Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today was such an up and down day. First of all, I stepped on the scale and it was UP by almost 2 pounds. That started the day off on the wrong foot. Then, we got a letter from the homeowners insurance saying that we needed to replace our roof in order to renew our insurance! That is something that I never expected! I didn't realize that that was even something that a homeowners insurance co. would get involved in. I can understand it, but have never heard of that happening to anyone else before. That threw me for a loop, as I have been trying so hard to pay off our debts, but these kinds of things are always happening. I had to go into town for a doctor's appt., so decided to look around for a dress to wear to my step-daughter's wedding. I actually found one! That was a very positive event. I didn't think I would ever find one that looked half way decent. It is actually pretty, and I don't think I look too chunky in it. I hope it will look good when I try it on at home. While I was in the under garments department looking for a body slimmer slip type of thing, my cell rang. Some man asked if it was Cathy, I said it was. He went on to say he was an old friend, one of my first friends and kept telling me stuff about how we knew each other, but I just couldn't think of who it was. He wanted me to guess. Finally he said he had a cat named Crazy Babies, then I new instantly who it was. We had become friends when I was 13, and had just moved here from North Dakota. He was 18. WOW! We are now 56 and 61! I haven't seen him or talked to him in 36 years! It was really bizarre, to be standing there looking at undergarments and talking for about 30 minutes. Then I finally get my stuff and go in the dressing room and my phone rings again! It is another old friend, who had just been called by the same guy who called me. So we had to talk for about 30 minutes also, while I am standing in the dressing room trying to compress my body into a slip the size of a preteen!
I set a record for the longest I had ever been in one department store. It was good talking to them, though a bit surreal! I was finally on my way home when my daughter called me and said she had been out to eat with her boyfriend, and now they can't get her car started. She said the air conditioning would not turn off, even when the car was totally turned off. I told her to call AAA, and I would be there in a few minutes. It was right on my way home. I stopped and tried pulling fuses, to no avail. I left her waiting for AAA. She came home about an hour after me. The air conditioning was STILL on. My husband and I tried everything we could think of, but could not get it to turn off. So we drove it to the mechanic, put the key in the door and left it out front, with the air conditioning running, and left. We did not know what else to do. I hope it will stop when the battery goes dead. I hope we didn't cause any worse harm. By the time we got back home it was 11:00 p.m. What a day! I am not too pleased with the progress I am making sticking to a low calorie plan. I mess up every night and have a bowl of cheerios with a banana. EVERY NIGHT! That's about 310 calories, and makes the difference between staying under my calorie intake level and going over. I just crave those carbs. Any suggestions on how to get beyond these cravings?
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    Hi Cathy;

    Your day sounds some what like mine do. Busy from one thing to another every day. I start my day with cereal. a banana and orange juice almost every day. I eat my 3 meals and have a lot of fruit and veggies. At night for my snack it is mostly a cup of grapes. My calories go from 1200 to 1500 and mostly stay under 1300.

    We are around the same weight and I am 5' 7", 67 years old. I keep myself slender and active. I was married to my husband for 36 years and he died a month after our anniversary in 06.

    Stay strong in your focus for a healthy life style and continue your healthy eating and exercises. God bless you always. Learn from Spark people every day.

    Have a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

    2612 days ago

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    Hi Ceegie!
    I've been off the grid here for a while, too. It seems that school kind of consumes teachers that way, and when spring comes we poke our heads out for a little air once again!

    In response to your night time snack, I have a suggestion. My sister just told me about something called a "green smoothie." You take any kind of greens (I usually use spinach, because it's always around) and blend it with a fruit (I like a banana) and water. I know, it sounds awful, but it's really good. You get the banana calories (about 90, depending on the size) but the rest is just those last servings of vegetables that you might have missed during the day. I find it very satisfying. Google "green smoothie" and you'll get lots if ideas.

    Let me know if you like it.
    2613 days ago
    My goodness, you certainly had a busy and stressful day.
    One tip that has helped me to curb cravings is to start my day off with 16-20 ounces of water. It is said to cut calories consumed by 20%. I have to say it does work. emoticon
    2613 days ago
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