worry about the weight your body has been through alot and it is probably just hanging on to it for a while.
    You can worry about that later.
    take care and I hope you continue to do good in your recovery.
    I am sure Titan was glad to see you and you him!!!
    3706 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm not the least bit surprised at how well you did and know that you will make the very best of your new knee emoticon

    emoticon Linda
    3708 days ago
    It's wonderful to see you doing so well!! And I'm glad to see you back home with Titan.

    Have a great Easter!! emoticon

    3709 days ago
    It's great to hear that things went well for you. It sounds as if your recovery will be fast and complete - so here's to a quick complete recovery and a pain-free knee!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3710 days ago
  • TISHA80
    emoticon I'm so glad things went well. You really are a superstar. Way to go on being inspiring, even while in the hospital! :)

    Happy Easter!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3710 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/23/2011 9:02:25 AM
  • CANNIE50
    I am so glad to hear you got through surgery with flying colors.Why am I not surprised to hear you were the Superstar of TKR? I am glad you got through the rough spots. I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly. Please take care. Happy Easter! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3710 days ago
    Wherever you go people recognize the SUPERSTAR you are! Glad to hear you are doing so great! Keep on doing what's needed for a speedy recovery!
    3711 days ago
  • WEEZYB7881
    i pray an even speedier recovery than a superstar would expect

    get well soon
    3711 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8480036
    My Friend, YOU REALLY ARE A SUPERSTAR! YOU are an amazing lady and I am happy we are friends. Take time to rest and heal.....you seem to be passing through this with flying colors so to speak. Have a joy filled day...and Happy Easter! Karen emoticon
    3711 days ago
  • PRINCESS1959
    It's great to know a Super Star
    Get Well Soon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3711 days ago
    Superstar! For real, you have been through a lot and have come through with flying colors!! Have a wonderful Easer holiday and heal quickly!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3711 days ago
  • JILL313
    Life I've said before, You are My Hero and a Superstar no less! I'm getting so emotional just reading what you've gone through and I know why your are my Hero as you're the most Determined Lady I know, at least when it comes to your Health!! I really admire you and want to be more like you are!! You've been through a lot the last few days so need your rest and PT of coarse. Do you do PT at home or do you have to go somewhere for it? Are you in much pain or discomfort now? I am so thankful you went through surgery and PT with Flying Colors but I knew you would. I'm sure it's great to be home with Titan again!! And, giving yourself a shot, in the abdomen no less, is a big feat for anyone!


    Happy Easter Dear Friend!!
    3711 days ago
    You ARE a true SUPERSTAR! I pray a speedy recovery for you!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3711 days ago
    Good job, Superstar!!!
    3711 days ago
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