The Mallo Cup Mishap

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anyone else ever eat these as a kid? They can now be found in the retro candy section of some stores. I remember my sister and I going to town on these little delights, saving the cardboard inserts that had points on them...mailing them in for little trinkets.

They're a milk chocolate cup (shaped just like a peanutbutter cup), filled with a whipped marshmallow creme center. There's some coconut sprinkled in there somewhere, if memory serves.

Sunday, when hubby and I were at our favorite Mexican restaurant (you know, the one where I discovered my lap -- see yesterday's blog), we had a couple margaritas. Don't condemn me, I don't do it very often. emoticon Afterwards, we went to Michael's craft store and there it was, that little treat I remember so well from my childhood. You know how they say alcohol makes you stupid? Well, it's TRUE! Yes, I bought one of those tasty little guys.

Later that afternoon, I searched all over the place for that thing and it was nowhere to be found. Must have thrown it out, thinking the bag was emply. Maybe someone was sending me a message, cuz my willpower's been slipping a bit these past few weeks. Whatever the case, I was saved some wasted calories.

And just when I thought it was safe to enter the kitchen again, well, it was this morning after I awoke, there was that blasted thing sitting on top of my lunch cooler! Hubby found it in his truck, along with the leave-in conditioner I'd bought the day before. Now that thing is still in the kitchen and it's talking loudly. My tummy is rumbling in answer.

It can rumble all it wants, I'm not touching it tonight. Might make a treat out of it after the 5K Thursday night. Maybe I'll just throw it out? Naw, probably not. It's not something I indulge in often, so I will savor it whenever I do decide to eat it, and allow for it in that day's calories. Again, please don't condemn me.
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  • DTK63108
    This is so funny to me. As a kid I remember finding the point cards in a drawer where my brother stuck them after he ate the mallo cup. It was summer time and we lived way out in the country and I was bored. I always have loved mailing in rebates and getting things back in the mail. Well I organized them and mailed them in and forgot about them. About 6 - 8 weeks later a big box came with the mallow cups in them. I couldnt believe it. It was like heaven and I wasnt even crazy about them either but at the time when you have no access to sweetness anything taste good. I looked it up one 2 pack has 200 calories in it. I am really late on this I guess that mallow cup is gone by now huh I just realized that was posted earlier in the year. Oh well. Loved the story - what happened to the little cup!
    3411 days ago
    No condemnation whatsoever. I don't know how many have seen the Special K commercial, when they brought out the chocolaty delight version,but it had the chocolate ice cream in the freezer talking to this woman in the most seductive, Lou Rawls (Barry White) voice, saying something like, "C'mon knooow you want me,,,I'm so rich, dark, and chocolately."...needless to say, I've caved more than I fcare to admit to that voice.
    3648 days ago
    No condemnation here! Eat...enjoy...track...and live! Also, congrats on the 5K! I saw your status update! You did great! Keep up the good work! Spark on! emoticon
    3650 days ago
    Don't give any kind of food that much power. Just enjoy it and get on with it. You'll run it off at your 5K for sure.
    3650 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7289565
    I think it's perfectly ok to have some treats when you fit them in your calories and don't go overboard. You have great restraint! Good job!
    3651 days ago
    You should eat it, especially after your 5k. You will have earned it by burning those calories. A small treat will not undo all your progress. I am pretty sure you just got done telling me this! It sounds like it will be a wonderful experience and I hope it doesn't disappoint. So many things I used to love really don't entice me anymore, although there are plenty that still do. All things in moderation, right?! ENJOY!
    3652 days ago
    We all deserve a little indulgence every once in a while enjoy! emoticon
    3652 days ago
    There is no "Mallo Cup Mishap". You will earn it! emoticon
    3652 days ago
    I absolutely love mallo cups. And at one point was addicted to them. Our little store down the street sells them. I would go down there for the paper and get one every day for awhile. Mmmmmm they are good.

    I gave up chocolate for Lent and no longer crave them. However I wouldn't mind having one now and them and you should too if you like them. I go with the person who said use it as a treat for after the 5K.
    3652 days ago
    It's just food. Processed and sugary, but it is a little indulgence. If you want it, savor it. Use it for a special reward and enjoy it. Then track it. It has no power over you, it's just a little sensation of gooey taste.
    3652 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9697485
    Oh, dear, my age is showing...I DO remember Mallo Cups! Never liked them, though -- marshmallow fillings were never my thing. Which also keeps me away from Peeps, which is a good thing because my boys all love them so we always have some here at Eastertime.

    Anyway, no one here is going to condemn you. The beauty of what we're doing on SP is that we're learning to LIVE, in a healthy way. And that way includes indulging in a little somthing special now & then. Just incorporate it into you're plan, and you're good!

    I used to love Necco's....funny, hearing about them today, I find I don't miss them. I'll still take some chocolate, though!
    3652 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9682971
    I do know what you are talking about with the candy. Although I have never had one. We sold them for a while where I work and they didn't sell so we stopped selling them. I heard they are very good! We also sold Neko candy as well. I did try one of those and did not like them at all. I will go with OURMAMAM on the saving the candy until after the 5k. You could use the 5K as the workout before the candy. or just do something after as well. We should not deprive ourselves of anything we want fit it into our life style and work it off later! I have made a point not to do that because it makes this journey harder and more difficult to deal with!! Good luck with the 5k and we will see you at the finish line!!!!

    Crystal emoticon
    3652 days ago
    OURMAMAM is a wise woman! I agree with everything she said, except the part about liking Mallo Cups. You ladies can have them all to yourself. Yuck!
    3652 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2011 12:41:36 AM
    Why would we condemn you? Did you think you'd never eat a candy bar again? sheesh! This is a lifestyle change, not DEATH for heaven's sake.

    That's the right thing to it into your plan. Hopefully, the margaritas fit in your plan yesterday (or you're doing extra to work 'em off). You should, IMO, ALWAYS have access to the things you love once you've determined and are certain you have the self control you need to stay successful. Don't spend the calories until you've spent the sweat equity. Catch up after if you must, but watch your frequency of this bad habit.

    Holding that Mallo Cup as a reward after the 5K is my best suggestion....and I'm hopeful it didn't have a chance to melt or freeze while it spent the night in the truck with your conditioner.
    And, yes, I loved Mallo Cups, with their internal "COINS" and phrase "STICK ON TAPE-AVOID DELAY" is one of my favorite childhood memories too.

    3653 days ago
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