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Trying not to get discouraged.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good morning, friends! emoticon

I am feeling discouraged & could use some support. I just can't seem to lose any weight & am stuck. I was hovering around 140 lbs for the longest time & wouldn't budge. In March, it finally started going down. On April 8, I was actually down to 135! YAY! Then, Aunt Flo showed up & I gained 2 lbs... no big deal. But, Aunt Flo has left & I gained 2 more pounds so far this week. YIKES! I went to the gym & worked hard both Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday is my day off of exercise. I was actually UNDER on my calories both Monday & Tuesday too. I was a bit over yesterday (I gave in to the cheesecake emoticon), but only by 100 calories. I don't understand my body. Why does it like 140 so much??? Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day, so we'll see what the scale says then.

I feel like just stuffing my face, canceling my gym membership & just forgetting the whole thing. I won't though, because I don't want to go any higher than I am right now. I am really NOT looking forward to Easter... my in-laws put food out ALL DAY long & it is so hard not to graze on chocolates & chips & casseroles & desserts & candy.

On Sunday, I am restarting the Abs Diet & am going to stick to it & not go off course. My new Spark Friend, HEALTHYCHIC, & I are going to do this together. My goal WAS going to be 125 lbs by my birthday in August, but I'm now thinking 130 might be more realistic.

Thanks for letting me vent!!

Have a GREAT EASTER everyone!! emoticon (just don't eat too much! LOL)
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    I know how you feel. I am feeling the same way, but I am proud of you for working out and tracking your food and all that you are doing. Hang in there and know that i am right there with you. What is the Abs Diet? I might have to look into that later. Maybe I will do it with you girls!! Hang in there as you are so worth the effort.
    2920 days ago
    You've got lots to try here, hope you stick with it. Don't be too hard on yourself for the holiday, deprivation can often lead to giving in....

    2923 days ago
    Oh, girl, I so know how you feel! We can do this, TOGETHER!! Plateau breakers!!

    2924 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel. Been there several times in the last year. But, I just keep hanging in there. Start your new routine and maybe that is just what your body needs to get moving in the right direction again. Good Luck!
    2925 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    emoticon Everyone has given some great suggestions. Maybe you just need to switch up your eating routine?
    2925 days ago
    I understand your frustration. The scale aside, how do you feel in your body? How does your body feel? As you already know, it's way less about the actual number (especially since that number can be deceiving), and much more useful to focus on how you're feeling. If you'd like to be in a smaller size or see things shaped or toned differently, those might actually turn out to be more useful goals than, say, hitting a certain number.

    I also believe our bodies have comfortable "set points," places where our weight lands comfortably and where we don't have to put forth a lot of effort to maintain.

    Don't give up. The scale tells me anywhere from 141 to 147, depending on the day of the month--and week--I step on it. In order to gain 2 pounds of actual fat, you'd need to eat 7,000 calories beyond what you're eating and burning. Clearly, you know you're not doing that. Therefore, all you're seeing on the scale is your body's natural water fluctuations. This is why, for me, getting a read on the scale more than a couple times a month only leads to frustration. The number changes a lot from day to day, and it's only water that's changing that dramatically.

    If you want to lose weight, you'll do it. Be patient with your body. It's clearly happy where it is. It WILL change in time, if you're creating deficits, eating healthy, and exercising. Don't let yourself get too caught up in the day-to-day of the numbers. As you know, I've lost about 135 pounds to date, but in there, I probably also saw about 40 pounds of "gain" when I checked in on that scale!
    2925 days ago
  • MOMX2G1B
    You can do this! A plateau is just a stopping point. There is always a way off of it, you just have to find it. Just try not to "jump" off of it into nothingness.
    2925 days ago
  • KITKAT69
    Sounds like you're getting good advice Claudia. I've heard that when you hit a plateau that a good idea is to change things up a bit. It's normal to feel discouraged when you hit one...been there too. Hang tough and keep at it girlfriend! Don't even think about quitting that gym!!

    And you can vent anytime!

    2925 days ago
    I agree with GOODGETNBETR ! I don't know you but, try having more meals 5-6 smaller ones in a day and for snacks fruits and veggies and a hand full of nuts ! What, I am trying to tell you is to change your eating certain foods to ones that speed up your metabolism and stay busy. This is what I did plus some walking as much as possible and I lost 154 pounds in 9 months ! You can do this ! I have seen others do this as well and lost weight fast !
    2925 days ago
    You're body's trying to tell you something: it needs more fuel. Over at Fat 2 Fit they give detailed info on how to break a plateau and it involves upping your cals, temporarily, back up to your BMR maintenance level for a few weeks. emoticon
    2925 days ago
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