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Pesach report, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have to admit that I set a beautiful table - white tablecloth, DH's mother's dishes that we inherited (Royal Copenhagen, white with blue floral design in center), my great-grandmother's silverware that I inherited, shining goblets, DH and my silver Kiddush cups that were a wedding gift, Elijah's cup in silver (Bat Mitzvah gift), and blue and white Delft candlesticks I splurged on when visiting the Royal Delft factory. Oh, and a blue seder plate, of course.

I made enough chicken soup and matzah balls for a few days, and I have to admit they are delicious (if a bit on the hard side). The salad was wonderful, people who eat gefilte fish said it was great (I hate that stuff!), and then the main course: roast beef (Chef Meg's recipe) over roasted vegs and potatoes - very tasty. Although I didn't eat much of that, I was fairly full from the fabulous charoset I make each year (my favorite part, although matzah balls are a close second). One friend brought flank steak, which was good - she also made a lentil dish (unasked) - and, while I personally would not serve lentils at a seder since they qualify as chametz, or kitniyot (not kosher for Pesach), well, in the interest of friendship I didn't mention it. Plus in Sephardic tradition lentils are acceptable - and while she isn't Sephardic, I figured it wasn't worth making an issue over this.

Other friends brought a fabulous red wine (I think a claret) - which was from the St. Francis vineyard, so that was sort of funny, having St. Francis at the seder table!

Dessert - a fallen chocolate souffle cake. Really, just eggs, chocolate, sugar, margarine (or butter if you aren't kosher), make it into a souffle, let it cool and fall and serve with some raspberries - man that is a fabulous flour-free dessert!!!!!!!!!!!

DH didn't want to hide the afikomen, since we were all adults - he just put it next to him at that point in the seder. I stole it (he didn't notice) and hid it myself - no one wanted to look for it, and DH looked through several Haggadot before he conceded that we couldn't continue without the afikomen, and so he was forced to pay the ransom. (Hey, after 3 glasses of wine, we were quite silly!)

Friends left at 10:30 PM. I loaded the dishwasher, washed the rest of the dishes and all the silver and glasses by hand, then did the pots and pans - finally finished at midnight. And, of course, was too keyed up to fall asleep until after 1. Somehow I woke up at 5:30 AM as usual, and here I am at school. But I think I'll head out - my three classes are all done, people haven't gotten their info together for the school improvement plan, and I don't have anything else to work on at the moment now that Shakespeare is over. So I guess I'll go home and sleep.

It was one of the most fun seders I've ever had!

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