My First 5k

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I walked my first 5k today, using the SP Virtual Race. At 86 minutes, it seemed to me to be the longest 5k in the history of those things, but I am proud to say that my bad knee and me got through it with NO pain or swelling.

I signed up using the 5k walking plan, which is supposed to get you ready for your first race in 5 weeks. I was doing well, but once I had to start walking two miles, I noticed it was taking forever to finish. I was walking 40 minute miles, and just didn't have the time to work on trying to get to 3.1. So, I stopped the training program for a few weeks and focused on walking faster without pushing my knee too much. I've worked my way from 40 minute miles to 28 minute miles, and what would take me 90 minutes for just over 2 miles I was able to finish the race and walking plan. Now that I know I can do it without pushing my knee, I will continue to work on my speed.

I have officially signed up for the Alzheimer's Walk at the beginning of October. Working as a caregiver and in an Alzheimer's Unit in nursing homes, I've dealt with the disease a lot, and I would love a cure. It's my first walk ever, and I am excited. I'm looking into possibly doing walks for cancer and diabetes sometime in the next year, too, as my mom had both those diseases. I decided against walking the 5k for suicide this year because I won't be around, and the Alzheimer's Walk is so close to it, raising money for one is difficult enough.

So all in all, a pretty good day. Have a good Easter everyone.
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