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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long time no blog...In short, I'm struggling with my nutrition (cals are fine, but carbs remain out of control, and way more faileo than paleo) but rocking the fitness. Trying to buy a bike (some car problems have made this, ironically, difficult), found a place to live when I move to Virginia in a couple months, and am doing okay at my work though not on full much going on gets real distracting real quick.

But most important is that I'm on my third and final week of Crossfit On Ramp! I can't believe Friday I'm supposed to be taking classes with the big boys and girls, so scary. Even knowing I can scale everything, it still feels like a huge step.

Still, I have done some amazing stuff in CF these past two weeks - learned deadlifts, jerks, push-presses, and all kinds of power moves. Have once again been demoted to knee push-ups till I can get my chest to TOUCH every rep. Moved to a smaller pull up band, developed some ugly ugly callouses/tears (which I kind of adore). Can normally do my 16" box jumps even though I still get unnecessarily freaked out. Can do toes-to-bar, modified handstand push-ups, and am working hard on getting my back in good position.

There is nothing like dipping your hands in a chalk bucket, or even just being allowed to trade your PVC pipe for an empty barbell, to make you feel AWESOME. This week is all Oly lift training, which I'm so excited about. And the big boys+girls club.
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